Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Perfect Sunday...

My perfect Sunday is......

Oh well.. If you think spending time the whole day at the mall would be my perfect day, then you definitely have to know more about me! hehe. Yes, the malls would be nice too (especially when dad handed me some cash to splurge on. heheheh ;p)....but on a lazy days, or should I say, in actual fact, I'm actually a homebody kind of person.. I prefer staying in rather than going out and about, and spending some money on some things that I don't quite need! ;p

I think it's much more relaxing and..err... quiet-er. So yup, I prefer to stay in and curl up on my awesome bed and spending some quality time with myself, in my room..the whole day! Now, isn't that niceee?! hehe..

Yup...Thatttt, would be my perfect Sunday! Mmmm...

So these are the things that I did today!

Woke up quite early, and went out to get these silky babies at the laundry shop..

And then had my breakfast at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Bangsar. It was just a quick breakfast. I had a sandwich..and then bought some magazines at the newsstand nearby..and then, went home.. (Yes, I did not stop by at any boutiques! How awesome is that? hahaha)

Been doing a little reading. Bought the Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella a few weeks ago, but never got the chance to read it yet.. So today, I managed to read until Chapter 9.. And flip through my fave magazine, Glamour..

Spent the evening in my room watching my fave love movie, The Notebook on my Macbook (hey it rhymes la! hehe). Ahh...I never get bored with this movie.. Rachel McAdams is so pweety! And the lovers in that movie are really really sweet too.. Wish to be like Noah and Allie until I grow old..

After Maghrib and after showered, I started my weekend beauty regime! (I thought I wanted to make it a really simple tutorial, but that video above has some weird problems that I sort of given up! Hmph. Bummer!! >_<)

And when the video isn't working out, and I have stop playing and editing it and surrendered at last, I....

Played a bit of a dress-up in my room! Hahaha.. I tried on some black and pastel colors.. Oh, and I also played around with some blazers/jackets and some waist cinchers.. I tried to look professional..hahaha..
Yup..all these are some of my working attires! Heee ;p (That's what most (girly) girls love to do before they go to some place, ey? Now who's with me?! hehe)

And when the clock strikes 11 pm, and I got tired of changing into those clothes for hours, I went downstairs and make myself a cuppa hot cocoa with marshmallow, before hitting the sack.. Mmmm...

.....and tried to sleep! Tomorrow's Monday y'all! Have a good night!

P/s: So how was your weekend, girls? :)



  1. Try baju banyak2 memang best. Tapi part nak mengemas balik tu yang hazabbbb :p

  2. weekends pass by real quick when ur having fun.. :(

  3. really diggin the office look! SMART!!

    My sunday is spent on my comfy bed! heaven.. haha

  4. while reading this entry, suddenly i missed those days when i was single and slimmer and free to do all stuffs just like you did on your sunday, especially the facial regime part.. now that i own 2 kids, i seldom have time for myself.. hmm..

    enjoy yourself wany! dont get old too fast! hehehe =D

  5. best nyaaaaa!

  6. reena: KANNNN??!!!! I selalu nya kemas the next day! hahaha.. sebab terlalu banyak longgokan I dah penat main try i malas! haha

    assila: so true! might as well just sleep all day kan! so baru la rasa best sebab rehat sepanjang hari! hehe

    efa fairuz: awww really? enjoying my youth days.. cuz i know nnt da kawen ada anak sure i'll be busy like bee 24/7..
    takpe2...nnt u'll find some time to pamper urself, kay! ;)

    anonymous: heh.. apa yg best sayang? =)
    lady dyla: thanks! Oh yeah...thats what i love to do the most! memang heaven! ;p

  7. wani,
    kulit u cantiknya dalingggg!!! kalo u buat video.. lagi bestt... leh tau cara u jaga kulit... gorjess lol

  8. Hey girl nice outfits!May I know Wani beli checkered blazer yg belah kanan sekali tengah kat mane??sangat cun yg tu! *like*


  9. awww please dont give up on the weekened beauty regime! it would seriously be a hit among ur readers.. please try work out the videoo hehehe =)

  10. you look like Eunice, from Stairway to Heaven


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