Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hey everyone!

"How are youuuu?! I'm gooood!" ;p

How's your weekend? Mine has been great! I did some photo shoot with the family.. Been running up and down, driving here and there..doing some errands, calling up people, and etc.'s good, ey? heh =)
Actually today I don't really have anything to update just yet..but I feel like updating it, anyway! hahaha. Well...I actually already did some drafts on my last day in Perth (yes, still tak habis habis lagi! hahaha) But the problem is, my 5 years antic Samsung lappy has got some probs and so I got fed up and changed to the Macbook Pro.. but now that I changed the laptop, and because the macbook is so pro and so cool and so fast and so Apple, now.. I don't have the mood to update on that entry and thus, I find myself Facebooking! hahaha ;p
Chatting on Facebook with your best friend is really really nice!
Ok lah, just blog today cuz.. I just wanna say, that I'm happy! (Ha ha.) But yes, that's all! Heeee ;p (Baik tak payah update! ;p)

Have a good day people! And be happy! Because I am! Ngeeeeeeee. (I am SO in a good mood! Yeay me!) ;D



  1. wow, I can see your eyelashes jadi super long? maybeline ke?

  2. glad to hear that u're happy dear =)
    oh, i like your lashes in this pic ;)
    mascara apakah? tq xoxo <3 ~

  3. suka tgk muka u...mcm muka pelakon ayu raudhah..comel.....tapi...I rasa ayu raudhah yg mcm muka u....biar dia jeles...sbb u natural beauty....

  4. wowo...canteknye wani..suke sgt tgk die...xoxo..

  5. wowo...canteknye wani..suke sgt tgk die...xoxo..

  6. cantiknya awak ni..
    muka berseri. muka ayu. muka bersih.

  7. sis wanie, santeknya bulu mata. hehe. sis wanie cute dih! sgt2 adorable! ehhh :)

  8. salam wani..
    wow lawa betul la gamba you yg ni..
    so pretty! love it.

  9. hai wanie...I silent reader u...dah bace jugak blog ur sisters..among 3, you are my fav..sbb ape???sbb u punye citer seronok dibaca, klaka, bubbly, dan yang penting, u sgt humble..takdela asik cite psl brg branded and so on..plis la rajin update since I everyday pegi blog u utk bace posting u...tq wanie...

  10. hi pretty lady! its so hard for me to touch my eyes, but i absolutely love what you did with yours :) xxxxx

  11. menyampahnyer hakuu...orang punya comments tak penah nak reply..ko ingat kau tu DIVA sangat??? bwekk..

  12. eh eh anonymous yg kat atas tu..I pon anonymous gak..kalo emo sgt x yah la bace blog wani nehhhh

  13. kamu sangat cantik la dik..muka sangat bersih..


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