Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Last Day in Perth! (Finally! haha)

This is a pictorial entry. (But sorry for the poor quality of photos! At that time, I haven't bought my new camera yet!)

Hey guys!

Pheww. At last.. I managed to make a post on my last day in Perth! Hahaha.. I knowww, my Perth story memang dah basi.. but what the heck..I still wanna share my experience.. And actually, of all the days while I was in Perth, this is my most favourite day because I really get to shop till I drop, for the whole day! It's really fun to have a day like this.. I mean like shopping for the entire day! From morning till evening.. Masuk kedai, keluar kedai, masuk kedai, keluar kedai.. Itu aje kerja saya. Heeee.. The feeling is so nice.. You know when you buy something that is so nice..and can't wait to open it and try them at home..  Mmmm.. I really like that feeling! =)

And yes, when I say I shopped till I drop, I really mean it.. Something really terrible happened to me at the end of that day.. Read on to find out! (Cheh..bunyi macam excited..padahal benda yang teruk sangat terjadi kottt. Heee. - I almost died. Seriously. tskk)
So anyways, on our last day in Perth, daddy said the activity for that whole day was going shopping for the last time before we're going back home..since our flight is around midnight. So we had plenty of time to shop! Yeay!

First stop was the Harbour Town. It's something like factory outlets but not for designer goods. They don't have those kind of factory outlets there..

This shopping outlet have lotsa Australian brands selling at a wee bit cheaper price than those retail outlets in shopping centre.. And yes, we did have a visit around here on our Day Two, but that day I didn't get to look around the whole area as I was busy spending time in that Shoe Show store deciding which shoe to buy! Hee.. So that's why I suggested daddy that we should have a quick visit around here again..

We spent for only a few hours around here.. I think it was only about a couple of hours.. And in that 1 to 2 hours time, I managed to buy about 6 tops for myself, one shoe for me (yet another shoes! haha), and a sneaker for my friend, some scarves, lingeries, some really cute undies and bras, some weird things which I don't really need (like a cute little whip, sexy lacey gloves, scented bra sachet and etc! Heee), some perfumes and some gifts for my sisters and friends. Mmmm... I love buying stuff for people! Its just a great feeling to give something nice to people, ey? Especially if they liked it! =)

Sorry, no pictures of me shopping or snapping some of the stuff on the racks in the outlets.. I was busy shopping for myself, and was having a time constraint that I do not want to waste my precious time browsing one by one and snapping some pics.. I just take whatever stuff that looks good and pay..and then to the next shop..hehe..

We're in a store called yd. I had done with my shopping.. My brother was trying out some shirts. This shop really do have some nice shoes and shirts for men!

After we have got what we wanted, we went to the Hay St Mall area.. It is the heart of Perth shopping district. The Hay St Mall is home to literally hundreds of boutiques, chain stores, department stores, and eateries. There's a lot of shops all around this area and along the streets..

And we had a one quick brunch at Gelare Cafe. It was our second time dining in here. Oh my god..I just love this cafe! Their waffles are really really superb! I've never tasted a waffle that is soooo damn nice! Seriously, I am not lying! It's the best waffle I've ever tasted in my entire life! And so does their ice creams! Everything is superb in here! (Can any rich man out there open up this Gelare Cafe in KL pleashhhh?!)

I guess it's because they are using ALL NATURAL ingredients with absolutely no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives that makes the taste of their products real nice! And it's really true what they claimed,
"Gel├íre is ice cream with real flavour and no artificial ingredients which guarantees to deliver a smile on the face of every ice cream lover."  - SO. TRUE
I was practically smile all the time while I was eating my waffles with that two scoops of their creamy yummey ice cream.. Mmmmm...

My brother was ordering the food for us. Thanks brah! 

While waiting for my yummy meal to arrive on my table, I snapped some pics of what I have bought so far.. hihi. And yes, those plastic bags were so heavy with stuff for myself, friends and sisters! Hee I likee! ;p

...and there it is! The yummy waffle! Mmmm! know what.. I realized something.. when I was browsing my Perth trip photos in my laptop, I realized something.. My dad was on the phone practically all the time! haha.. And here's one example! hehehe


Still talking on the phone, even when the yummy waffle has arrived..

While everyone was busy eating, he was still emailing..

...and right after 5 minute of finishing his meal, he's back to his email again! hahaha.. Adoi..abah, abah...hehe

What a busy man my dad is! His mind is constantly on work work and work.. Even when he is on a holiday! Oh daddie, take some break, will ya? heh..

Anyways.. after eating, we're back on track.. Hehe.. And that is continue with our shopping!

Tadaa.. Jom shopping lagi jommm..Nanti nak balik dahh..hehe 

Ahh..yes, do you notice something? I wear a flat shoe! How weird is that??! hehe. Oh well, this was the only day I wear some flats in this whole 8 day trip! Because I know, this was the only day that I'll be walking up and down, holding a lot of bags for a few hours..So, that's why I opted for a flat shoe (And later finding myself walking kinda weird and feeling so awkward! haha. That's what happened when you trained your feet to wear heels since you're 15 year old! ;p)

In a souvenir shop..

Mommy wanted to buy some t-shirts for her granddaughter, Ayra

Next, we went to a supermarket..

Mommy wanted to buy some berries, cherries, peaches, etc..

And this supermarket has a really cool payment system! There's no cashier at all! 

You yourself had to be the cashier girl! You scan yourself the stuff that you took,  and put it in the plastic bags, and pay! Just like the Autopay parking ticket system! 

Cool, huh? Well..I think it really is cool that I made my mom to snap my photos while I'm paying my stuff! Heee. And I think Malaysia should have this kind of system la! Really cool.. 
(Tapi nanti habis lah, confirm machine tu kena tukar every few months sebab asik rosak..sebab we Malaysians kan penjahanam..hahaha ;p)

Waiting for our bus..

It was about 5 pm already..and we had to go home because we really need to start packing our stuff. Because we're going back that night!

So..after a few hours of packing.. We got ourselves ready and headed to the airport. Uncle Abbas drove us to the airport.. (Thank you uncle!)

Our bags..

Checking in..

In the lounge area..

There weren't so many choices of nice food..

Some sandwiches, fruits... Hmm..boringgg..hehe ;p

I only ate some fruits.. Just to fill up my tummy before boarding

Oh hey..and while waiting for my flight, I tried on the sexy glove that I bought that afternoon! hehe.. It matches my lacey top! Mmm..classic, I like! =)

And around midnight, the flight to Kuala Lumpur had been called and..ready to board..

The welcome drinks.. I sat next to my brother, while my parents were sitting at the back of our seats

I wonder why my little finger always stands up while I'm drinking! haha

I chose apple juice

Goodbye Perth!

After a few minutes when the flight took off, we were given this portable Media Player, to entertain ourselves..

It's like an iPad! (Well..almost! hehe)

There are a lot of games and movies in this device to offer me!

I chose this movie called Post Grad. Simply because my favourite actress, Alexis Bledel casted in that movie! (She's SOOOOO pretty!!!)

Anyways..I ordered some peanuts and mango juice to teman me, while I watched my movie..

My tired but happy face..hehe.. (Dia tak tahu, kejap lagi something will happen to her.. Haaa tu la, happy sangat lagi..huhu ;p)

After watching the movie, dinner was served..

Satay as our starters..

Next was this thing, I dunno what the name is.. But it was really nice..

It's like fish or something...I don't know! hehe

And then next, is our main course. I chose this turkey something something.. (Not so nice though..)

And my brother's beef something something with some mashed potatoes.. Haaa dia punya sedap.. Hmm..wrong choice la saya mintak tuu! tskk

Since, it was Christmas, they served us this dessert. Some fruit cake or something.. Not so nice, though. Hmmph. Bummer! =( 

Next, is coffee! Mmm.. Did I ever tell you that I am a coffeeholic? I could drink coffee up to 5 cups a day! heee ;p 

Cam whored with the brother..

The total hours of journey from Perth to Kuala Lumpur is about 5 hours. And the first 3 hours I was totally fine. Seriously, I did not feel anything like lethargy or headache or feeling weird all over inside my body or over exhausted or any thing at all. Nada. Everything was fineeee. In fact, I was really in a good mood because I just shopped the whole day, remember? And I just bought myself some really nice things.. So yes, I was really really in a good mood, and I did not feel unwell or whatever. So yes, I did not expect that this thing could happen to me.. 

Well..what actually happened was, I fainted on the plane. Yes, this wasn't the first time I fainted. I've low blood pressure. And I think, I have claustrophobia, which is the fear of having no escape and being closed in. I realized that I can't be in a place where the space is so small and stuffy, and having a lot of people or stuff all around me..  

I just can't be in a crowded place! Especially when I'm tired. Seriously, I could faint! Or couldn't breathe.. Well, before this I've fainted many times already due to some panic attacks, over exhausted, and some other weird reasons, which I don't know whyy.. I mean like, what had caused the problem, because there was this one time, I did not do anything before that (so I wasn't feeling tired) and not feeling so nervous over something or whatever, nothing at all..  And then, all of a sudden, I fainted! (That time I was in my bathroom while my mom was entertaining our guests - It was on Hari Raya. I was 11 years old at that time..) So yes, I don't know what had caused me to faint at that time.. If the thing wanna happen, it just happens! tskk.. 

Scaryy.. =(

Well, I've been to so many medical specialist - heart, brain, etc.. just to check what is going on with my body, but no..all the results showed that I'm a normal girl! Sigh. But why do I always feel abnormal? I knowww, something is wrong somewhere in my body. A normal girl would not face like what I had faced in my entire life.. Seriously, I've fainted more than 10 times already! And it's tiring to feel this way, I mean not knowing whyyyy and what cause the thing to happen. Hmm.. =/
(So that's why I came up with a conclusion about myself that I thinkkk, I have anxiety disorder. I am a claustrophobic..
Because by reading really does sound like me! =S

"Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being closed in. It is typically classified as an anxiety disorder and often results in panic attack. Claustrophobia is typically thought to have two key symptoms: fear of restriction and fear of suffocation. A typical claustrophobic will fear restriction in at least one, if not several, of the following areas: small rooms (I can't be in a really really small place/area, especially kalau ramai orang. Takde orang, takpe.. Still okay), locked rooms, cars, tunnels, cellars, elevators (I fainted once, in an elevator - because I was damn tired and there were too many people inside the lift! Terasa dunia saya sempit!), subway trains, caves, airplanes (Masuk ni, dah 2 kali pengsan while on board) and crowded areas (Memang tak boleh pergi tempat crowded! Mesti pening kepala, terasa susah nak nafas and sometimes terasa nak pengsan! Sigh! Gedik betul lahh..tskk). Additionally, the fear of restriction can cause some claustrophobics to fear trivial matters such as sitting in a barber’s chair or waiting in line at a grocery store simply out of a fear of confinement to a single space.
However, claustrophobics are not necessarily afraid of these areas themselves, but, rather, they fear what could happen to them should they become confined to an area. Often, when confined to an area, claustrophobics begin to fear suffocation, believing that there may be a lack of air in the area to which they are confined.
Many claustrophobics remove clothing during attacks, believing it will relieve the symptoms. Any combination of the above symptoms can lead to severe panic attacks. However, most claustrophobics do everything in their power to avoid these situations." - Wikipedia.

So yes, based on this facts, I came up with my very own conclusion, that I'm a claustrophobic. Hmmmm.... (Tiba tiba terasa seperti Paris Hilton, sebab dia pun had the same problem as mine.. Wahahaha.. - Ehh suka pulakk? Wth? heheh ;p)

And because I've experience this so many times, and because I'm so used to being unconscious, so I already know the feeling..right before a few seconds before I faint. Every time I would say, "Omg, nak pengsan.. Nak pengsan!" and then, bammmm! The next thing I know, I fainted! 

Sometimes I managed to stop it before it happens.. like whenever I feel like fainting, I will sit (if I was standing) or lay down on a bed (if I was sitting..) ..and then after a few minutes, the feeling of fainting will be gone..  Setiap kali rasa yang macam tu (nak pengsan), I have to change my position..Kena rendahkan kedudukan saya.. 

But that day.. I couldn't stop it from happening.. Probably because I was sitting, and there's no other position that I could change... - I couldn't lay down properly even if I change the seat position into a bed.. So I just baring sikit je.. But the pain was still there..and I couldn't control it.. So yup, benda kalau nak jadi, dia jadi jugak lah kan... So, yes, I fainted twice that night! (Almost thrice, but the last one I managed to control it.. So, dia tak jadi nak pengsan..)

Well what happened was.. After having dinner.. I went to the toilet to do a lil' business.. And when I came back to my seat, all the lights were off, and I could see some of the passengers were already asleep.. 

And I did not feel sleepy despite the fact that I was a lil' bit tired all from that shopping and packing.. So I thought it'd be nice to watch another movie in the dark.. Plus, it was only about 2 hour plus to arrive KL.. So I thought it wouldn't make any difference if I didn't rest..because the time was so short for me to rest.. Lagipun, saya ni bukan jenis senang tidur kalau bukan tidur di atas katil sebenar. huhu..

So okay.. I watched a movie..but after about 15 mins or so, I got bored.. I forgot what movie that was..but it was kinda sucky.. So I switched it off and tried to take a nap since I got nothing else to do.. But, I felt uncomfortable at that time.. I felt like the space was so small (there's a seat in front of me..and on my right was the window and on my left was my brother) So I felt like, the space was really really cramped with some stuff all around me! And it was uncomfortable for me to sleep, despite we were on a business class! So I moved to a seat which was behind my dad's (it was empty). Because when I feel really really tired, I can't be in a situation where everything looks crowded all around me.. That's why I moved to the back seat..and chose the seat which was next to the aisle..where I got nobody siting next to me! So I can breathe..and felt free.. So anyways, after sitting there for a good 5 minutes, all of a sudden, I remembered something.. Something that has been bothering me for a few months, or should I say, years.. tskk.. I remembered how sakit hati, and sedih I was.. I was so pissed off with that person.. And was feeling kinda stupid..
And at that time I was listening to some Colbie Cailat songs..and the song just fits my mood perfectly.. And then, suddenly I felt really really down, and depress..and I cried real bad.. Wondering what and how should I do about the thing that was on my mind.. And then tiba tiba, tengah sedih sedih tu, tiba tiba I get that feeling yang rasa nak pengsan tu.. and I got panicked.. I mean, fainting on a plane isn't such a good spot lah kann... And I quickly got up and hit my dad's left arm (I was trying to give signal/ wake him up, and telling him that I was feeling unwell and something is wrong with me.. - I was too sick to speak up..So I only use my hand to call him). And right after I called him, the next thing I know..

Everything went dark and black..

Daddy said, he was sleeping at that time..and felt weird somebody slapped his arm, tiba tiba je.. And he did not expect it was me, because he did not see me changed the seat.. In his mind, his children were sitting in front of him.. So who could this fella be, and slapping his arm all of a sudden.. So he got up, nak tengok who that person is.. And then, tiba tiba dia tengok belakang, anak dia dah tidur.. He felt weird.. Bila masa pulak dia ni pergi belakang? And kenapa? And why the heck did she slap me? Must be something wrong ni.. So he looked at me.. He thought I was sleeping.. But somehow he knew something was wrong because tiba tiba je I pukul tangan dia.. Must be something ey..

And then few minutes after that, he woke me up..held my hand, asking me what's wrong.. And as usual, right after I was unconscious, I would say these very words, "Kat mana ni?".. It's like my brain was shut down for a few minutes and trying to figure out why am I here, what just happened, how did it happened.. and what actually happened.. But he didn't hear me.. Instead, he asked me what's wrong with me..

Seriously, every time after I collapsed, I felt so blur for a few mili seconds.. Like I can't remember at all what I just did or where am I.. But because I felt really dizzy and can't seem to get up.. then I figured out that I just fainted and I said to my dad with a very soft tone, "Ani pengsan".. And my dad quickly asked for some help from the flight attendants..

So a few cabin crews came to help.. They brought some wet towels, and water.. I still remember..right after I was conscious, the flight attendant asked me, "Cik, boleh saya buka your scarf tak?". I can't even answer him at that time..I only made two nods, saying yes to it.. At that time, I felt like I wanted to remove everything.. My scarf, my baju and even my bra! Seriously, I felt soooo uncomfortable! I felt like my world is toooooo sempit. Like I was being compressed or something! Rimassss! >_<
So the guy took the wet towel, and put it onto my head..and wrapped it all over my head.. and gosok gosok sikit..urut urut..trying to ease the pain..

I was soooooo weak at that time.. I couldn't breathe normally! I had chest pain..and was feeling so dizzy.. Seriously, that was the worst moment ever! I've collapsed so many times before, but none of the situation was as worse as this one! Because every time I fainted, I would be okay and feeling normal right after about 5 minute I was conscious again! But this time around, even after I've conscious..I can't seem to get up. In fact, I was feeling so weak. So damn weak that I thought I was going to die.. My mom sat next to me, on my right..held my hand.. My mom recited something..and whispering it to my ears..(my mom really thought I was dying..because yes, it really looks like that! Oh scary.. I can't forget the feeling..sobs).  And my dad was standing on my left.. I took his hands and held it tight..I really thought that was my goodbye.. At that time, I couldn't even move my head, or even to speak up.. My mom had to put her ears just right next to my mouth to really hear what I was saying.. Seriously, it was really really terrible. I never had that kind of feeling.. I couldn't even have the energy to speak at all.. So that's why I held their hands..manalah tahu, that was my goodbye.. So, tak sempat nak cakap apa apa.. So, pegang tangan jadi lah..

And then, when I was bearing the pain..tiba tiba datang lagi sekali rasa nak pengsan tu.. And yes, I was unconscious one more time! But I guess they did not realize it because I was closing my eyes when I was bearing the when I fainted, they thought I was asleep or rest or something.. But after I was awake from being unconscious, I told my mom..and I cried, "Ma, Ani pengsan lagi.. Ma, Ani tak tahan la..". All she said to me was "Mengucap..ingat Allah..baca surah this and that.." Well, something like that. Can't really remember what she said actually.. But after my mom told my dad and the flight attendants that I was unconscious again and was having a hard time to breathe normally, the guy asked me again, do you want to use some oxygen mask? Do you want this and that? All I did was nodding. At that time terasa macam bagi je lah apa apa.. I can't bear the pain anymoreee.. Just gimme whatever that could ease the pain, please! So they gave me some water, and the oxygen mask.. I was feeling ok a bit.. That was the first time I used an oxygen mask. Seriously, rasa best masa tu..sebab rasa sakit tu kurang..  But after a few minutes, they took away the oxygen.. And I was back to feeling weak and suffocating again..

At that time, seriously, I thought I was going to die.. All I did was praying.. Praying real hard.. I even said this to myself.. "Oh my this how am I going to die? This is it? Seriously? On a plane? Aku mati harini ke? Dalam keadaan macam ni ke? Oh my God, am I not gonna see my friends anymore? My sisters? My family? Hariz? Are they gonna be happy without me? Ada beza tak kalau aku takde? Macam mana Naz eh nanti? Dia rindu aku tak nanti? Aku mati muda ke? Tak sempat nak balas jasa my parents ke? Tak sempat nak rasa bercinta ke? Tak sempat kahwin, ada suami and rasa ada anak ke? Tak sempat jadi ibu ke? Ya Allah..pleasee pleaseee I'm begging you. Not today, pleaseee.. There are sooo many things I haven't achieved in this life..and aku belum cukup ibadah lagi ni.. Belum pergi Haji lagi.. Belum buat macam macam lagi ni.. Please God.. Pleaseeee. I'm begging youuu... Ya Allah, pleaseee..make this easy for me.. Please forgive me for all my sins that I have done.. and etc" At that time, seriously..macam macam bermain di fikiran saya.. 

Tapi pastu yang I sendiri tak boleh blah tuu, dalam pada saat saat macam tu, boleh pulak sempat nak pikir barang barang yang beli pagi tadi tu, nak bagi siapa kalau aku mati ni haa..hahaha.. Masa tu I pikir nak bagi my Along and Nazirah baju baju I and perfumes, kasut, etc since they're about the same size as me.. Siap sempat pikir the 6 inch heels of mine tu cantik, tapi tak sempat nak pakai..tapi takpe lah. Bagi Along je lah..hahaha.. Bila ingat balik, memang bengong je nak pikir semua ni when I was literally suffocating! LOL! ;p

But seriously, I couldn't help it, sambil sambil mengucap and berdoa tu..I pikir macam macam.. Sampai benda yang tak patut nak pikir waktu tu pon, nak pikir jugak...haha. Tapi yang banyak I fikir is the things that I have done in this world and things that I haven't done.. Hmm.. =/
Lepas tu, nak sedap kan hati sendiri, I cakap.. "Eh, tapi tak kot.. Not today kot. Not my time yet kot... Sebab ni aku boleh je baca banyak banyak surah.. Boleh je baca doa macam macam.. Boleh je lagi mengucap.. Aku ni bukan lah tergolong dalam orang orang yang baik and layak. So, orang cakap kan orang yang baik baik je bila dah di ambang maut, dia boleh ingat tuhan, boleh nak baca itu ini... Ni aku, rilex je..boleh jer baca smoothly lagi ni... Tak kot.. Not today kot...No Wani no. Not today.. You just have to be relax..and think positively..". Hahaha.. Boleh pulak dalam pada tengah sakit sakit and terasa separuh nak mati tu, boleh pulak nak pikir macam tuuu? hahahaha.. Sebab actually I was really really panicked and freaked out that I felt like I was gonna leave this world.. So that's why I cakap macam tu..nak sedap kan hati sendiri..hehehe ;p

And then, when the third time when I felt like I was going to collapse again, I said it to my mom..and she told the cabin crew..and they gave me the oxygen mask again. So I can breathe normally and properly a bit.. Lama jugak la I pakai that mask.. Sampai dah nak dekat touch down baru diorang cabut from me..

And then, keluar je from that aircraft, there are some airport staff waiting at the door with a wheelchair.. At that time, I was feeling okay sikit.. Dah tak rasa nak jatuh and pitam dah.. Dah breathe normally dah.. Cuma kepala pening je.. Masa tu terasa agak best jugak la, sebab semua benda orang buat kan untuk saya.. Angkat kan bag, bawak my handbag, my hand carry, my heels.. Lepas tu, dekat immigration pon orang yang buatkan..ambik my passport, etc.. Saya duduk je, orang tolak saya.. hehe.. (Suka pulak, ye? LOL ;p)

And lepas tuu..boleh pulak my brother took out my camera from my handbag and started snapping some pics! He said, "You're a blogger, kan? When you're getting a bit well later on, I'm sure you wanna blog about this! So, I'm doing you a favor.." Siot jerrr...haha. Siap cakap... "Ala rugi tak snap gambar masa tengah pakai oxygen mask tuu.." (He was sleeping the whole time when the thing happened. So he didn't get to see that scene..) 

Oh adikku, kakakmu tengah sakit pon boleh lagi nak buat lawakkk. huhu. But yeah.. he actually did me a favor! haha. So now, it kinda like a memory to me..when looking at these pics..I remembered things.. Well, bad memory that is! 

So..the conclusion is Cik Wani oi, please please remember, don't make yourself too tired!! Oh, and do not think about unhappy thoughts! (And just so you know, I am now feeling contented. All the problems has been vanished! Thank God!)

So Wani, lesson learned. Make yourself carefree. And happy. Ok? =)

Sekian! So that's it! Yeayyy..dah habis on Perth! Next is.. err..Bangkok? Bandung/Jakarta trip? Or my Umrah trip first? Which one?? Or maybe that ancient Amsterdam trip? hehe. Oh many stories I owe to this blog! that's the story on my last day in Perth! To read on my previous stories on this Perth trip, read here for; Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7!

P/s: Next post I'm gonna show you what I bought from Perth! Stay tune! =)

P/ss: Baru perasan, hari yang saya pakai flats yang saya memang betul betul flat! haha.. Hmm..I guess, I should really stick to wearing heels la kan? LOL ;p



  1. wow that is one kind of an experience!take care girl and remember to be happy always and lets just discard the unhappiness in you.:)

  2. omg, scary nye.. boleh bayang la rasa suffocated dalam plane.. n boleh imagine your situation yg dah terfikir nak mati tu.. huhu.. biasa la kalau something weird happening to us mmg kita akan start terfikir bukan bukan.. no you are not abnormal.. we face the same problem too.. or atleast, i think i have the same problem too.. =p

    comel la your brother nak snapkan gambar duduk atas wheelchair tu haha.. kirim salam kat dia.. hehe

  3. baju kids Perth kat kedai tu comel comel laa... can't wait to see everything u bought... mmg shop till drop betul ek.

  4. hi wani, i'm sorry to hear that u've fainted during ur flight back to malaysia. u know what, i also have that claustrophobics feeling when i took the long hours flight. i think mine was a bit different from u as i wld feel dizzy, my heart beats faster than it should be and i'll be throwing out at least 3 times in every 3 hours. but anyway, maybe u should try to control it by doing regular exercise say yoga or pilates. I even started to do these kind of exercises these days just to control the phobia as this wld help u to control your breathing :) Hopefully everything is fine now with you :)

  5. i've been reading ur entry ni sungguh2. try to be in ur shoes, to feel the pain tp bila baca part yg u fikir nak bg siapa ur heels tu terus i gelak. HAHA. u r funny. boleh fikir cmtu. but luckily its not ur time yet.
    so pls take care of urself wani.

    p/s : 1st time i comment. selama ni baca je. heee ;p

  6. aku dah rasa sebak nak nangis baca part yg u were praying hard coz u thought u were going to leave this world...tiba2 baca ko nak bagi ur 6-inch heels kat aku tu tak boleh tahan terpaksa gelak! tapi sebak la coz u thought of me. aww :">

  7. hai my dear wani,

    i do not know why i cried when i read ur 'pengsan' part...maybe i pun dulu penah rase the feeling that i'm gonna die when my fever naik panas giller smpi bdn x rase ape...lgpun, saya ni mmg jenis yg cepat je boleh rase sakit bile baca or dgr or cerita psl sakit..

    so..pls jgn shopping smpi penat eh next time..kalo u nk shopping smpi penat pun, make sure u ade lebihan energy..

    take care !

  8. menitik air mata akak baca kisah dlm flight tu coz i know the situation when oxigen it's not enough in our body.. pernah rasa.. betul2 mcm nak mati..Alhamdullillah.. u r still breathing..

  9. wani,iffah here..anyway, feel free to take your award from me at here k..=)

  10. entry yg menarik...cuma part dlm flight tu sedih la..sob sob


  11. mula2 baca i macam suspen..lepas tu i cam gelak terbahak2 masa part u nak bagi barang2 tu kat saper kalau u takde..u r so funny girl..anyway jaga diri baik2...:)

  12. wani dear, gelare ice cream ada kat e-curve@cineleisure


  13. please take a good care of urself my dear.. menakutkan jer baca..

    p/s: leh lagi pikir pasal brg2 shopping erk?? so funny la u girl..~

  14. omg!!!! aku x sangke dowh ko ingat aku mase ko tgh saket tu..sumpah teharu gler k!!! tp klau boley aku x nak sume brg2 ko tu..i juz want u to be alive, healthy, hepi, bahagia, kawen and dpt anak..dunno how can i spend a second without u =(

  15., shopping jugak. Kesihatan kena jaga jugak ok? Take care. (NAk tergelak gak part nak bagi sapa kasut tu. Adehh sempat lagi tu)

  16. hi wani, been a silent reader for a few months already. so sorry about yr near-death experience. but that aside, i have good news for you. you can get yr gelare ice-cream @ cineleisure!

  17. best giler shopping!!! :)

  18. sonoknyerr gi perth tewww..


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