Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Addicted!

I've been watching Prison Break Season 1, 2 and 3 all over again!! Can't get enough of them!!! Can't get enough of Michael Scofield, actually! (Oh, and Sara Tancredi too!) hehe.. =)

And now, I'm still in the process of downloading the whole Season 4..
Here's a sneak preview of the Season 4..

Aaaa... I can't wait to watch!!

Oh, very nice song btw..
By: Cold - Wasted Years. (there's a piano version too! Pun best jugak!)

Go download it! ;)



  1. Alaa Wani..Orang dah khatam Prison Break dari season 1 sampai the latest brapa puluh kali daa..Hehe.Comel je u ni.

  2. agree wif u.layannn..
    but in season4 brad is dead(oopss...sorry for that :D)sedey pulak wpon xsuke dia mse s1.

  3. hi wanie..kat mane u download cerite tuh? grey's anatomy ade? heh

  4. Hiiii gorgeous!!

    Erm...Prison Break!I'm addicted too..
    Actually....u ade x season 4 full episode?I bru ade smpai episode 10..Love your style.Seriously!

  5. Selalu u download dekat mana eh?

  6. ha??got season 4???I carik DVD season 3 sampai kat Penang takde pun..can give the website to download???tenkiu wani...

  7. kak reena: hehehe..tu la pasal! n sadly i couldnt get any copy of the whole season 4 punya.. my fren sume kedukut! huhuhu..
    so ive to d/l it by myself la..haihhh.. =(

    anonymous: tu la pasal kan.. hehe.. cerita nii! boleh buat sakit jantung tgk! i suke jugakk! ;)

    bits&pieces: i d/l gune Ares..
    Greys anatomy i nak curik kat my fren nnt.. dia ade sume.. yeayyyy..ehehe

    anonymous: thanks babe..hehe..
    erm..i br d/l smpai episode 11 la..
    all together ade 16 episodes kan?
    haih..byk nye lagii =(

    mom2que: gune Ares..

    kak azlina: U can watch them online kat sini..



    or u can download by ur self.. kat limewire ke..ares ke..etc etc..


    Happy Download people! hehehee ;)

    p/s: u guys tgk tak lipstick jungle?? tu pon best besttt jugakk! hehee.. I love the clothes!!! hehehe ;)

  8. 'curi' for me plz? hehehe

  9. hid (bitsAndpieces), aku ade grey season 5.hehehe.. =P download lah gune torrent. malas ek.

  10. Lipstick Jungle dah distopkan rasanya.Baru 1 season kan?

    P/S: Alaa..Janganla panggil KAK reena.U make me feel OLD okayy.Haha.

  11. hai.been ur silent reader for a while; addicted to PB like crazy too;D season 4 mmg best..lagi suspen & lagi extreme (well, i think so;p).byk surprise jugek.ok, just feel like to leave a comment after read this post of urs. do enjoy urself watching mr scofield;p


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