Monday, November 10, 2008

Psstt... My Prayer Has Been Answered!!

Yesterday, I had difficulties when I was packing my stuff, and also when I was trying on different outfits with my shoes and bags, for the trip that I'm going with my beloved friends, on this coming Wednesday.
I was trying to match my outfit and bag (and shoes!) for the places I'm going.

Seriously, I am verry bad at packing my stuff! Packing really is one of the worst things about vacations. I hate to have to choose on what to take and what to leave out. So I always end up taking everything inside my bag!

Fyi, this is the first time I'm going somewhere by train! And I am soo excited! hehe..
I have never experienced going for a looong journey with a train! That is why I am soo looking forward about it! hehe =D

I dunno what should I wear or what should I bring! I mean, of course I'd wear normally.. and casually for the train ride.. But somehow I just thought that going for a long journey by a train, might make me feel uncomfortable a lil' bit after a few boring hours sitting in the train..
So, I needed to wear something comfy and still looked okay. heh ;p

So I figured, a simple plain tshirt and jeans will do.

Or perhaps a sweatpants?
Cuz we are going at night time.. And I might sleep on the train..
Nevermind I'll think about my bottom-part later..huhu

But the problem now is, I don't have a matching bag to go with my outfit! (and a proper sandal with no heel to be exact.hehe). Of course, I'm gonna need a bag right? To put my purse, handphones, ipod, tissues-wet & dry, some pads, mirror, lip balm and etc, right?? But I don't have one that looks just the right size and perfect and convenient for me as well.

I need a laid-back and casual looking bag to go with my simple tshirt. Plus, I'm going by a train. Not by flight. So I gotta make sure I looked alright for a train-riding look. haha. I mean, I don't wanna look silly, with my satchel handbag, sky-high heels, my wheelie pink ostrich-skin luggage, and with my straw hat in my hand, my makeup bag and etc, and then suddenly when I started entering the train, everyone else will stare at me weirdly like I'm some kind of an alien or rather bimbo. =P

So really.
I don't wanna wear my usual serious handbags. I need a much cooler bag, pleasee!

So there I was..

Thinking what should I bring and wishing that someone would give me a brand new spankin' bag that would look just fine with my tshirt (and the situation-train!). hehee ;p



And then after that.. Just when we (my family) were having our dinner..
The doorbell rang.


So my lil' bro, Aizat went to open the door and guess what??!

He came in and brought up a big orange box and a purple paper bag in his hands!

Someone gave us this! As a Hari Raya gift! ^_^

The gifts were: a hamper, ties from Asprey and a bag from Hermès! Can you believed it?
An Hermès??!

And the best part is??

The Hermès bag, is a drawstring bag which would look just perfect, and casual & as simple as I want it to be!! *big smile plastered on my face* ;D

Oh, Thank You Lord! For answering my prayer!! hehee

And thank YOU, Mister V! =) I'm just gonna find my sandals or flipflops at Juicy Couture or Vincci or FOS or just about anywhere in the world to complete the whole simple casual look..haha

Toodles!! ;)



  1. hahaha!

    what a cute girl la u! just wear as simple as u can b.. alritey gal??

    oh, i loove ur blog! ;)

  2. lucky..
    flipflops ipanema gisele bundchen punya ok jgk......

  3. besnyeee dpt gift for valiram lagi..

  4. o_o ..Pakcik Valiram sgt bermurah hatiiii..
    U'll look great with one.
    Btw, happy packing, and dont forget the essentials, hehehe..

  5. you r so lucky in this life n doa u senang dimakbulkan....

  6. tak sure which train u nak amik..if the normal train, pakai something selesa utk ke toilet;p

    the only thing yg saya tak suke if naik train ialah bila terpaksa masuk ke toilet..huuhhuhu

    but if u'r taking the oriental express should be no problem :D

    so enjoy ur train ride!


  7. hehheh.. best nye travel naik train.. sgt adventure tau...

  8. lucky u!

    selamat naik keretapi lelama ye wani ;)

    from a silent reader of yours.

  9. omg.. u r so lucky shaz..

    eh valiram send gift hamper to ur dad! how come! sounds like ur dad very atas orang now!?

  10. thats so funny!

    No wonder I always look a mess when I go out...sometimes I wonder how the others can look oh so chic.. guys really, really spend time to look good.'re an inspiration.

    I akan cuba for one week first...

  11. wanie..lupe nk ckp...
    saya copy gambo baju hatta dolmat tu..mao tiruuuuuuuuuuu......

  12. i think ur white MBMJ hobo bag would do just fine for the train ride. beso pon beso...

    wer ar yu gowing bai de wey??

  13. hadeihh bestnyee! tapi ashvin tu selalu bagi yg dah outdated punye kan kan?? if u ever notice

  14. salams,

    Hye, im from uia too, but im about 2 years ur senior kot, im graduating dah hehe :p all the best with varsity life in uia, its kinda sad to leave that place but anyhoots, still a good thing to have ended the 4-years bachelors degree.alhamdulilah

    I saw u a few times in Econs (coz I was from that Faculty too) and I think u look different from picture (positively seriously).. and just ignore all the sayings from weird people. not to offend anyone,but hey, cant they just read what people wrote without having thoughts to condemn ke? it's a free world. kan?

    all the best. I love reading ur blog anyway :)


  15. Hye Wani..

    I'm the one of your silent readers..I love to read your blog..such an inspiration la..

    About your trip with a train..I ade experience nak share ngan you pasal naik train ni..Mase I form 4 I was studying kat Kelantan..So about a year I balik KL naik train..It was fun actually but not all the time la seronok..ade one time tu dpt cabin ngan family yg ade baby and i wasn't that lucky during that time because the baby was crying all the way from Kelantan to KL..Tension sgt!! So I doakan you dpt cabin yg x de budak kecik or baby yg kuat menangis eh...

    Have a safe journey Wani...nanti jgn lupe update dlm your blog tau pasal your trip ni..

  16. OMG, I found someone who is exactly like me!

    I mean sangat complicated bile nak pack barang. semua benda nak pikir!

    Anyway, I have to agree with with of your readers, Ipanema is better compared to Vincci.

    Ringan pun ringan and tahan lama.

  17. maybe this crocs can help u...

  18. oh hermes *drools*

    org ckp pack lightly kan..tapi susah woo nak pack lightly..sebab kalau bawak baju extra leh mix and match or ada backup nak pakai in case baju kotor ke hape ke..

    just pakai something yg wani rasa comfortable..kang stylo2 bling2sgt..dorang ingat ada photoshoot lak dlm train..hihihihi


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