Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weird People have Weird Minds


I just read my sister's


Yeah, I received nasty commentS lately, saying that I look old.. I'm fugly. I'm fat.. I’m this, I’m that..

Well.. Usually I just ignore these stupid comments or judgements or opinions whatsoever.. (cuz I kinda used to people judging me before they even know the real me). But since that comment said some nasty things about me and my mom..I can't shut up anymore..

Okay, first of all, I’m aware that my face looks naturally matured - with or without make up. With or without me wearing baju kurung, baju kerja, baju tak kerja, baju berwarna, baju takde warna, baju sekolah or whateverr baju on this earth.. so you don’t have to tell me over and over again.

Even in school, when I was in form 1, people thought I was a senior student - Form 6! Obviously, I was wearing my school uniform and wasn't wearing any make up at that time. So, no. Make up is not the reason why I look matured (bcoz some people said that).

I guess it's the tudung or scarf that makes people thought and assumed I'm a bit older than my real age. Bcuz here in Malaysia we are so used to the perceptions or mind-set that only older people wear scarf! At least that was what I’ve been told when I tell them my real age. But well, what can I do? It's a compulsory for us Muslims to wear them and I'm cool with that.. =)

Or perhaps.. it is just my very own face that looks a bit matured! So what? I’ve never said I look young and cute or whatsoever.

Secondly honey, “old” is not the word as I haven't got any wrinkles yet! ;p

It's 'Matured'.

And well, I kinda like it you know.. to look a bit matured. It has given me the opportunity to fool other people.

Like when I was just 14, I used my mum's cc to help her buy her stuff whenever she ain't got the time to do shopping herself. And I loved it! It was a new experience for me and I bet most 14 year olds never get the chance to use credit cards. I see that as a bonus. (I love the idea of paying by card instead of cash.. It feels like I pay nothing! ;p)

Thirdly, I know I'm a bit fat.. When did I ever say I’m skinny?? And to be honest, I hate being chubby. I can't wear and shape my scarf perfectly like my sister could! And I can't seem to wear skinny jeans or high-waisted pants, etc without me looking like a "sarung nangka!".

But that didn't stop me from dressing up. Do you expect me to mourn and dress up fugly just bcoz I’m not slim? I've always loved clothes and make up and stuff.. And that also explains why I always find myself wearing slightly older people's styles (young adults to be exact). Like, wide-leg pants, jackets, shirts, blouses, et cetera instead of wearing what most teenage girls would wear - skinny jeans, tubes, skirts, simple tshirts, sweatshirts, hooded tops, boleros, halternecks, skirts, etc..

I need to suit the way I look & my personality with my style. I can't just wear whatever that is on fashion just because everybody else is wearing them. Like for example, the skinny jeans. Most of my friends have at least one, and I don't! Does that make me “old”?

Seriously, you don't have to follow whatever is on trend even if you know you won't look great in them! Plus, I have to say that wearing scarf can be tricky if I want to look modish or up-to-date. I don't wanna lose my personal style but still, I don't wanna look like a fashion disaster too!

So that explains why I always opt for a sophisticated style rather than the cutesy-girly teenage look bcuz I personally think, my matured face suits to wear a more grown-up style. Why would you care anyway? And you know what? Despite all that, despite people saying I look fat and old,
this fashion designer and the sales girls at Warehouse boutique actually compliment the way I dress up and told me they like my style. Not once, not twice. Even when I was in Paris, 2 hot Parisian ladies complimented my sister and I for the way we dressed up despite wearing scarfs (we were in the toilet touching up our makeups at that time). And there have been a few cases at the mall where people whom I don’t even know of stopped me to ask where I got my clothes, my tudung, my bag, my whatever it is I was wearing on that day. So that must’ve meant something! ;p

Btw, I have never ever said I'm a 6-foot pin-up girl.. So, what do you actually expect to see when you're viewing my page, gurl?? A skinny model with a perfect face, a perfect body, and a perfect life?? Sorry, you’ve got the wrong blog address.

I'm just a normal person, with feelings too just like you (or maybe you don’t have one)!

But well.. this is cyber space. I know you can say whatever you want to say without feeling guilty bcoz no one can track you. No one knows if it was you who left such nasty comments except yourself. After all, you did leave a comment anonymously. You’re scared of being tracked, is it? What’s the point of saying those things when you’re such a coward to reveal yourself? What are you trying to prove? Or is it like your own “guilty pleasure”, saying bad things about other people? It just shows your personality and your quality as a human being, you know. And what’s worse is that, you know it’s you. You can’t pretend you don’t know it.

Fyi, this is not the first time I came across people like you. Trust me, I sooo KNOW these kinds of people! I've met them my whole life. (schools, matric, university)

Kutuk orang sana, kutuk orang sini.. But at the end of the day, they will eventually like/love that poor little person. Or at least, they'll become like the person that they used to kutuk. I’ve seen it myself. Allah itu Maha Adil. Like, “those people” who used to kutuk and hated me so much, now came to me and seek for my word of advice on whatever things they wanna know or want to take advantage of. Seriously, aren't you ashamed of yourself? You used to hate me, and make fun of me being a girly-girl or rather “gedik” in my own way and stuff, and then suddenly you want my advice on shoes? And make up? *sighh*

And what surprised me the most is that you want to actually be my friend – after all these years?? I thought you hated me so much? (I’m not pointing fingers but siapa makan cili, dia la terasa pedas).

I can name a few of them here and now, or maybe attack them back like they did to me, but for what? I know my values. And that differentiates between me and YOU! I am not like you, who make fun of other people's interest or beliefs. Sukati la orang nak suka/buat apa asalkan tak kacau hidup orang lain. Why should that bother you? Why do you care so much if that person is not like what u want them to be?? Unless of course, if you love them. That’s a whole different story then.

Anyhow, anyways...

THIS IS MY BLOG. It's about ME; my likes and dislikes. It’s not about “what you think”, or about your likes and dislikes. So do yourself a favour, just like what I normally do when I don’t like a particular blog (hey, I’m human too). Stop reading my blog if you loathe it. Bcoz really, what good does it gives you by hating and condemning others? The more you visit and read those blogs that you hate, the more negativity surrounds you. You’re circulating negative vibes all around you and that’s what you’re getting more of every day. And just because you have a miserable, empty and unfulfilled life, doesn't mean you gotta make others feel horrible or bad just like you, woman!

P/s: Is there a set of standards kalau jadi Datin, u gotta have a set of rambut bulat mcm Doraemon or pakai tudung selendang with super bright red lipstick, gelang and cincin bertan2 macam kedai emas bergerak?? I never knew that.
Just so you know, my mom is a very verry simple woman! Even if she does look like a makcik kampung, so what?? What's wrong with being a makcik or makcik from kampung?? Siapa ckp bandar tu bagus sgt??

To others, please excuse this PMS lady,will ya?!



  1. i never get it when ppl say u look matured. aku rasa biasa jer. takde la nampak matured, takde la nampak muda. maybe bcoz aku slalu tgk ko kot..

    or maybe bcoz muka garang! huhuuu.

    p/s: i've always thought u're the most stylish dlm adik badik! ko tak takut nak try pakai tu ini, unlike me (masa kurus baru la berani ;p). and like Rizman Ruzaini said.."wani bole bawak pakai baju yg tak semua org bole pakai". see that as a bonus! ;)

  2. Dearest wani..
    U can call me Kak farah. I have been reading your blog for quite sometimes , not only yours, but your other siblings as well.What makes me feel like typing a few words here in your comment box is that- I know how devastating and emotionally you could be when an B*****rd or and idiot or we could call these people as an intruder who has nothing except for condeming people and pinpointing others with harsh words! To be frank, these people, there have nothing!! There are comparing themselves with you and your lifestyle..feeling frustrated as they could not get what they wanted, they tend to use nasty and harsh words!You are such a transparent girl who narrates your day by day activites sincerely wothout hurting or invading why on earth must others feel so bad and full of jelousy? Just ignore all those people(smetimes susah nak ignore as it could be really really hurting expecially bila hal mak pon dibawa sekali),but that is the best I think. Dont ever defend yourself about their comments and just give them A TOTAL ignore! That's the best.....Trust me..these people are just a plain idiot who know nothing except for crtiticizing Pedulikan and hey....U GO GAL!

  3. hehe.

    I used to hv that perception at u when i first met u! (that ure sombong or old or whatever)

    but after awhile or years of knowing this little gal, i find it weird y ppl say that to u!! i personally think u r so cute n the way u think or act dont really 'match' ur face!! hehee..

    i find it funny u know, that ure face looked so matured but the way u act or talk or think is like sooo kebdk2an..hehe. dun get me wrong, i dont ejek u or whatever..

    i just feel that its so weird y ppl hate u, cuz u ni bkn nye kacau idop org pun..huhu..hurmm.. pelik la!!

  4. hye wany,
    i'm sincerely sorry for having says dat u look matured becuz of u having makeup like ur sisters - n dat what i'd comment in kak hanis's post bout "busuk-hati-bangkai lalat"(diz gelaran kak hanis give to org yg suke kutuk2 tuh).
    it is only my opinion cuz i havin a sis same age as you too n i'm a year older n...of course she look younger but when she wearing makeup, people will confused which one adek n which one akak..(it's happen bile tyme g raye2 umah org). so then i tOt u maybe look a bit matured becuz of that. Sorry yeh?heh?
    but.. nway ni betul2 la cakap kan..u nampak mcm 20++ tahun je. tak de pun muke u nampak cam org tua. nampak mcm da kawen pun lg la tak de becuz among u three "copycat dolls", before diz i tot hanis the eldest (as hanis kawin dulu n iza follow lmbat sgt after her) n iza yg second n i never tot u yg second or yg eldest sbb even iza nampak mude, u punye muke mmg muke "adek"(ala u tao kan muke adek cm ne?muke mnje2. i tak tao la org lain pandai different kn ke tak tp i bole teke which one the adek even yg adek lebih besar dr kakak cuz my cousins kebanyakan nye cam tu la..adek besar dr kakak sbb ape? sbb kakak syg adek..hehe. my sis pun chubby dr i gak "hmm..yeke?same2 chubby kot")
    Q: muke org 20 tahun mcm ne sebenarnye ek?
    ok lorh adek wany..hv fun wit ur makeup eyh! n mmg seronok pun ade kakak2 like ur 2 gorgeous sis!

  5. yes just ignore those baskets who never use their brain to think but always speak with their bekside for their face!

    it's your blog, don't like it pergi jauh far far, don't need to leave ppl nasty comments for your F*** sake!!!

  6. abaikan je wani..lain org lain pendapat..but for me, i love ur style..

    matured..huh i got this gelaran when i was in school and dkt U..that time klu tgk cermin, i always wonder, do i look that old

    but now, diorang kata my younger sisters pulak lebih tua dari i..ntah haper2..manusia manusia

  7. honey..i like the way u handle this rather than ur sister hanis..sometimes shes too emotional and sometimes ppl can look down on her...

    but u..even ur still young i proudly say that u REALLY REALLY manage to handle this kind of thing VERY WELL..of coz in a polite way!..

    ignore them..i can see ur inner beauty

    i adore u tak senang mengamok or sawan bile org ckp u mcm tu..hahah..good wani!

  8. hai wani...

    i ske the way u dress up... sebab u berani even 'that people' saying that u're fat... dia bute kot...

    anyway ur mum x mcm datin2 yg i nampak as u kata dah macam kedai emas bergerak.. heheheheh...

  9. u handle the "situation" well:p
    tak melenting tak tentu arah
    keep it up:)


  10. tapi saya suke je tgk awak!;p
    i think the way u dressed up shows that u know how to have fun.
    tu yang mereka jealous tu because maybe they cant be like u, perhaps?
    and meeting u at hariz's birthday bash (i dont think kau remember pun) dan kau berjoking dgn ur friend pun tau ur gile weng2 ok.
    org tua je xkn buat mcmtu.

  11. yes!! u looked matured!!
    tp...aku rase xde masalah pon dgn rupa ko itu....ok jek aku tgk...
    n aku adalah sgt jeles dgn ko..pandai dress up..bleh shopping mcm2....
    so..enjoy your life..
    pekakkan telinga....
    xde sape pon yg perfect kt dlm dunia nih.....nobody!!!

  12. dear adik..

    just dont bother bout all those nasty comments.. they are all sick ppl who have nuthing better to do in life.. i think they just envy u n ur sistas..

    yeah.. i wud be dsturbed too if anybody ever kutuk my mom for no reason! gile la diorang tu semua!

    just be urself n i do enjoy reading ur blog like hw i enjoy reading ur sisters' :)

    take care dear!

  13. ignore what other ppl say about u cause you know yourself better!!
    u look beautiful and i love your clothes!

  14. Hai Wany,

    Actually my name is Wanie also, just different spelling. Love reading your sisters and your blog. I think people were just jealous with you and your family. Just ignore them. Even if you look matured from your actual age, you are happy with your life. That’s more important than look younger and slim but not even happy and always feeling unsecured. You are surrounding with families and friends that love and treasure you as you are… so don’t worry.

    What they really know about you and your family? What important that you knew that you are fabulous and have a wonderful family.

  15. I think biasa la kalau bab physically matured kan? why oh why ppl mesti nk pertikai mcm tu? Kan Tuhan dh jadikan kite sempura. Well at leats eprfect. Btol tak?

    I think Mat Salleh lg bnyk yg look matured. Like theyre just 14 tp muka dh mcm umur 20++. So dun worry wani..u're not that frumpy! :)

    and kutuk mak org? gossh..mcm bdk2 tadika la nk ejek mak org nih. Haih..wats up with kampung? Hina sgt ke org kg ni kan? isk2..

  16. U Go Girl! =)
    I think u shldnt change of what u are now. U are pretty inside-out. Do what u wanna do, as long as it is rite, kan-kan? *big smileeee*

  17. owh btw, i loveee the black lacey detail for the kurung modern! It matches perfectly with the red cherry colour =)

  18. Dear Wani,

    I like reading ur sister's and ur blog and from what i've read all these while, I can say that u and ur family are awesome and pretty cool..banyak2 la sabar ye.. those people are hipokrit..they are just jealous of u and ur family..that's why die komen yang bukan2 mcm tu..i seriously think that she wanted so bad to be like you, that's why she commented on reflect on how badly she wanted a great family like urs..:))..btw, I pernah bump into ur mom and Hatta Dolmat masa kt Jakel the other day..from what Ive seen, ur mom looked nothing close to makcik kampung..I like it those "Datin" even more when they're wearing tudung..Rasa mcm sejuk hati..hehehe..Just let that PHYSCO meroyan sorang2..Mmg gile kot..:))

  19. Assalamualaikum wani

    pedulik apa orang nak kata..orang tu jealous dengan u tu..

    personally i think you are stylo and pretty..
    i really like masa u dress up ala erica badu

    do take care and PM dengan orang yang cakap u nampak tua tu..

  20. heyya wanny...been reading ur blog for quite sometime now :P (and ur sista's too!!!)
    i honestly thinks that firstly NO! you dont look OLD at all!!! and secondly I adore the way you and sisters dress up :)so trendy and chic yet still look sopan (for a tudung wearing girl especially :)...
    so!!!being said that..keep on rocking bebeyh!!!! huhuhuhu..ignore those retards..PeAcE -NaD-

  21. Dear, ignore jer semua ni..buang masa jerr

    Barang from gap/old navy dah sampaii..nanti i hantar k!

  22. hi wany...akak ni umo 30 but sgt impress dgn ur lifestyle and u are so lucky to be what u are :)

  23. dear wani,
    kita tak kenal, tapi i ve read your blog sometimes before this..suka ok...just wanna say.. ignore those people.. jeles le tu...
    just stay the way u are..

  24. sama la u ignore jer.
    Ok kalau you nak tahu adik I pun org ckp dia lagi matured dari I sbb muka dia, gaya and presentable dia. Bila org datang umah mesti tanya I kakak(adik sebenarnye) u mana?
    Tapi kalau you nak tahu I plak rasa jealous ngan dia sebab ... disebabkan muka dia matured org lebih yakin dgn apa dia ckp berbanding I yang muka cam childish nie. Tension gak ... n byk gak kelebihan dia.. bila dia pergi mana2 dia mudah dapatkan apa yang dia nak mcm jawatan ke atau pekerjaan sbb dia lebih nampak matang dan berkeyakinan. Hmm... takpe la... I cuma pk tuhan tu maha adil dan i pun rasa proud ada adik mcm tu ..hehe

  25. lantak pi la ape org nk kate...lama2 diaorg diam gak..

    nk tutup mulut sume org mmg ssh la..

    i look ugly, fat, dh la itam..what do i long as i got someone that loves me..itu yg penting..kan kan kan..

  26. i can't believe such human existed in this wprld..but i've been there too.. u know what?i totally agree with u on "Kutuk orang sana, kutuk orang sini.. But at the end of the day, they will eventually like/love that poor little person. Or at least, they'll become like the person that they used to kutuk. I’ve seen it myself.". i've encountered this situation before where an alien from planet L just hated me more than anything in this world but at the same time she's immitating/copying/xeroxing whatever the hell i'm doing, i'm wearing,i'm saying,i'm watching, just let those losers be anything that they please, but we should lead our interesting life to the fullest..things that doesn't kill ya will only makes u go stronger honey!!!

  27. hai there..i read ur blog since i know ur link..i also read ur sisters blog too..and i just love it!!i agreed that u look matured but u r so stylish and that suit what??

    congrats for being urself and not what people want u to be..keep it up!! =)

  28. Go u!
    true! who cares right?

    Hi, I was your anonymous reader ;) Love reading your blog, love your style, love your clothes :)

  29. muaz's reaction to all of these gemok/tua/kampung issue:

    "pompuan..pompuan" (sambil geleng2 kepala).


  30. sokong2!!!!!

    [hehe..boleh tak? ramai sgt dah comment..bende yang same jer..maka ku sokong aje sume!]

    rilex babeh..

  31. Don't worrylah wanie abt other people comments. Lantaklah apa dia org nak ckp. Btw, enjoy reading your blog.

  32. wani,
    be yourself & ignore others.
    take care.

  33. wani..if lately u dah start receive hate mails..itu maknenye u dah glamer! hik2!saye gemolike..if seblum ni u tak receive hate mail..tu bukan bermakne org suke u..tu maknenye u blum dikenali. hik2.

    anyways, diorg jeles la tuhh. i suke tgk ur style.classy!! like ur sister said, u're the most daring.

    and sape yg kate u gemuk tu? bute ke ape? wani tak gemuk la?! may be u have a round face SHAPE kot. as we know..kan ade square shape, oval, heart etc urs just happened to be u still cantik ape?

    btw, i rase ur mom cantek aunty is a Datin..omg mekap die punye tebal i think bole la 2-3 org pakai that amount.and rambut die mmg doraemon haha. i wish she dress down a bit lah cuz kadang2 balik kampung buat tergezut org kampung jer..kalu nak pi functions bole la mekap 3 gantang kan.

    haha okeh saye sudah mule merepek sila beredar skrg. time kasih.

  34. well said wani :)

  35. wani dear,
    just ignore what they said..they're just jealous.. FYI, i hate mak datin rambut besar or the one with red hair..n ur mum is just perfect dear.. ur mom shud b d icon of all these datins...n i luv ur style, luv ur bags, luv ur shoes...hehehe suker sgt...err..anyway, i dun do blogging so i can't leave d URL..huhu

    P/S: u know what i like abt u n ur sisters? all of u r wearing tudung but y'all still look great and stylo!!!

  36. my goddd. whyyy on earth dia cakap pasal ur mum! i like to look at ur mum. its better to be simple than a person yang tahpape konon2 nak jadi datin kan?

    nway u, as ive mentioned in my blog, has great sense of style. so yeah, that person is definitely jealous of u.

    sbb tu lah dia anonymous.

  37. Sobru minal iman :)

    Org yg bg komen tu jeles/dengki sbb dia x stylo cam u.Hehehhe.

  38. be yourself...pedulik la org nak kata apa pun....yg penting kita tau apa kita buat tak salah...

    U can never please everybody!!!so let them be.....

    p/ mom n sister pun datin tak ikut acuan "datin" set2 rambut what kan?

  39. i couldn't agree more with diana and nor.. you are waaaay matured and your inner self reveals sooo beautifully, just like iza. but i don't think hanis potrays the same though..have fun girl, you deserve it!

  40. wani dear,
    ignore what others say,you know yourself more than they peduli apa org nk kate!me + other readers just love your style.

    i noticed you are rizman ruzaini's fan eh..may i know how much a dress cost eh? i mean range harga die..and kalau wedding dress bape plk eh? i love their creation..maybe if this is personal you can email me at

    Thanks and stay cool eh!

  41. org yg kata tu sememangnya dengki...kesian deme...kenapalah x da ubat untuk org yg hasad dengki nih...ubat utk awak bersabar, ur family with u and the bloggers juga with u including me... u always sweet to me n x gemok pun.

  42. adoi la. pnjg benor entry kali ni.
    letih sy membacanya.

    walaubagaimanapun, saya sooooka blog kamu, dan juga baju kamu, dan juga kasut kamu, dan juga seluar kamu, dan juga tudung kamu, dan seterusnya.
    jadi ringkasannya, teruskan memblog tanpa mempedulikan mereka yang busuk hatinya.

    Ya, tuhan itu adil jadi kenapa kita perlu memeningkan kepala kita memikirkannya. serahkan semuanya pada DIA.
    tugas kita? ber-style selagi mampu.

    komen saya pon dh panjang. jadi sy stop dulu ye.

    sehingga bertemu lagi.

  43. to diana,

    what wani is trying to highlight in this entry was more about her. not about my mother.

    I was just defending my mother. and i am sure you will do the same too if someone say something bad about your mother.

    and oohh pls stop asking me to be " cool" or act as if i felt nothing and just pretending as if i was ok with the harsh comment.

    And again that is my blog. It's about me, what i feel. not how you feel ok?

    IF u want to find someone perfect inside out u got a wrong address.

  44. hey there wani.
    melampau gile la wei org yg ckp muke u cm tue ke ur mom tu mcm mane ke. padahal xlangsong. thats ur natural face. nak wat cmane lg kn??

    thats very lame. seriously kalau tak suke tgk blog wani ni tolongla berambos jgn datang masok blog ni lagi kalau takat nak tglkan komen2 busuk die tu. xde sape pon nak dgr sume tu kt sini la wei. n wani lantakla org nak ckp u cm ape ke. at least u are being urself. nape la dorg tu jelez sgt. ee geram pulak i rase. padahal org yg tulis tu mst buruk dan suke pk die cun. yg die nampak buruk org je n jelez tgk org laen sng dan digemari ramai. seriozly die mst ingat die da up abes sbb dpt kutuk2 or hine2 org cmtu.

    padahal die yg buruk dan sgt xseda diri. toloooongla. n wani, ktorg still nak bace ape yg u tules, still nak tgk u dress up mcm skrg.
    org cm org yg mengutuk tu mmg xreti bahase dan bodo betola sbb xde sape nak tgk die tules cmtu. die je syok sendiri.

    sorry wani i agak harsh. tp i lak yg agak bengang ngn org2 yg xseda diri cmni. sorry yea ;)




  46. waney dear, u gooo girl! yesss.. i couldn't agree more! this entry is very well said... i totally agree & support u! u're the same age as my sister & me n ur Along are in the same age! i know how that feels.. and couldn't be bothered pun kalau org ckp apa2..

    like u said, u know ur values! so pedulik kan org2 camtu okeh.. keep on writing ya.. *wink*

    Anita (kenal lg tak?) :P

  47. kenaaal laa kakak!! musti la kenal! customer saya! heheehee ;p

  48. cool giler entry ni. i like to read these 3 sista blogs sbb diorang dress up really nice. spphisticated. hanis, iza n wany..congrats. korang mmg kelas! das y i look fwrd to read your blogs tiap2 pagi..bergitu addictive! n frm there, i learn to dress up. -yaya-

  49. hi wani..dat situation u r facing, is kindda same like mine..i hv an older sister who looks like my younger sister (at least dats what people around me always tell..)
    n u noe wat, i just TOTALLY ignore wat people said!! it's just bulls**t! and whenever i receive that comment, i just accept it with a smile..

    there's so much about urself that is soo good and those little comments wont do any harm to it at all!! so wat if u look matured?? or if ur way of thinking is more matured?? (i'm getting married soon, and langkah bendul my sister..huh, and people might say i'm gatal sebab nk kawin dulu..ceh! ape,, kawin dlm Islam kena ikut umur,ker??? haha~~ jodoh di tgn tuhan..lg best kawin cpt! ;p)

    u have sooo much to do in this life, rather than to listen to those comments..i dun care if people say i'm more matured..coz i'm proud of it!! people r beautiful in their own way, and i'm super beautiful in my do you,wani..

    and bout ur mum,, i reallyyy like her humble stlye..i dun noe, but i really hate those rambut doraemon stlye! ur mum looks very comfortable just being herself,,and that worth millionsss!

    dun worry wani,,sooner or later, those people will get bored of saying those things, u just accept it with a smile, coz u know that u r sooo much more than what meets the eye!!! ;p

  50. em wani..relax k..just cheer up..n forget psl budak2 senget mcm tu..anyway i dont see ur mum like that..kalau sumer org nak jadi mcm mak2 datin mcm tu tak best la dunia kan..mak member sy pn mcm ur mum..i loike ur mum style..very simple n still updated..kirim slm kt ur mum k..

  51. utk jd mom yg cool mesti perlu nmpk mcm datin ke??? so, yg nmpk mcm datin sume for sure cool ek???

    yg x datin tu confirm2 x cool...ape punya dunia dh skrg ni...hishhhhh

  52. Hi Wany, been reading your blog and your sisters' as well.

    I thought the way you stand up for yourself against all these nasty people is very matured.

    Regardless, what other people said abt you, I think you dress very nicely and I LIKE UR STYLE..

    I always come back to ur blog and your sister's just to get an idea.

    Nak buat macam mane kan? akan ade sentiasa manusia yg akan sentiasa tidak puas hati dgn kelebihan org lain.

    Dia kutuk u gemuk and old sebab die tak mampu nak buat baju kat Hatta Dolmat.

    *tapi I pun x mampu tapi i tak pulak kutuk u..hermmm*

    Classic case of very dengki lah tu.

    Anyway, just keep on blogging !


  53. hi wanie..
    suka baca blog u n ur sister, then now br terasa nk komen.
    act, org pon ckp bnda yg sama kat i..
    muka kau tua la?bla..bla..
    n i rs dorg suppose use word yg ok sket kot..mcm MATURED..btl tak?
    pedulikan la apa dorg ckp..mereka ni jeles memanjang..
    even u bole beli apa yg u nak, or pakai apa yg u rs best..i x penah jeles i happy tgk u n baca ur blog..
    plus suka tgk style u..
    n rs mcm nak try je..
    coz im tryin so hard utk bertudung betul2(ppl keep kutuk me coz slalu on n off)hehe..
    ptt bkn la kutuk..y not mendoakan kita?? kan?kan?
    juz ignore mahluk gila mcm ni..
    sibuk jer..
    baca diam2 sudah..

    ok gurl..
    smile :)

  54. ibiar la apa org nak ckp... buat apa ikut sgt kata diaorg...mulut org kita xleh tutup...
    honestly.. i suka tgk cara u dress sbb nampak sopan nothing wrong with tht....maybe diaorg jeles kot sbb u pandai bergaya....

  55. dis is the first time im leaving a comment at ur blog :)

    wat i can observe is the uniqueness that each of u have(iza,hanis,u) intrigues ppl, some just dunno how to express it..which leads to negative thoughts and outbursts.

    chill gurl, just continue being urself..lead life the way it is and embrace it.manusia ni ada memcm ragam..manusia pon ada akal gak, kite yg berakal ni pepandai la filter ape yg elok ape yg tak elok..

  56. emmm..muka u nmpak matured?...i nmpak mcm biasa je... people always ckp yg i nmpak maturedmula2 mmg la mcm cuba u alih kan ke arah yg positive...i nmpak matured and people mudah memperlekehkan u... pasal makeup...i love to wear makeup...u akan nmpak presentable...xdelah muka pucat lesi and nmpak mcm selekeh....why do i love to wear makeup...bcos i rasa mcm confident and i rasa mcm lagi for those yg dh kawin and tak suka pakai makeup..pls la at least makeup la sket sbb nmpak lawa and ur husband pun akan suka tgk...
    i suka tgk cara u makeup...xde lah mcm sesetengah org nmpak pondan...ntah pape kaler diaorg pi letak.....
    i suka tgk u bergaya..lawa...stylo...
    org bleh ckp apa2 saje ttg kite sama ada positive or negative..... kalau org bagi negative feedback, u tukarkan dia jd positive...ok....
    be yourself wht ever makes u happy and they can say/do whtevr make them sleeps at nite.... :)

  57. well said..

    among your adik bradik i think you paling brani pakai stylo2 and the best part is that you can pull that off looking gorgeously ;)

    muka nampak matured pon salah ker?...bila muka nampak cam kekanak ribena kang dorang ckp muka very kekanak and they will ask you to grow up plak..just ignore je apa org tu nak kata...manusia mana pernah puas ati

  58. siot gile.. im sure they're just saying it out of spite.

    dont worry about it. u know u look good and so does ur mom.

  59. my oh my, byknye comment...

    well, akak x penah baca ur blog, err rasanya akak tlalu 'tua' utk baca ur blog yg consist of teenagers life... akak prefer to read ur sis punye, both.. hu hu..

    anyway, akak pity la kat ur family nie.. yg dok kutuk2 ur family nie xde sivik la rasanya... tp yg paling penting, depa jeles dgn ur life... jeles dgn rezeki yg allah kasi kat ur family...

    bsabar je la wani.. alahai.. klishenye... (wrong spelling, tp malas nak check :P)..

    what goes around comes around.. hu hu

    -mama emma-

  60. minah tu nak mak datin yg mcm kat dlm drama TV tu...berselindang pegi supermart..with all the lip lap lip lap kebaya penuh beads....mak datin kampung aje yg dress up like that...the real datin knows how to dress up...and always kena dgn occasions..they got class...only org kampung knows another org kampung! they want ppl to dress up kekampungan like them..then to them baru laa ada class....iskkkk...typical melayu yg busuk hati

    *m not grom kampung*

  61. Hey, I think you looked just fine. Yes, you do looked matured than your other big sisters (Me & my mum are your sister's blog fans. Both of them act.) Siapa yg kutuk awak tu, dorang dengki. They don't have the looks and style, sb tu dorang mengutuk :)

  62. salam..
    dear..just ignore what people say...
    Yang penting dear x minta pun duit satu sen..dari diorang..
    I sokong u dari belakang..rasa nk jer pijak2 jer silalat dgn kasut tandas I..Biar mampos...

  63. wani...
    i think u are cute!
    xde yg xkena pon.


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