Saturday, November 8, 2008


*Worry* *Worrying* *Worried*

Oh my god...

It's been two days that I can't stop thinking about my exams. I'm worrying like mad cuz I knew I screwed up my finals.

Well.. actually I don't exactly know how I did, overall.. But there's only ONE paper that I think I did okay. (only ONE??!)

The rest I think I did pretty bad.. Well to be exact, there are 2 subjects that I actually did very verry bad. And the other 3, erm.. ok-ok la.. (kot?? I hope so!!)

It has been a really tough semester for me. Maybe because I take 6 subjects which is 18 credit hours. Usually I'd take 4 or 5 subjects only. My limit is 15 credit hours per semester. Don't know why this semester I was so itchy to take 6 subjects.. Sigh.
(I already knew, my limit is only 5 subjects, but why the heck did I take 6 subjects?? Urghh. )

Plus, the gap in between my exams are so short!! The maximum gap I was given, were for 2 days only!! And I also got 2 exams in one day! And a back-to-back papers for 3 days! (28th & 29th and 4th:9am and 2.30pm!). This has never happened to me before. I usually get to have like 6 or 7 days gap! Or even 13 days like last semester!

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I am so worried.

The Manegerial Economics paper was so freakin' tough!!! It wasn't like any other past years papers that I did! Even the smartest guy in my class said, he would be grateful enough if he pass ME. Oh my god! What about me?? Am I gonna fail my ME? Oh please God. Please don't let me fail! iskkk.. Seriously, I would be VERY, VERRY thankful and grateful if I could get a C!

Although I hate to have C in my record, but at least it is better than repeating the same subject!

I don't know how my result will turn out! I really hope everything will be just fine. No fails please!

Oh, I need my pills.

Or perhaps a massage.

Oh yeah, that'd be great.



  1. yeahhh!!! ME sangat susah giler nak mati!!!

    i think i fail la...

    at least ur carry marks tinggi!

    i nye hampeh!


  2. hope ur exam results will turn out good :)

  3. annis: tu la pasal..i pon takot ni! im supposed to have fun.. but i cant stop thinking bout me failing..
    demmnn! =(

    mrs hafiz: oh i hope so too!!

  4. hey there wani!
    i selalu drop by kt ur page tp xpenah drop komen lg ;)

    n yes, i pon study kt uia hehe

    n...i pon tgah tkt sbb exam aritu sgtlah susah dan rase mcm xblaja lsg bile tgk question paper tu. wuuaaa tktla!!

  5. Oh hye there! ;)

    u amik accounting ke? so kite same kulliyah la eh? kalo nmpk tego la! i salu je tak nmpk org..jln menonong je..haha ;p

    anyway..salam perkenalan..heh =)

  6. don't worry too much.. i'm sure u'll do fine.. have faith, berdoa byk2.. sure okay.. alright! :D

  7. haha. tp tula malangnye skali pon xpenah nampak u. hehe ok, kalau i nampak i tego ;D


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