Friday, November 7, 2008

The Red Kebaya

Ceh..what a title... hehe..

Well, actually it is quite late for me to post this thing up.. as Raya already ended a week ago.. But I didn't get the chance to post this entry cuz I was really busy..

And since some of my readers wanted to see the
Hatta Dolmat's baju that I said the other day, so here goes...

It's not a kebaya tho.. It is a Baju Kurung Moden. And I loved it. ;)

It's a Cherry Red Kurung Moden, with Black Lace Detail

The MAB's open house was held at PICC.. and food by Pan Pacific Klia..
As usual, food was great. =)

Attempting to look like Datin Sri Siti Nurhaliza.. hahaha =P (excuse the messiness at the back!)

With flash. (and with the door closed! haha ;p )

Look at the shoes! It matches the outfit! Black and Red it is..hehe



Just wanna promote this flower + vase. This artificial flower arrangement was done by my mom's friend, Auntie Ratna a florist.

Interested to have one, for your home? Do msg me.. hehee



  1. hey!
    what a nice baju!!!

    lovin' the sleeves! its cinch at the wrists! ;)

    i want one too!!!


  2. mmg cantik tp u kena lose weight sikit la baru cun..lagi cun..jgn mare ;)

    - sue -

  3. dear i love the baju!n all of ur bajus to be exact!:) n scarves too!pls do a tutorial on how to wear a scarf like u eh to share with us x? :) i pakai mcm x jd la.nmpk serabutt.thanks dear.u look so gojes with all of ur outfits!:) love it!


  4. ovely kebaya, but the ct tudung style, yucks... i just think ct nyer tudung style mcm buruk giler, serupa tak pakai tudung aje ehehehe

  5. manede gemok?

    ure fine gurrrrll!

    just ignore whoever says ure fat.. cuz u r BEAUTIFUL!

  6. betul2!
    mane ade gemuk..
    sihat cuz happy jew :)

    nway, who's rashid ni?
    ur "best besh" fwend ke?

  7. that's ur shoes? patut la aku pelik knape ada 2 pasang.. i thought mama terbeli 2 ;p

    takpee...wani is in the process of losing weight. satgi dia dah slim bertambah cun melecun. don't worry ahdik, i'll be at home starting next 2 weeks sampai dlm pantang so i can monitor ur diet hokey. tapi kne dgr ckp Coach ni ;p

  8. wow u look gorgeous shaz..

    now i am wondering if u're a celebrity! O.O u study, u shop, u blog, u know how to dress n make up!

    what do u do exactly O.O!!!

  9. fatin & reena: thanks! im lovin' it too! heh

    sue: oh yeah.. i know im fat.. n now im trying to refrain myself from eating junk foods! haha

    syamina: ok honey, will blog bout that later yeah! right now i got so much to do! belum habis kemas brg yg i bwk balik from my hostel lagi! hehee

    anonymous: yup, i agree.. tu i saje je menggedik try kat umah..hehee ;p

    rashid: err.. yeke.. tima kaseh.

    miss f: err.. nope. i dun even recognize anyone named rashid pon actually. so i pon x sure la sape encik rashid tu sbenarnye..huhuh ;p

    along: nope its mama's la.. i borrowed skejap.hehe. she bought 2 pairs bcuz she said that shoes dah nak habis kat kedai.. so dia takot nnt yg lagi satu tu rosak, so she bought another one la..huhuh..

    miu: LOL. u're so funny! ;P

    honey, im a full time student! i shop and blog and stuff.. shows im a lousy and very pemalas student!! haha ;p

  10. Your mama is soooo cute!!! Beli 2 pasang sbb takut habis! Hehe...

  11. nice red baju!
    me suke kurung moden jugak!

  12. yayyy!thanks babe!:D once u are free later,u teach us on how to wear both oblong and square scarf like ur style eh:) sure ramai ur peminat waiting for this part :D babe:)


  13. wani...

    i love ur blog!!

    n ur sisters too!

    very very interesting!

  14. cun gilerr weh baju merah tuh...sgt bekenan...

    ur mom nampak muda and bj dia pon cun....

    err..tudung datuk ct? sy pon tak suker.....

    oh yer wat la tutorial camna nak pakai tudung cam wani pakai tu...

  15. Hi Wani,

    U look gorgeous! Mind telling me wherr the shoes r from? Cantik sangat sampai nak meleleh air liur. Hehehe

  16. anonymous: hehe.. tu laa. dia mmg camtu.. salu je beli bende yg same sbb takot abis..hehe

    mrs hafiz: thank u! ;)

    syamina & mrs fhm: alritey babes ;)

    anne: thanks..

    nana: they're from bonia dear.. me like it too.. but they're not mine tho.. it's mamasitah..hehe..

    looks like christian louboutin,no? heh ;P

  17. waneyy! nice baju!!! u know how much i love red... so tgk baju u terus jatuh chenta.. cantik larr!! red & black, obsolutely nice! :D

  18. omg!!
    ur so pretty!!!
    the bj kurung is gorgeous!!!
    i love the lace!!
    it is super sexy
    u look gorgeous!!!

    cantiknyeeeeee..i soo love the design!!

  19. i am so in love with ur bajuuu.

    aaa buat kat mana? cantik2222!


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