Friday, November 28, 2008

Weird Dream.

I had a weird dream last night..

I thought I was acting in one of the episodes of Prison Break! haha =P

Thank God Mr. Scofield was in that dream! And I kissed him! I'm really happy! hahaha..
But it was just a dream laa.. isk..

Probably cuz I watched Prison Break back-to-back till 730am! So sampai terbawak2 dalam tidur! hehee..

I'm so obsessed! I've watched the Season 4 up to the 12th episode already! Another 4 to go! Weeeeeee! ;)


I think I'm in love with this guy laa... heh =P

He is just so gorgeous! *meltz*

I love everything about him! His voice, his body, his EYES!, his botakness, his EVERYTHING! hahaha =P

Tuff boy! Oh me likey! heh

Just look at these pictures! Look how gorgeous he is! hik hik.


Oh, I am sooo going to be unfaithful if I ever get to meet him! haha =P



  1. mizz wani..kena mandi wajib nie..hahahahakkk

  2. Hepp hepppp.Jgn curi bf i.Haha.

  3. seriously i dunt know mr scofield gay...looks like any straight man...his gap ads were kind of cool! i think he's kind of sis likes the show very much..but me n another sis hate it..too damn dragging story tale! 1st season prison gr8..then after that the story line blah..too long and i kept wondering when its goin to end...


  4. Kakakakak...apa punya dream da...
    anyway nak tanya...IZa ok ke? tak update blog pun...

  5. man, he is HOT!
    last sem, i had a neighbour
    who looks exactly like him
    but, in TAN version
    he's like perfect, greek GOD
    and he always sunbath in front of the house
    so yeaaaaa, (:
    its like seeing Wentworth Miller in real! even better, tan (:

  6. No, i don't think he's gay.That was just a rumour kan?

  7. he's totally A Gay!!seriously!!he n his partner is soooo hot but sadly dorang xnmpak pompuan dh...heheheh

  8. Why gay guy always the hottest? grrr....bte, W.Miller if finnaly "out of clost" with his "couple" last year after he said that he "might" married on his 30th age. eheh..


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