Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Free Like a Bird!

My 30 things to do in my 6 weeks break :

1) Sleep all day long!!!!!!!!! I gotta catch up on my sleep debt!
2) Watch lots and loads of movies at cinema or dvd or astro or downloads..
3) Clean my bedroom and rearrange the stuff in my room
4) Sell my unused stuffs or perhaps just throw them away
5) Selongkar the shoes walk-in and sell shoes as well
6) Rearrange clothes in my closet according to color and types (basic, going-out, hoods, cardys,etc)
7) Start dieting. Seriously, I'm fat like a pig! All that fat from lotsa Mekdi and Oldtown's. I consume them every single day! *sigh* I hate staying in hostel. I eat ridiculous food! =(
8) Ask him to fix my car seat.
9) Drop by at Stila counter and ask Fahmi why my gifts ridiculously SIKIT! And not to mention, SUCKS!
10) Send Miu's feebies.
11) Bersiar2 at Bandar Tun Razak / Bandar Sri Permaisuri
12) Go to a Fish Spa (I'm addicted to it!)
13) Drink the Starbucks Iced Toffee Nut Latte every week! haha. (Thank God its here now!! I waited for 11 months already! hehe)
14) Shopping!!! I really need new clothes. And 100s of scarfs!!
15) Read the insurance book and take the exam..
16) Take my time off to a spa or massage.. I really need to de-stress myself
17) And a manicure!!
18) Eat Baskin Robin's ice creams
19) Facial!
20) Get my car cleaned and waxed and polished! It's dirty like hell. Inside and outside. People would'nt even thought it's a girl's car!
21) Dating
22) Vacation with friends
23) Vacation with family
24) Treadmill-ing
25) Meet and hang out with my friends. Old. New. Current. Or maybe future friends.haha
26) Buy Christmas gift for her
27) Karaoke
28) Get a treatment for my hair
29) Buy a present for my lecturer (for being the coolest lecturer everrrrrr!)
30) Alter all my bajus at ZA Altera

31) And of course, Blogging!! hehe



  1. what u mean by so sikit! n sux??

    show pic shaz!!

  2. agreed babe!Me too so addicted into the fish-spa.sungguh sedappppp!geli2 gedik2 sket.hihihi

  3. babe,happy holidays!i finish exam 1 day later than u...after this kte ganti tdo k :)

  4. kl: it sux bcuz they gave me all the yucky sucky colors..

    anis: kan kan kan? hehhee..i sepanjang2 tu gelak sorang2 sbb geli! hehehee..

    nana: hehee..tu lah! i nak tdo AT LEAST 10 hours per day! hehehe.. ;p

    p/s: hey, do u have ym? i wanna add u!! thanks! ;)

  5. Panjangnya list.Hehe.

    Happy holiday!

  6. 1,2,3,4,6
    benda mesti buat masa sem break!
    rindu giler zaman study!

  7. 4) Sell my unused stuffs or perhaps just throw them away-jual la wani.nak beli!nak beli!

  8. yes! agree wif applephye... nak beli jugak!

  9. wow.. that's a long list! hehehe..


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