Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Off me go now!!

P/s: Oh snapp... I got so many bags! =(


  1. or you can sell some of your unwanted stuffs to people like me! haha(=

    been reading your blog including your sisters' =) I respect you guys and really look up onto you guys.

    PLUS i'm a little envy since its not like everyone can splurge on something like you guys can. Jealous woo!

    Your daily bag might be from Anya and for people like me, nak beli the fake Anya pon tak mampu, let alone the topshop ones :(

    and its like the Anya is like your pasar malam bags or something. wohoo! jealous teramat =/

    i wanna be able to buy all the bags that i want too :/

    you sisters rock btw =) and cant wait to see your sister's daughter soon :D

  2. i absoltely love the way you "wear" your scarf,mind doing an entry and sharing hw you wear them?hehe thanks hun!:)


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