Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Stila Make-Up Case


Weeehooo!! =D

Inside the bag..

Remember in my previous post, I've mentioned that I really need a one last receipt in order to get this bag? Well..well.. Thanks to Miu, I managed to get this lovely make up case!
It's really nice of her to give me one of her receipts!

Fyi, her receipt was my ticket to get this make up case! God knows how thankful I am to have found her in this cyberspace! hehe ;)

Thank you, Miu.
You're such a doll!

It's not just about the receipts and the Stila make up case that I care so much.. But it's your act of kindness that really gets me, although we barely know each other! =)

Seriously, it is really amazing what the internet can do! =D

However, I did not quite like the RM800 worth of their cosmetic products. =(


First, they gave me all the old products.. (Manufacturing dates are mostly in 2005 and 2006?? Helloo.. It's nearly 2009 now!)

Second cuz all the stuffs and colors SUCK!! (Who would want to wear a Lip Glaze Stick in gold?! )

Thirdly bcuz I think the stuffs that they gave me, are not even worth RM800 like what they've promised! Now I am sooo jealous of you, Miu! U get to get
loads and lotsa freebies! Iskk..

Here's the list of what I got:

1. Eye Shadow in Poppy-light blue (refill) = RM 55
2. Eye Shadow in Fever-pink (refill) = RM 55
3. Brow Set = RM 65
4. Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream = RM 120
5. Plumping Lip Glaze x 2 = RM 90 x 2 = RM180
6. Lip Glaze Stick = RM 90
7. Make Up Set Look No. 3 - The Red Carpet Looks = RM140 (Thee ONLY thing that I like!)


RM 705! Where's another 95 bucks??

EEE. Penipuuu!

At least, I got the girly bag which I love so much! hehee ;)

And anyways.. As promised, I've sent Miu's gifts!

I gave her the Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream (Rm120), Stila Eye Shadow in Fever-refill (Rm 55) and Stila Lip Glaze (Rm85). So the total is worth about Rm 260. And I gave her 2 Stila paperbags for her too! (She did mention that she wanted a Stila paperbag and had to beg at the SA for it! But she never got the bloody paperbag! Oh how kedekut they are! hehe..So now I'm giving her two different Stila paperbags! ;) hehe)
And I also gave her a cute notebook and purse-spray perfumes-Britney Spears Fantasy, Maria Sharapova and Paris Hilton Just Me..

I really hope you're happy with the stuffs, dear!



  1. best nyaaa dapat barang freee!!

    n the bag looks so fab!!

  2. best nyaaa dapat barang freee!!

    n the bag looks so fab!!

  3. The make up case comels sgt!

    Emm..I guess make up case tu harga RM95 kot?

  4. anonymous: hehe..thanks.. yup, best dpt brg free.. lg best kalau mmg tak payah jadi member n boleh dpt free jugakk..haha ;p

    reena: tak la.. the make up case tu dia kire lain..hmm..but nvm

  5. makeup case tu lovely aa dear..
    tp cian u, freebies arent really freebies.. takpe.. nx time cr best deal lain lak ehh

  6. cantiknyer make up case dia...xmo jual ker??ngeh2...

  7. wah wanie bestnyer the makeup case itew sgt cumel ok..

  8. make up set look no. 3 - the red carpet looks tu diorang siap jual masa metrojaya warehouse sale arituh tapi x sure the exact price. around 50% off normal price rasanya. teruk tol kan diorang... janji barang rm800 tapi kasi barang yang nak abeskan stok.

    nway, stay cool cuz ramai sgt org envy dgn ur makeup bag. so at least sejuk sketla hati tu kan... hehehe.

  9. shaz accordign to other girls who left comments in my blog, the BA/SA let them exchange what they dun like from their gifts! maybe u can also try ask ur BA?

    btw.. urm.. i think u have same prob with me. When i first collected, i also this cost that much? so i close one eye lah. mana tau 2 weeks later igot an sms asking me to go collect my gifts again. This time they gave me in paper bag n some lip glaze n pallete (now that sums it all up!! to that amount!)

    so maybe ur 2nd time will be later? i don't know why the separate it like that? maybe they do it according to stages? 5 star get XXX, 10 star get make up case n XXX?

    BTW I LOVE what u put up for me! (i think the BA tipu u with the prices?) coz mini lip glaze is only rm20-30 only, the actual size is worth 85.

    However I actually don't mind it at all..coz i told u anything will do and i am so happy u gave me the some stila stuffs. I absolutely adored the shopping list handbag notebook! now i can keep all my buys intact ^_^ love the sample perfumes too!!!

    so nice of u shaz ^_^ i am happy u got ur make up case n freebies too..althought i really think that the 2nd one has yet to come!

    compare what u got, n what i got

    1st time collection:

    2nd time sms collection:

    (i name my 2nd time collection as unexpected suprise bcoz.. i really thought.. the 1st time was all that is to it!)

    so rest assure shaz, ur 2nd time will come too!!!!

    love u girl!! x0x0x0

  10. btw... thanks for the stila bags!

    wow.. u notice i was so angry bout it! thank u.. i really love collecting paperbags..

    i was outstation on monday n tues when the postman come. My colleague put aside the package until u ask me in my blog then i remember about it! first thing i saw was this cute notebook, so gorgeous.

    DO U KNOW SHOPPAHOLIC CALENDAR IS OUT? i saw it in MPH it's so cute!!! i think you'll go ga-ga over it.


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