Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh,he's here! Sheikh Yusuf Estes Live In Malaysia!!

Sheikh Yusuf Estes is going to give a talk in Malaysia!!

I'm so excited! I wanna go!! hehe.

I've watched a few of his videos or da'wah on
You Tube and his VCD by Islam Tomorrow.

And I really like him! He's funny and cute! ;)

He's like the cutest and the coolest Atok on earth! haha.. Oh, and he even got a
Myspace! Can u believe it? I don't even have one! hehe

Just so you know, Sheikh Yusuf Estes is Internationally Renowned Speaker & Da’ie (former Christian Minister & Preacher)

And here's a little bit bout this ulama': Yusuf Estes PhD. (born 1944), is an American convert to Islam and Chairman of "the Muslim Foundation International", an Islamic Promotional and Missionary Organization dedicated to spreading the message of al-Islam according to the Quraan, Sunnah. He was brought up in a Protestant Christian family; members of the Disciples of Christ. Estes was known then as "Skip Estes".

Oh.. I want to go and listen to each and every one of it! But the only place I know is in KLCC..
Eh, normally orang bagi Khutbah Jumaat pukul berapa??



  1. oh, sabtu ni dia akan bagi talk di al khadeem, kg. sungai ara, damansara. everyone is invited.

    kalau u nak tentatif, just give me ur email address.


  2. u shud go.i went to his talk when i was studying in guy and funny too.the best part is,he knows everything about Islam ANDDD Christianity.very original indeed;D

  3. i noe that sunday morning 8am - 10am he'll be MBSA shah alam. wanna gooooo~ tapi do u noe wher 2 get tickets? boleh beli at the door ke kena booking awal2?

  4. adrina adi: oh, thanks dear.. but i xtau jalan laa kat damasara tuu..isk
    but nvm..maybe i try tanye sape2 yg boleh teman saya...heh's my email:


    anonymous: yup! ive watched his videos! he is verry verrry good!!! ;)

    nana: err..i think u dont need to have a ticket la..

    i think its free dear.. ;)

  5. free eh? COOL! i thot somebbody said it's RM20 per pax. rasa mcm kurenglah sikit sbb ceramah agama kan but i thot fair enuff since he does need money for travel, lodging n such but u say it's free so yeayyyyy! hehe.

  6. err.. i tak sure sbenarnyee.huhuh

    main sukahati cakap je ni..heh ;p

    y not u call the person in charge? ade tulis kat poster tu..

  7. Helo,
    diz is Mus.
    it happened i singgah kt ur blog 2nite.
    act, d 1 yg yusuf estes wt kt wisma MBSA tu my auntie is d organizer.
    so, d ticket die ckp 4 student rm5 je..n u bley juz walk in bli tiket tu nnt..
    n i oso will be there among d volunteers.hehe

  8. 5 bux jer! greattt! =D

    thanks mus for the info!

    if u cane nk g mbsa tu nnt i cn direct u ait.
    ym me if u need my number

  10. just a thot, he's giving a talk at menara TM in bangsar this Friday nite. Free entrance. Come if u know the way. Its at the multipurpose hall within the Menara TM complex.


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