Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friends Reunite!

Oh, finally!

Finally, I got to meet my beloved friends! hehe.. They are super busy with the Royal Debate thing in Uia these days. But they managed to get out and hang out with me the other day. It's a total delight to see you guys and catch up on things before I left.
Oh, love u guys! ;D

All the three of us wore PINK! We didn't plan at all! hehe.. The girlfriends instinct I guess..haha

I'll be missing you guys!! =)


Just so you know, we bought a friendship t-shirt for each of us when we were in JB last time. Naz's bought in black cuz she loved black so much and me & Girl bought in white cuz we're white people. ha. ha =P

Yes, we are colourful!!!

Or maybe the Triple S girls.. hehe. Know why?

Cuz I'm Schazwany and I have always loved Stilettos.

Girl's name is Siti (haha. Girl? ;p ) and she always wears Sneakers.

and Syarifah Nazirah, who constantly prefers Slippers, than any other shoes on this earth.

Stilettos, Sneakers and Slippers? hehe..

We are from three different worlds. And somehow, we're connected with each other! ;)

Fyi, this is the first time I have ever had this kind of friends or friendship in my life! Where I or we, can shout at each other, scream, angry, yell, do or say crazy things to one another, laugh out loud sampai saket perut gile nak mati, cry like a baby in front of each of us, say meanful things, help out one another when someone's in need, and lots of other crazy/beautiful/stupid/fun/sad things.. hehee..

I love you guys.


You Know You Love Me, S.


  1. Beautiful posting and pretty faces!!!

    Nice week for Malasian people!!!

  2. The S Girls.

    Comellll je :)

  3. Wah! Wani ada reader fm Portugal.. Bravo!

    Hilang rindu jmpa kawan2kan..

  4. your friends' lawa..dia org pakai products ape yer?

  5. wani, nice la ur first pic tu. how did u do that? nampak macam vintage gitu!

  6. u'r lucky!! as i get older. i found out that it is very very difficult to find friends like that.

  7. wani...
    kalo bole,upload gamba bj awk time pi ur cousin's engagement tu eyh...
    mcm cantik la..

    ~wah enjoy ur trip to amsterdam~

  8. we love u too wani..know wat? mase debate tu kan, kitorg asyik ingat kt ko je wpun kitorg bz..yg si girl lak asyik tgk gmbr ko n bkk blog ko pastu aku tanye ar dia..'ko rndu wani ek?' pastu ko phm2 jela jwpn dia...mmg dia x ngaku la aku tau la dia rndu ko..we know her very well kan wani?? hihi..


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