Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tea Time at Harrods

If Audrey Hepburn can have her breakfast at Tiffany's, then Shazwani Hamid will have her tea time at Harrods! hahaha. =P

When I was in the middle of cleaning up my bedroom and getting it more organized and neat, I found a lot of things that I forgot I had or bought it somewhere! There were a lot moments of, "Oh hey.. I have thisss??!", "OMG! There you are!! I've been looking for you for months now!", "Uik..I didn't know, I've bought you?"..and etc.. (Yes, my room was a mess and it was THAT bad! Because when my sister got married last year, I decided to take over her room and wanted to change and transfer from my tiny little crib to her bigger imagine lah, to transfer every little thing from one room to another.. Lepas tu pulak, these ritual activities like going for holidays, working, sales, going back to campus, came in between those times.. So I ended up, kepau kan dua-dua bilik! hahah) - So anyways.. I found my friend's supposedly birthday gift that I purchased awhile back, I found my beloved diamond ring that I thought I had lost it forever, I found a 50 Ringgit note in my drawer, I found my iPod, I found my Vera Wangs, I found a Dior bag(but it's nevermind..), and most importantly, I found these Harrods' goodies!

They are fooood!! OMG! How can I not know of their existence in my room? Luckily the expiry dates are still a long way to go! hehe.

So anyway, that very afternoon, after I have found these foodies, I went straight to kitchen to have some English tea and biscuits with my mom. (Well, not just some normal tea you know, but an English ones!) - Dunno what the heck does that even mean! haha =P

So I prepared for the tea and opened the biscuits can..and tasted some.. And oh boy, those biscuits (Malt, Coffee, Lemon) sure do tasted gooood! Like really creamyy! I can feel and taste the quality =)

My most favorite biscuits would be the Coffee flavor.

So this is my so-called English tea! Does it look English enough to you with all those flowery teapot and cup and everything? haha ;P and I ended up chatting and gossiping and talk about some girlie stuff like we always do. Like where she bought all those kain-kain, about some cooking thing, and etc. Oh, mom also did tell me a story about boys during her uni years and how she met her husband. Comel! =)
(When I get older, I too, shall have this very moment with my daughter-if I have one!)

So that's my tea time story for today! Have a nice day ladies!




  1. Hahaha,i syiok tgk the Royal Albert Old Country Roses your mum punya :). Btw, tea time with mummy? I shall wait for another 8 months before i can do that! huhuuu. >_<

  2. wahh siap flowery cups & teapot tu yang tak tahan tu..mantopss!! enjoy!!

  3. aida: wah..terer u guessed! hehe.. ur mom pun suka Royal Albert ke? My mom suke ni, Narumi n ape tah la lagi..
    Funny la, mak2 mesti suka pinggan mangkuk, tupperware apa bagai sume tu kan..heee =P

    nizaa: eheh. baru la enggerishh =P

  4. jeles okeh...mesti sambil2 makan,duduk2,spiking2 with english accent kelasss!!

  5. aah, pastu pakai those victorian/ english dresses..hahaha! english accent mende nye.. Pahang accent ado la! =P


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