Sunday, February 15, 2009

All the pretty little things..

Being me, who loves all the pretty girlie stuffs, I always find myself buying things that I don't really need them. In other words, membazir. Sometimes it is just so annoying that all the retail stores tryna design and come out with all the unnessary cute stuff, and the weird thing is, though I know it is not neccessary, they really did manage to create the sudden urge for me to have that stuff! It's like it makes the little girl inside of me scream of excitement when I see all these pretty things they created. And eventually, I ter-buy like my marketing lecturer said. haha. =P

Like for example, sleeping mask. I have tons of them in my room! You name it, I have all types of sleeping mask! Gel types, bean type, silk, cotton, cashmere, satin types.. haih.. sometimes when I look at them I just wonder why I bought all these things.. hmm..

Anyways.. Just wanna share the cute stuff that I bought last month..

I bought the feathered hairclip, sequined flower hair band, pink sleeping mask, a keychain corset (to represent my signature style! haha), and two bags of air freshener.. for me to hang it in my car.. hehe ;)

Oh, anyway..just look at these...

I almost wanted to buy all!!! But then after standing there for like 20 minutes, I told myself, just one Wani. So, I chose the one with bulu mata and glitter on it.. hehe ;)

They are so cute, right? hehee ;)

P/s: Just so you know, sleeping with a sleeping mask on is a must for me cuz otherwise, I really couldn't sleep as my eyes melilau sana sini terbayangkan hantu! haha



  1. Eh, kat mana u beli satin mask tu? Dok cari tak jumpa la.Last time check kat La Senza ada lace bagai so i tak suka.

  2. kat tangs n la senza biase nye.. ;)

  3. hi!
    where did you get the sleeping mask?
    btw yours are exactly like the ones in the privileged series! :)

  4. So what type is the best in your opinion?

  5. nasreen: wow..really? hehe. ;)
    i havent watch privileged yet.. i managed to download only 2 episodes =(

    btw, actually all other stuff here, i bought in Tangs pavillion except for one thing-the sleeping mask. It was actually from Claire's. we don't have the store here in M' sad.. =(
    (u can find the stores in amsterdam/UK/paris/japan,etc)..

    but u can still find great n lovely masks at tangs and la senza too! ;)

    anonymous: i think it would be the satin type and cashmere for normal they really felt soft on the eyes..

    and the bean type to relax ur eyes(u have to put it in a fridge first)

  6. a'ah la sama cam privilege punye~!
    i want one, tehee~

  7. kt mane u bli air freshner bags tu..
    cumil plak..

  8. wany, sai ni..kwn gegel...pnat sai cr sleeping mask yg cute2 cam dlm pic wany tuh...mane nak cr yg cam tu ek...i really2 want 1...huhu


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