Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Hate This Part Right Here..

I just saw what Miu and Tubby bought from their warehouse sales.

And right now, no words can described how devastated I am for not be able to go to
that Metrojaya Cosmetic & Fragrances Warehouse Sales. It ends on the 19th. And that is the day I have a really freaky big exam. And the next day also I've an exam. And it's LAW! Godddddd... I hate laws...so many things and cases to read and hafal! And I super hate it! =(

Oh how I wish I could go to that warehouse sales!!!! Just look at the prices(refer to Miu's blog)!!! Super damn cheap ok?!! I mean, where can you get an EDP perfume that is 100 ml for only around RM 100 or maybe less than that?? Usually it would cost us around 200 to 300!



At this very moment, I really hate being a student. haha ;p


  1. ya..rugi kan tak dpt g sales tu..byk brg yg murah...berbaloi beratur pjg...hope that i can join them too but jauh sgt..huhu..

  2. wani,nxt time ada warehaus sale infor awl2 ek...kak suzie from seremban need to rush to kl otherwise tak dpt join =(

  3. wani!!! dun say like this loh :(

    u can't go nvm, let me know next time if u need get anything!!!

    btwwwwwww..... i can't find any body shower gel today (last day) for rm10. Even the Kenzo rm20 last one is somebody ask me help buy.

    BUUUUTTT.. actually ^_^ i can sell u mine for rm10 only. I secure 9 bottles on first day for myself. I should've bought more dammm

  4. hi there wanie :)
    We have just updated our sales blog @ This is So Fashion. We currently have oblong Tie Rack scarves. Do visit us :)


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