Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Play Uno!

I was really excited when I know that we can play Uno Stacko at Memori Corner. I really love this game ever since I started to play it, when I was just about 10 years old.. hehe..

But I have not been playing this game for years now.. So.. when I know that I can play this game while waiting for our food, I was like, "Oh wow! Cool!!!".

Bestnya! I won! hehehe.. Nanti nak main lagi! ;)



  1. i love uno too!!!

    my bf has this game in his Iphone ( computer based uno with up to 4 players) and i play this whenever I am bored hehe..

    the stackos is exciting! especially when it crumbles down.. when your opponent take out!! hahaha can laugh.. kau kau.. lol

  2. Mcm besh je,Wani... ^_^
    Kat ne ek? Leh la g lain kali, hehhhe =P

  3. game ni same x cam wiss toy? cmne main ek?


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