Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quilted Beauty Carry-All

This zippered bag with grosgrain ribbon piping and a gold metal logo lock is spacious enough to store all your makeup, tools and other beauty essentials. Wide handle, three interior zip pockets and sophisticated design make it perfect for travel or for your vanity. Imported PVC.

Yeay! I will receive this cute make up case from Victoria's Secret in a few days time, as my birthday gift! It's pink and best of all, it's spacious! Grrreat! The Stila make up case is too heavy la for me to carry you back and fourth to my hostel every weekend. But don't worry, I still love youuu.. hehe. I will use you for a vacation trip or something ok? hehe ;P

Anyway, thank you in advance baybeh! I love it! ;)

p/s: Victoria's Secret and Victoria Beckham are twooo different things, honey! Victoria's Secret produces lingerie, women clothings, body/bath/makeup accessories,etc whilst Victoria Beckham produces jeans, sunglasses, fragrances, and dresses only, and it is called dVb by Victoria Beckham! heheheh.But don't worry, I don't mind la! It's nice and I still love it! ;p



  1. wwoowowowo...

    nice nice and it's pink!

    eh wanna ask u 1 question, ur stila make up case, does it feel like it will drop n open when carrying? mine, the magnet like not strong, sometimes can pop open @___@ when carrying! this is when i first got it.. already like that. I never carry it around fearing it will drop n rosak T_T.

  2. yup! same here.. but it only happened once. i think cuz i put soo many stuff in there! haha..

    at that time i was traveling to johor by train!! luckily no one was there to gelak kan me! cuz all my stuff were scattered on the floor! n i was wearing sky high heels and carrying a lot of bags! it was such an embarrassing moment! haha

    so, after that incident i carry it with much care and love.. hehe.. so that it wont drop again!

  3. oohh T_T looks like kenot put too much things but it's just so adorable right!!! :)

    i wonder what make up case after this they're gona make? HQ said they're cutting these cases off already. Now will not give away for membership.


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