Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leen's Birthday

Celebrated Leen's birthday at Tony Romas yesterday. But I came late. Real late. Cuz I got class and by the time I got out, traffic jams everywhere! haihh.(Sorry!!) So I missed the surprise moment. isk.. But nvm, I just came to give Leen's gift. (I hope you like it babe!)

Anyways, you can view the rest of the story/pictures here.

Happy Belated Birthday Fadd and Leen!



  1. hehehe wanie.. i tetiba tergelak tgk picture yg ada muaz kat belakang tu hehehe..

    aleh2 ada org ehh kat belakang :p

  2. hey schazwany...

    i saw u yesterday when u were shopping at gardens..in front of coach store. u were alone at that time.. i guess ur sisters have gone back already..

    hmm..what did u buy? share with us dear! i wanna seeee what's inside ur carrier bags!!

    anyway, u looked reallly really good yesterday! im so in love with ur style n the way u brought urself up.. u look so poshy..hehe. but somehow ur face makes me kinda afraid to tegur u n say hi to u.. hehe.. (u look so serious! so i was a bit scared!) =P

    p/s: is that a corset? or the black thing already attached with the creme blouse? anyhow..its nice babe! loving the bow too!

    p/ss: u look so much much better in real life! ;)

  3. dear...thanks much for the present :)

    ur present lagi lama tak bagi2 lagi..since i tak terfikir pon akan jumpa u that day..so later when got time can meet up again.

  4. zatie: oh, dia n ayra pon nak bergambar jugak! hehe ;)

    anonymous: hello there..

    first of all, thank u for the compliment!

    erm..yeah, i was alone n my natural face is always serious. that also explains why many ppl thot i am sombong. (but im sooo not! trust me. hehe. more like shy actually!)

    but then again, why would i smile all the time when im walking alone? people wud think im crazy! LOL.

    anyway, yes, it is a corset. i teamed it up with a sheer blouse(im so lazy to wear a camisole or something to cover my bra, so i wear a corset on top of my blouse, instead! haha)

    i bought the corset from robinssons and the blouse with bow from warehouse(my fave brand for tops).

    leen: eheh. ure welcome. seriously, i do not know what to buy for u! so i thot a perfume would be a safer choice.. i mean, even if u dont like the smell, u can always put it on ur dressing table as a perhiasan cuz the bottle really looks nice! (at least for me la..hehe..i dunno bout u! But i really hope u like it!)

    anyway, about my present..seriously if u belum beli lg, tak payah dear.. dah nak masuk march dah.. i tak kesah pun la.. =)

  5. dear...seriously i dah beli lama dahh..just sbb dah lama tak jumpa u..


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