Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dining at Memori Corner

Ever since I received an email saying that Old Town White Coffee kopitiam is not halal, I switched my lepak place for drinking coffee or just to lepak makan with friends after class, to a place called Memori Corner.

When it comes to eating(or maybe other things as well), I am very loyal. If the place serves great food, I will surely come back! This explains why the waiters or cashier or supervisor & etc in Memori Corner, Old Town Taman Melati, Bangi Kopitiam in Wangsa Maju, Secret Recipe Taman Melati, Dome KLCC, CPK KLCC, Starbucks JJ CS, Starbucks KLCC, etc etc.. recognized and know me! haha ;p

Well, of course I don't go to these places every single day! I would be bankrupt in a few days time! But, I can say that I'm verry loyal to all these caf├ęs or restaurants. =)

Some of the people working there already know what my name is and where I'm studying,etc.. because like I said, if the place is awesome and serves great food with reasonable prices, I definately will return! hehe. When I was being loyal to that Old Town in Tmn Melati, some of the waiters already know what I wanted to order and he/she would ask me, and reconfirm it. There was this one guy who always say this to me whenever I arrived, "Macam biasa?". haha. I find it funny, because it's like there's no other restaurant in town or even other food that they served up! =P

But now, Memori Corner is my new Old Town! haha. I've been eating here for the past 1 month or so.. and the guys and girls working there already know me! (Because I don't have to show my Student ID anymore, to get 10% discount but still can get discount instantly! hehe) ;P

All these pictures I took from Peipei's. =)

Well, Memori Corner is situated at Taman Melati which is very near to my campus (so it is convenient for me to go there!). It is a great place for some fun dining. I would say that Memori Corner is a well-disposed and artistic restaurant that promises you great memories of the past times. So I guess that's why the name of the restaurant is Memori Corner.

Cuz it gives you a unique outdoor kampung interior decor with vintage bicycles on display, all the traditional games were put up, and pokok durian and rambutan were in there too! And also the pieces of their furniture are unique, complete with wooden tables shaped like tree stumps. Oh, and not to be missed is the comic strip that were put up as their feature wall that is filled with Sudin's comic strips that depict the Kampung life, to make a great statement that catches the eye. The drawings and strips are very cute and not to mention very entertaining, you know! It is very Malaysian and brings back memories of the past.

But the most artwork that seizes the attention of my eyes were their wash room! They turned a simple public toilet into a work of art! Each time you want to access to the stairway of the restroom, there'll be the croaking sound of froggies! And there are also 2 cute little froggie statues that is used as their water taps! So creative! ;)

Anyways, the food here is awesome! You'll find menus like the local favourites that range from Roti Bakar to Nasi Lemak to Fish & Chips! They have Local and a lil' Western foods here! How great isn't it? Varieties, I loike! ;)

What I ate so far.. (and some other things too.. but forgot to snap photos la! hehe)

My most favorite one would be the side dishes, that is Mussle with baked mayonaise! Super nicey, I tell u! And it's only RM7.90 (and I entitled for a 10% discount some more! Cool, huh? hehe) ;)

And the beverage menu is also an absolute delight as it offers you so many choices with fancy names!! Trust me, you'll have a hard time deciding which one to choose! Red lady, dragon lady, blue ocean, sea blue..blablabla..

But my favorite one will always always be the No 158: White Coffee Iced Coolz. Sumpah, nothing beats this yummy white coffee! Not even Starbucks or Old Town or whatever! Seriously.

It is my second best coffee that I've taste so far in my life! hehe.
(The first one will always be the coffee that I drink in Qatar Airways, when I was travelling to Egypt in 2002. I asked for the stewardess to refill my coffee for about 5 times!! So tak malu! LOL. And she served me Godiva chocolates too! Oh, chocolates and coffee! Super yummy bebeh!)
Till, then.. Choww!



  1. wow.. godiva chocs huh? i guess ure travelling with a first class seat? very lucky u!

    btw, all the food there looks yummy! n u make me feel like going there already!! i want to try that coffee! i love coffee just like u girll!

  2. Serius Old Town x halal ke? i didnt know bout this till just now..

    PS~ Thanks for the info of GAZA bazaar... been there today..

  3. hey there,
    u found my blog eh.
    ive actually been reading ur blog too for quite a while. tgk link @ mia's.

    do visit my blog ya. ^_^

    take cre, girl

  4. wani...
    thanx 4 sharing d info regarding old town white coffee...
    dah bace kt blog tu...
    sadis nya...

  5. Yesterday I went to One Utama..
    masa lalu depan OLD TOWN i nmpak tanda Halal dah..soo i wonder diaorang ni baru dapat pengesahan Halal kot Wany..

  6. hi..hmm..myfav. roti bakar "one is not enough" - RM 2.50 delicious

  7. hye wani.. been reading ur blog since ages.. btw, memori corner nie kat mana sbnrnya?


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