Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Victoria Beckham Collection

I have always love Victoria Beckham ever since her Spice Girl days.. I still remember, my sisters and I collected some of the Spice Girls' stuff like body sprays from Impulse, magazines and posters, their barbie dolls, tshirts, and many more. hmm.. Those were the days.. =)

I just love e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g about her. And I mean everything!! Her fierce eyes, her gorgeous hair, her pointy cute nose, her make up, her stylish clothes, her fabulous bags, the super sky high heels of hers, her pose, her personality, the way she talks and her accent, her husband, her family, her cars, and soooo much moree! Everything about her is just may-jah!

I have watched or downloaded tons of her videos. And I still wonder why some people hated her so much. She's just such a sweet person! And she's definitely my number one icon! =)


Let's talk about this dVb style of hers.. As far as I know, she has produced a line of jeans, sunglasses, handbags, jewelery, fragrances, make up, books: a fashion guide book and her autobiography. And the latest one she has designed such beautiful dresses.

Well.. I only own her jeans, book and perfumes. And how I wish I have all her stuffs! =(

Especially the dresses! They're so sophisticated and glamourous! And verry Victoria. Just look at these..

And this is Victoria wearing her own collection..

If I were to wear these fabulous dresses, I'd choose dress number 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15. You can view all her dresses

Her new collection for fall 2009, is just as great as the first collection. You can view the entire collection here. But I personally love these..

Especially this one!

Can someone buy for me pleasee? heh.. I dunno how much it cost. But I already have in mind how to swank it..hehee ;)

Oh, how I wish they're here.. =(



  1. Coz she don't really smile?

    And sometimes nampak cam bimbo.

    Oopss..Sorry Wany.This is just my 2cents.For me, i always look up for someone with BEAUTY & BRAIN.Not just beauty.And someone yang approachable.Kalau dia selalu smile maybe i suka kot.Haha.

    Honestly, i don't really like her.Her style is OK la..But i think ada orang lain yang have better style than her.

  2. I have to agree with you too Reena. Sometimes she looks kinda uptight. Maybe she does that to maintain you know, her posh-ness?

  3. i like her style too! but tat doesnt necessarily mean tat i like her. but like she cares wether i like her or not. ek? heheh..

    anyways, i suke her fashion sense, coz its classic yet edgy, classy but not trashy and doesnt scream "look at me".

    but she's wayyyy to skinny. now i think she looks better kot. dulu skeletal sgt.

    i saw someone wore a dress similar to hers yg kale hitam collar putih tuh during our off function. long dress but bare back. sgt cantik! i heart! tp coz die VVIP kan,xberani la nk tanye brand ape :)

  4. Yeah.I think her posh-ness tu yang buat i kureng minat kat dia.Hehe.

  5. eheh. really?

    well, if u guys watched all of her videos.. any candid moments/ interviews/the reality show, etc etc,
    u'll see such a cutie she really is. and most of the ppl who have met her,loves her.

    if she doesn't smile in her photos, doesnt mean she's a miserable bitch. haha ;p

    that's just the way she preferred to be photograph..n as we all know, she is one of the most photographed celebrities in d world.. so i guess if she smile every single time whenever the camera flashes, then she'll have wrinkles sooner than others! heheh..

    well.. i dont see that as something really terrible..
    cuz i think, she'll age gracefully! hehee ;)

  6. yup..she's such a cutie and adorable.. i remember one of her interviewing david beckham.they just got married I think at that moment.so cute. I always drop by at the blog everyday-checking her new photos. haha.. She is so lucky to hv beckham by her side. Always a gentleman.

  7. i love her too! i love her birkin bags, marc jacob dresses n louboutin shoess~ apart from the sometimes-too-much-boob-flash, i love that she looks impeccable ALL the time, even if she doesnt smile that much in photos.

    tapi kalau tengok her videos she laughs a lot n she's funny n she sometimes she teases the interviewer too. sgt bes hokay!

    plus she noes that everybody thinks she a "miserable cow who goes shopping at bond street all the time" but she jst doesnt care.

    i jst think its a lil sad that she has everything that she has n still feels insecure abt her body.

  8. btw, i think her dresses cost around USD1500+. hehe

  9. hi wani am a silent reader of your blog..i pernah make up kan you on iza's wedding.. remember me? hehe

    neway.. i love love VB! since day one..huhu.. and yes her style always be fave for my tunic design.. huhu.. specially my latest dinner dress.. which i'm planning to make more of those.. hehe

  10. nice collection for a size zero =)
    i'm all for it.

    just turun sikit few inches to be a size zero i guess


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