Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busana TV9

My sister was on Busana TV9 this morning! If you miss it, you can watch it here!




  1. It's new and also an interesting program on tv...Thanks for information Schazwany. :)

    Anyway, I personally think Busana Tv9 should improve it's program by adding more style and help the candidate to choose new dress (maybe can sponsor new dress too) to the candidate instead of showing and advising what to wear using anything in the candidate's wardrobe.

    Itu lebih menyeronokkan sbb dapat baju sponsor (well to me lah). hehe..

  2. hi wani, erm, i'm the one yg email kat u asking bout AIGNER tu.. and u did asking bout my blog here am i biase je..segan pulak..hehehehe..

  3. wow.. ur sis is on tv!!

    this is like fashion makeover right.. when i was in OZ, i watch Queer Guy for the Quuer Eye..err forgot whether this is the name or not. The fella come to ur wardrobe throw everything n bring u out shoppin n give u a fashion makeover. Can't believe Msia also got now!!! ur sis look so cute!

  4. i tgk!!
    i think u n ur sisters semua should masuk that show
    personally i think girls out there yg pakai tudung can get an idea although we wear tudung we still can pakai cantik2 and there are so many styles yg kte bole try..

    i nk comment kat ur sis pye blog tp x bole..slalu bole je..
    kate nye banned by webmaster..
    macam mane tu..hehe

  5. Wani: Dah tengok! Hehe.U tak nak masuk plak ke?

    Miu: It's Queee Eye For The Straight Guy kan? OMGGGGG!!!! I loveeeeee that show too! They (the gays hehe) gave make over from A to Z kan? House/room, wardrobe, lifestyle etc! I miss them laaa!

  6. huhuhu aku malu2 kucing nak "berlakon" depan camera! LOL

    Naz: i banned IP RAnge. So maybe Ip u tergolong dlm IP tu. Not to say u yg kutuk i, tp when ada ppl yg kutuk i, i banned her so i banned ip range terus. So who ever yg fall into that range x bole drop comment.

  7. queen bee : alamak ye ke..maybe org tu duduk range kwsn i kot..xpe la..
    bole baca2 pun xpe huhu thanx anyways


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