Thursday, February 5, 2009

Klutzy Week

This past few days, I've been such a clumsy girl. (well.. actually not only this week. I've been fumbling around since for ever.. haha)

Jatuh tangga la, barang berterabur la, kaki terseliuh la, muntah la, lebam/bengkak sana sini la, jatuh katil la, terlanggar cermin sampai bibirku bengkak mcm Angelina Jolie la, dan sebagainya.



I'm so clumsy. Just like Fergie.. haha

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P/S: I have a midterm tomorrow! Wish me luck! And I hope by tomorrow my lips and foot are gonna be back to normal again! haha



  1. good luck in your mid term dear... duduk nusaybah, which block? dulu akak duduk kat block F... year 1996 - 2000...
    take care, jgn clumsy :)

    kak d...

  2. all the best in your mid term! and show a pic of your angelina jolie lips!!!!

    dun be so clumsy yah.. must be the exam nerves getting to u? take care :(

  3. be careful next time dear... mesti bibir mu cekci seperti angelina... =p hehe. all the best exam!!

  4. we got same bad habit.i'm a clumsy type too :(

    mana2 pegi mesti ada kejadian yg memalukan becoz of the clumsyness..huhu..

    neway,gud luck.aja2! =)

  5. I pun dulu clumsy gak...but after married nih....slow2 clumsy itew hilang....hey..g.luck gal.

  6. ala siannya,...hrp sumenya akan back to normal n gud luck 4 ur exam...

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  8. xper.. u still cute kalo mcm tu pon.. hehhe.. gud luck exam ;)

  9. ala kesiannya....okla tu sekali sekala dpt lips angelina jolie...hehhehe...

    anyway I wish u very gud luck in ur mid term ya...


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