Sunday, July 28, 2013

8 more..

2 down... 8 more to go! :p

Like any other typical, excited, overwhelmed bride-to-be, I too, have The List! haha. I know most married people (or maybe even the unmarried ones) would say...I'm just wasting my time doing it cuz few years from now I won't even look at all this laa, and yadda yadda yadda.. And start telling me that I am SO semangat, lagi gigih and maybe over-planning things, especially when they see thissss book! hahaha. But oh well, can't help it. I'm too excited and happy not to plan and organize my own event! :p
After all, I'm gonna marry someone who I loved can that not be exciting?! hehe

Well, my mom and Kak Faz is the wedding planner but a bride-to-be, I need to take part too, no? I need to know and make sure things are in accordance with my taste and preference and style, no? Bridezilla much? Yes, maybe. haha :p
But well, it's MY day (ok sorry darling...I mean, it's our day. LOL :p), so of course I gotta list out and plan things accordingly as to what and how I like it...right? hehe.. Plus, my mom is being very cool about me taking in charge of planning things for most of it. So...we're gooooooood! ^___^

So Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 has finished. Now let's start planning for Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9...and Chapter 10! hehehe

P/s: I skipped the whole Chapter 3 till 9 planning's, and already went shoe-shopping for that Chapter 10. hahahah. Typical me. Ok now...let's focus! ;p



  1. good for u sis Wani! can't wait your B-Day. in sha allah everything going to be just fine.can't wait my day tooo.... =) so jealous of u
    i am your "kipas susah mati" =)

  2. Wanie.nk tau chapter 3 to chapter 9..because im planning my wedding too..n i also have the book but dont know how to write..mybe am not good at writing..haha..pls3..reveal the chapter 3 to chapter 9!am waiting..

  3. All the best wanie :)

  4. Congratz, stay gorgeous & stylish! looking forward ur wedding everything! :)


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