Friday, July 12, 2013

The Book.

Ever since I was 15 (that's when I started to know a little bit more about weddings other than  from watching Disney movies), I have this little ideas and rough planning/fantasy of my own wedding... The colors I want, the theme, the dress, etc - lotsa imagination and things I want.....but only thing is, I don't know who the guy is! hehe. So back then, I have always imagine that I will have this one particular Wedding Book that I would jot down everrrry little things that's related to my wedding in it. 

And little did I know....10 years later, the book came to life! hehe. Only thing is....It's a little different from my imagination. But that's alright! The book is still awesome! ;)

I imagined that my book would be thick, plain, white and hard cover...with some writings on it that says, "The Wedding Book" or "My Wedding Book" or "All Things Wedding" in Tiffany Blue fancy fonts.. like the Zapfino fonts or something. So anyway, I have been searching for THE book... The kind that fits the bill. You know very clean, simple and elegant. I want a white, plain, hard cover book...with lotsa pages. I found some. But they just didn't look and feel right to me somehow, I don't know why..

Then I found those typical Wedding Book that they sell in bookstores. You know like those guidelines, planning book...for a very modern, western weddings. I bought some. But still, they too didn't feel right. - I mean of course for the obvious reason! I'm a Malay...and our wedding, tradition and ceremony are very different. So it's kinda absurd to actually follow the guidelines made by the book right? Cuz a lot of things we do it differently! So I began searching some more... I just want a plain book...where I can write anything I want, whatever I plan...and maybe draw something or stick pictures and make it a bit of a scrapbook or something.

Then one day, while I was rearranging my work station in my room..which was before my Merisik and after he asked me to marry him (we'll get to that part later!), I saw these Jordi Labanda's notebooks that I purchased awhile back in Singapore! I kept that book for a few months unwritten. Cuz I don't know what should I do with it. I felt so sayang to use it... Cuz the book is too pretty. But the moment when I saw that book while I was rearranging my files, I knew it was going to be The One! was far from my imagination obviously. The cover looks very chic and girly...and very busy with drawings and writings! - So different from my white, plain book that I have imagined before! But I don't know why, I still want the book to be My Wedding Book! hehe

So I chose the book...and start writing my plans/things I want or imagine for
the big day!

As of now, the book is almost full. I update it almost every day! haha.. 
I tend to forget things easily! So I need this kinda book to jot down whatever that is on my mind that's related to my wedding! I will pass it down to my daughter/kids some day, if the book is still alive..hehe..and show them, that their mommy was full of imaginations! hahaha ;p - Nahhh...this book is actually to record every moment and details of my wedding cuz I'm a detail person like that.
I's a happy day. Why wouldn't I do it? Every detail and decision is important.'s good that I record and keep everything! :) knoww it's funny how I wasn't that excited to have and to own this kind of book the first time when I thought I wanted to get married. - I guess my heart just knew somehow that that wasn't what I wanted... =/  Anyways... tutup cerita lama..haha ter iklan sekejap :p I'm glad I bought this book and made it as My Wedding Book! Heeee. I feel SO happy whenever I flip the pages... The book just brings out happiness! Maybe later, I'll show you some of the contents of the book! The book has chapters too by the way! ^___^ 

And now, I'm happy to announce that this blog will have a new label as well... It's called the Road to My Wedding! ;)




  1. u getting married dear??
    congratsss!! ;)

  2. Great. I have mine too in plain pink. (Girly enough) i am bride-to-be too..soon. rock it,babyyy! Lets be the prettiest bride ever okayy! :D

  3. yeay.. banyak2 update ok dengan gambar2 cantik...

  4. congratulations!
    if u are searching for photographer, u may contact suhaimi ikhsan


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