Saturday, July 20, 2013

Featured in Harian Metro

I just got my E-day photos from my photographer today...and while I was sorting out the pictures into my photo album in my laptop, I saw these photos of me in the newspaper...which I totally forgot I had them! haha. - You know, the one that I went for the photo shoot that I told you guys last time.

I've been meaning to put it up on my blog actually, but I guess I was so busy preparing my E-day and lost track already which one to blog first. haha.. But anyhow, here it is! I was featured in Harian Metro last month.. 

Just some intro of who am I and what do I blog about..hehe

Click on the picture to read..

Thanks Harian Metro for featuring my blog! I had a good time that day! ;)

P/s: I was chosen as one of the subject/blogger for the new TV program by TVi (Astro 180) called the Blogger Voice. Will be covering one of their episodes on Beauty/Fashion. I have already did the shooting...and now I'm SO nervous to see myself on screen! haha. It'll be aired after Raya



  1. And im afraid to see myself on screen... eeee.. haha :p

  2. And im scared to see myself on screen.. eee mesti hodoh.. haha :p


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