Monday, July 8, 2013

The Pink Package

I am planning to have a little tea party with my friends this year (dunno when yet). Someone will be in charged of the whole party...and I will only take part in the door gifts! I get to pick what I wanna give to my lovely guests! ^___^ - So...which means, my guests will get the items that I personally like! (I like giving people things that I love/like...and make them happy! - Hopefully! hehe)

So my mom already bought some things that I ordered from her, while she was in Indonesia last week. And my friend bought for me some other things that I want as well, while she were in Thailand...and I heard, someone is going to sponsor me some other fun things to put in the package too! Awww...thank you! (Will let you know, once it's confirm! ^_^)

So basically, the package for my guests is 70% done...thanks to them! - Although the tea party will not be held in these couple of months, with Ramadhan and Syawal coming up! huhu.. Oh well, better be prepared earlier, no?

I will definitely invite some of my lucky readers for the event... So stay tune! hihi

Won't show you what are the items exactly, but...I guess from here you can already guess what they are, right? LOL. 
There are 7 items altogether in here! But I might add more! (Because I'm nice like 

So anyway...the other day, when HiShop gave me some credits in my account to buy whatever I want, I went crazyyyy and purchase lotsa soaps, that my maid thinks my crazy!!! haha. - I got the idea to include the soaps in the package too! That's why I gotta haul everything! LOL ;p

So these are the package that HiShop gave me.. Guess what are those!


Mmmm... They're 100% natural, handmade soaps!

With lotsa scents to choose from!

Anyway, I gotta say HiShop's service is awesome! I placed an order on Wednesday, and I got it on Thursday! How fast and efficient! They even gave us a report card for us to fill in, and rate them! And if you're unsatisfied, they'll send you a full sized product, absolutely FREE! 

There's a campaign going on right now.. they want you to rate your online shopping experience with HiShop.My - Because they believe in keeping promises, so they dare you to shop with them and challenge the HiShop's FOUR promises! And if you're unsatisfied, they'll send you a full sized product, absolutely FREE! - You will be given RM150 worth of HiShop credits to shop – and FREE Shipping is included! - How awesome!!! You can visit their website to know more of the campaign!

Thanks HiShop!!!!
Now my pink package is almost complete!!!

P/S: Exclusive for my readers, HiShop is giving away a RM20 cash voucher for any purchases above RM99 (applicable for promotional items too!). The voucher expires 15 July 2013. So hurry, shop now!!! The voucher code: SHAZ20.
Happy shopping!

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  1. bestnya dapat voucher..nak belilah!

  2. That was very nice of you Wani to put loadsa things for the doorgift. They must be lucky to receive those from you. Who would be the lucky reader of yours. Hehehe.

    Organizing a small gathering might be easy peasy if you start early.

  3. nak pergi boleh tak.... plisssssss

  4. wah ohsem. nak jugak akak cantik


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