Monday, November 26, 2012

So Girlish!

I'm the kind of person who would buy things not just for their practicality and functionality,  but I buy things that also speak "I'm pretty!". heheh. If you haven't notice it already, I am one girly girl. - I love ALL things pretty and girly.... ever since..forever I guess? hehe. My friends/peers would know that I am one girly girl... Whether be it in my choice of clothes, or my shoes, or how I arrange stuff on my office desk, my room in hostel last time, my current bedroom, my bathroom, my make up table or whatever place that I spend most of my time'll see some girly items in there, because I just love making normal place...looking so girly or..should I say, ME! hehe. 

So anyways, being the girlish girl that I am, whatever things that says pretty and girly, I would definitely buy or collect them! ^__^ Even if it's just some stupid pens.. or calendar or tissue paper.. Or notepads or whatever! I would collect them...because I believe in this little quote someone used to say to me; it's the little things that make a house a home!  - So small things do matter to make a place look decent and pretty! Right girls?? - Who's with me? hehe ;)

So anyway..the other day when I was in Takashimaya in Singapore, I saw some Jordi Labanda's notebooks. I've been collecting her stuff since high school and uni... I love her books! So when I saw them, I just had to have them!! Cuz I couldn't find any Jordi Labanda in Kinokuniya or Isetan KL anymore! *cries* So buying them is a must! ;p

I know they're just books...and I can still write my notes in a normal book like my dad said so to me. But I guess men just don't get it, do they? hehe.. Cuz I just feel like...while I'm at it, why not add a little fun, and buy pretty notebooks that caught my eye....then I can look all girlish, cool and fun, right?! haha ;p

So these are the lovely Jordi Labandas that I've purchased!

Some little notebooks, and files 

Bought a few sizes...small, medium, large... They're all so pretty and too girly, I know I would keep them for such a long time! ^___^ I bought a few for myself, and for my readers, and also for my sister..

I don't know yet what I wanna use these notebooks for.. One is for work, for sure...but the rest, I'm still deciding. Hmm...maybe, one of them can be my To-Do book...and maybe Shopping List book...or...whatever!

These are for my readers..

These are file and a notebook

These are for my friends and my sister. 
Obviously my sister got the "It's Blogging Time" book, because she's a blogger and maybe she could use this book to write her inspirations or something in there..haha

The little notebook I gave my blog readers as a little random gift.. 
These are the girls who made the surprise birthday party for me last time.. 
I lost my mind though when I purchased these, hence I forgot a few names who were there..And only got 6 of them! Pffft. I shall give the rest of the girls that I didn't include here, some other gift to be fair! So please remind me! hehe ;p

This is my Sketch Book or my Doodle Book

This....would be my...umm.. I don't know. 
Maybe.. Recipe/Cook Book? haha.'s too glamourous for a cooking book, no? haha.. Maybe this would be my Style Book, where I write my style and fashion ideas...or something like that?  
Or maybe this could be my Debit-Credit book, where I jot down my I can know my spending? Hmmm.....


This is my file.. for work stuff. ;p

This is another file. This is a different type of file. It's a ring type file

This Natural Style notebook were for Nurul and Ashikin

This 5 Tips on How To Keep Your Boyfriend Away From Other Girls notebook were for Aishah and Yati

And this purple book were for Lina and Zuen

(Hope you girls like it!)

This was for my friends.. 
And mine, I use it as my To-Do Book

And this is for me and my sister.. To write some blogging stuff!
So this would be my Blogging Book. - topics, ideas, inspirations, blog job, meetings, events, due dates, etc etc

This is my Work notebook..

Aren't they fun and pretty? hehe. I love notebooks! What about you collect pretty notebook like I do too? Do share! ;)



  1. i can't say that i collect notebooks.. but i love to seek for nice, pretty books for my journal/diary! :) once there are only few pages left, i'll start looking for a new one. there's one time my friend bought me a journal book as my birthday gift (oh i love it so much!!). till now i have a stack of journals/diaries that i've been writing since i was in school (masa sekolah dulu rajin la lukis2 dlm journal, sekarang bz bekerja.. i do more writing. haha)

    and keep up your passion of collecting girly, pretty things! not so many people have this kinda hobby now, with the rise of technology and stuff ;) cheers.

  2. Hi Shaz, BW at your blog. nice blog & content. love your art work. You are most welcome to view our blog TQVM ;)

  3. there are so cuteeeee! lbih smngat nk tulis cmni :)

  4. They are all pretty and thank you for your thought, Wani. The cute pinky notebook is sitting on my workstation in the office. Comel sangat sampai sayang nak guna so buat perhiasan dulu. Hehehe.

  5. Wani, thanks for the notebook. I use it to jot down my baby shopping list :)


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