Monday, May 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launching Event!

I was invited to the launch of the new smartphone from Samsung - the Galaxy S4!!! It was held on Saturday at Times Square. They launched it at a few shopping malls, and end the event at Low Yat mall. Yours truly has been invited to attend the ones in Times Square shopping mall and Low Yat Plaza

There were so many fun activities that were held on that day, as well as some promotion going on.. And I sure had fun, especially when meeting up with a lot of bloggers that day! :)

So many people were checking out the Samsung Galaxy S4..

I played for a bit with this new Samsung Galaxy S4...and I thought this phone has some awesome strengths and a pretty positive first impression. (I've yet to play with it more, and use it in my real world!) Price? It's RM 2199..but you can get it cheaper by signing up for the plans they have!

People queuing and registering for the exclusive Samsung Galaxy S4 plan from U Mobile

Awal Ashaari and Liyana Jasmay were there too!

There was a band as well on that day. It was so cool watching them play and hearing the beat of the drums... I like! ;)

They were playing and camwhoring with their new phone..

...and we want to camwhore too!


With the other bloggers..

Tall people.

Overall, it was quite a fun day for me as I get to meet a lot of friends and bloggers..and try a new phone from Samsung! Will blog more on the Samsung Galaxy S4 soon!



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