Monday, July 15, 2013

The Jelly Mask

About two months ago, I met my good friend Esther, to catch up on things..and to hang out for a bit. We talked a lot that day. Mostly about guys and beauty stuff! haha. So anyway, I told her that I needed something for my face and asked for her recommendations. She recommended this ePure Membranous Jelly Masque, and gave me some to try as well! (Oh, what a sweet friend she is! Thanks darling!)

At first, I was a bit skeptical with it though, since she already has a flawless of course, whatever she use would sound great, I thought! hehe. But then she told me that this super magical mask is sooo famous these days and ask me to try it as well! She said she tried it on her face and on her arm as well (she had like some freckles or something on her arms). She tried it on just one arm first, just to see the result... Then she showed me! - I was impressed by it. On one arm she had some freckles...and on another one, less freckles! She said that's her second or third pack (I couldn't remember). Esther told me that she will continue to use this...and ask me to try the brand as well.. So she gave me a trial pack for me to try at home. Coolness! ^__^

In the trial pack, there's 3 packet of jelly mask with a spatula/scraper. Since it contains only 3 packs, I felt so sayang to use it..haha. Hence I saved it for my important days & dates, like for my last week's event...and for my TV shoot. I didn't use it continuously though, since I only had 3 packs with me. But I must say, within 40 minutes of using this one pack of jelly mask, my skin look fairer a bit.  ^__^
Now I can't wait to start using it continuously...and see if it can really help make my skin looking glowing and flawless!

Here's what they claimed about this mask: 
Instant results in 40minutes: 
• Fairer skin • More even skin tone • Pores refined • Lifting & firming of the cheek • Laugh lines decreased • Pimple spots & redness lightened • Less blackheads
(ePure has received many rave reviews from users as can be seen here! )

By the way, just letting you know that HiShop now is having a 20% discount for ePure Jelly Membranous Mask! Promotion valid from 15th to 16th July 2013 only! So go try it and buy now!!!

ePure comes in 2 types of packaging: Jar and sachet format. It is essentially the same product but 2 different packaging. The price for sachet is RM89.90 (30g x 6 sachets) and jar: RM130 (250ml). You can purchase your ePure mask here: I'm going to buy the jar one!!

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