Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Lens

I tend to forget things easily, especially when I'm planning an event or doing something big. So this is where having The Book comes in handy! Writing down all the things I need, I want, I prefer, I wish to have and so on and so forth has helped me a lot when I was not able to remember certain things.. So one of the little things that I take into account for my event was the contact lenses. I almost forgot to buy a new pair of contact lens for that day, but thank God for The Book that reminds me to buy it! - I'm a near-sighted girl by the way. So of course I needed to have my contact lens for me to be able to have a beautiful vision! ;)

So anyway, being a fickle-minded girl that I am, I really really had a hard time deciding which contact lenses to wear on my event because I have so many types that I love! haha. Typical me. So of course, as expected..when it comes to big events like this, I became that annoying, complex girl who just couldn't decide.. Ishh I bought 6 pairs of contact lenses! haha 
 Good thing that they're expiring in a year's time! ;p

I just couldn't decide whether I wanna wear dark grey or light grey. Or dark brown or light brown. Or green or blue, etc etc for my pictures! I mean, there will be lotsa photo snapping/sessions, from the official photographers, and from the non officials ones, and from iPads, from iPhones, Blackberrys, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Polaroids etc etc! So of course, I gotta look my best and choose the best color that pops the eye, no??! ;p

These are the lenses that I love. They're from Magicolor. 

I've been wearing this brand for a couple of years already.. I love that they're SO comfortable, and their lenses are very natural-looking. I really don't like those very fake-looking contact lenses. - By saying fake, I mean those with so many patterns on the lens, with weird colors that made you look so freaky!

Wearing a green lens on the left pic, and grey one on the right pic.

What I like about their lenses is that it didn't feel dry nor it gives me eye irritation or redness at all, unlike some other brands I tried. It's very comfortable, thanks to it's 55% water content. Another huge point that I like about their lens, is the diameter of their lenses are so big! It's 16mm! Really made a difference to your eye!! Not only they're pretty natural looking, but they also comes in pretty colors that you can choose! From the usual grey and green, blue, violet and even pink! Semua pun cantik!

I'm wearing a green contact lens here (my new fave color!), and as you can see, the lenses are quite natural looking. My eyes didn't look so green and so fake (at least to me! hehe). Cuz there isn't much of an outer ring and it is not as opaque like the other brands I tried. It defines the eyes subtly...which I like!

Base Curve : Median 
Diameter : 16 mm 
Price : RM 40 for a year, but I would suggest for you to wear it 3 months max
Brand: Magicolor 
Made in Korea 
Pros : Natural looking, non drying, enlarging effect, comfortable even long-wear!
Cons : May not be suitable for those with really small eyes though. (You may look weird because the diameter of their contact lens is quite big)

Here's a little tip from me. If you have never worn contact lenses before, and you want to try them out for your big day, make sure you plan ahead. This is what you need to do: 
  1. You are recommended to insert your contact lenses before make-up and dress. Inserting them after, may increase the risk of causing irritation to eye, as cosmetic products can get caught between your eye and the lens.
  2. Regarding the cosmetics, it is advisable to avoid powders or lower quality products as much as possible. As make-up can easily stick to lenses (or even damage them), using high quality cosmetics can help prevent eye irritation.
  3. Keep your eye closed when eyeliner and eye shadow are being applied.
  4. Daily disposable contact lenses are recommended if you do not want to worry about regular care. These are great if you prefer to just throw out used lenses at night and wear a fresh pair every morning.
One last tip to consider: Surprise your partner on your big day by changing your eye color for your wedding! With color contact lenses, you can add that extra flair to your look! ;)

Glad I chose the dark grey lens on that day. I loved all my pictures! 

Talk soon!



  1. Wani, magic colour ni you beli dekat outlet mana. biasa I Nampak blincon je.

    please please let me know beli kat mana, nak melaram jugak raya ni haha

  2. @hanim mohamed: I beli online.. I thought I dah link kan kat atas? Nanti I check balik!

  3. When deciding for colored contacts’ color, it is best that you consider not only the color of your skin but also your personality as well.
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  4. Hi

    Can u please provide me the seller's website?

    I would love to purchase these lenses as well!

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    i like the way you present your blog post.

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


  6. wani, beli online kt mana eh? puas cari, xjmp..hehe

  7. Those all lenses are really comfortable and easy to wear. I do not know whether these lens are soft lens or hard lens, but the colors really makes the eyes look natural and not too weird compared to other circle lens.

  8. salam...beli mn ye contact lens tu?bole bg link?tq


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