Friday, December 30, 2011

My Little Victorian-Themed Blogniversary Tea Party

This is quite a long post.You have been warned. 


I know it has been over 2 months already since the blogniversary party. Sorry peeps! Procrastinate. Yes, that's the suitable word for me! haha. I've been delaying and delaying to do the post, until I was really busy with work, business, holidays and some plannings, that I got no time to choose and edit the pics and update here some more, until the year has coming to an end already, and there is still NO UPDATE on this! Pfft. I feel so bad. I'm such a terrible blogger  =/

Seriously, if you look at my organizer, you'll be surprised just how many things I want to write, share and update here, but I just never got enough time to do it, just yet! T____T

Ugh. I hate that =/

If only I have all the energy and time to do all that! My blog would be so much fun then.....right? And you guys would love me, right? LOL. Yeah Wani, that's like so trueee...  =_______='
But really, I wonder how do those bloggers update their blog every day??!! Some even every few hours??! WOW. These people really amazed me. It's either they don't have an outside life/world, or simply because blogging is their fulltime JOB! hehe..

Anyway, so here I am. Writing on the little event that I had last time. But before I started to membebel on that, let me just let y'all know how and why I did all this... And also, let me warn you, this post contain a lot of photos. 80++ pics to be exact! I just don't know which ones to omit anymore from that 350 pics that I have! Heee.. ;p

So anyways.. Here it is!

Well, I've been blogging only for about 3 years now (almost 4 actually, this coming March), and throughout this 3 years of (publicly) blogging... (before that it was a private blog since 2005. But that didn't really count, I think?) I've met a lot of awesome people and I had many opportunities/experiences... Although they are not that big, but I am thankful for all those, because initially I only blog to share little pieces of my life here, just for my kids to see one day when their mommy was young. LOL. But now, blogging is not just some activities/hobby I do during my free time, but blogging has becoming part of my daily routine, activities..or I can say like a part time job! haha. And I kinda addicted to it already! (My butt will feel so itchy if I left this blog for far too long! I'd feel like there's something missing in my life! I'd feel like I owe the world or something! Haha. I knowww, so weird! ;p) But really, I'm glad that along the way, I've met new friends and such cool people.. =)

Anyway, so to show my appreciation to my lovely faithful readers, who has been reading and supporting this blog for years, I decided to make a little party for me to get to know y'all..and to be friends with you.. Cuz it's not fair when you guys je yang kenal I, but I didn't really know you guys! heheheh ;p So the party was to actually getting to know you guys, and make more friends here.. hehe

Well.. initially the plan was to do the party in end of July. That time, I was still so semangat to do all this. But that time it was like a week or two more to Ramadhan, and I had asked around, and most people said how about I do it after Ramadhan..during Raya or something..

So yeah. I waited until Ramadhan/August month ends...and then came Raya month which was in September. And you know, we Malaysians like to do Open House during the weekends in Raya month, right? So of course, I cannot do it during the weekends, what more during the weekdays. Everyone is working. So yeah.. September, gone.

So... I planned to do it in October instead. But October month was my boyfriend's birthday, and I had some plans too, during the first two weekends. And somehow...I ter-forgot about the party I mentioned earlier during the month..

But it was my boyfriend who reminded me that I have to do it jugak-jugak in that month. Because I have been delaying and postponing and holding off the party ever since July, and that time it was already almost reaching the end of October! it or not, busy or not, well-planned or not, I have to make it happen no matter what!

And so....yeah, I did. Not well-planned, of course! tskk. I only decided to make the party, a week before October ends! And I did everything from booking, preparing the invitation, the doorgifts, the name cards, buying presents, etc etc only within 2 days! =/

I did not even get to like....think properly what to wear like usual - Normally, I would spend for like few minutes (or maybe hours), to think and try, and to decide what I should wear to a party.. But that time, I couldn't bother anymore about all those..because there are plenty of things to think. The place to book, the food to order, the invitation card, the doorgifts, the guests, etc etc!

Honestly, planning a party isn't as easy as it seems. This was my very very first time planning and hosting a party. I have never ever done anything like this. Not even a birthday party or whatever.. So of course, I was so nervous about it. Dah la jumpa orang yang saya tak kenal! So of course, I was feeling edgy and twitchy all the way! I was so afraid I would let people down...or maybe bore them to death at my party! tskk

Because you know, it was the FIRST TIME ever in my life doing a party. Dah la dengan orang tak kenal! huhuu.. So I don't know what to expect and how to do things, etc... Although I know it's not a big thing pun... Plus, the guests pun tak ramai yang I invited, but still... being a perfectionist that I am (so I was told), I couldn't help not to think about so many things....and fidgeting all day, worrying how it's gonna be, knowing that I have limited time to plan and do things.. =/

I was almost thisssss close, to postpone it again as I was really stressed doing everything alone in a short period of time... (Someone suddenly backed off, from helping me out. tskk- That's why I was so stressed handling everything alone! huhu) But I know I couldn't do that because I already announced it. And I do not want to postpone it to another month again and again. So yeah...still terus kan although I only had like 2-3 days to plan everything! Can you imagine how stressful I was? haha.. I did everything by myself from the day I announced the party, (planning, booking place, making cards, ordering balloons, cake, etc etc), with a little help from my boyfriend as well... He help me write the names and cut the cards.. (thank you dear! ^__^)

I bought some velvety wrappers, to make a personalized name card, and some Cindarella carriage boxes, some cards, etc...

I cut the wrappers into some little tea pots! ^__^

...and after that, I started making tea bags as well! hehe

...with strings too, to attach with the tea bags!

And next, I assembled the doorgifts.. 

At first, I wanted to give a girlie gift like...a lipgloss for example, for each guest, but then..this cute box that I have, was a little too small for a lipgloss! - I bought the boxes in June, and that time I didn't think what to put in there just yet.. And when the time comes, I realized lipgloss can't fit in there! Pffft. So...I changed to some other girlie things instead... It was a mini nail colours from OPI.

So on each table of my guest...has their name, a lucky number tag, and also my little doorgifts..

Anyways, on the night before the party date (and that was like at 3 am in the morning! Only few hours away from the party), Aizat my brother, came to my room and rescue me and help me when he saw me being so stressful and mad at a few things/people. So the sweet brother came to help me with my things and made my life a bit easier... (thank youu!)

The next day (which was on the party day itself), he even called out his friends to help me out since a few people who promised to help me, has backed off all of a sudden. And that was a day before the party. Pffft  =________='

So yeah, I am so thankful to all my little helpers: Sheila, Aizat, Azhar, Afiq and Naim! You guys rock! ^___^

So my little party was held at Smokehouse Cafe in Bangsar.. I love this place. So cosy! And so vintage-y!  


Anyway... like I mentioned earlier, I did not know what should I put on although I was the one who set the theme! HAHAHA! It's just...I know, what to wear and the ideas and all, but I just don't have time to shop for new clothes or even think properly what to wear. hahaha.. So I just wear whatever I think that looks vintage-y, or victorian-y outfit that I have in my wardrobe! haha..

It was this!

I wore my sister's black blouse with a long bow (actually the bow is longer than that, but I wrapped some around my neck, since the blouse has quite a low cut neck.. and then I paired it up with my victorian-y green corset (which I wore it here last time) and a long A-line black skirt with lace.. and match it with my lace glove which I bought in Perth last time..

I wrapped my head with a scarf, and put on a ketayap on it, which I folded it and make it look like a pillbox hat, and clip it with a little hair accessories that has a net and some feathers..and attached it with a green hair piece as well, to match it with my green corset..

And since the nice Sheila wanted to help me out, I let her wear all my stuff and made her up! hehe.. I don't have a little sister, and I've always wanting to dress up someone, and let me do and choose everything.. And that day.. I did! I made her up from top to toe! From hair, make up, clothes and shoes! -I chose everything! hehehe.. It was fun! I feel like I have a live Barbie. LOL ;p

 So I gave her my lace dress and pair it up with my lace glove, my huge pearl necklaces which I wore here, and also a little hair clip for her.. And then, I put on some make up for her... And asked her to wear the lace shoes to match with the whole outfit..

.....and she looked absolutely stunning! (She's not the type that likes all the make up/girly girl stuff (yet. heheh), so when she wears like this... she looked so fab! ^__^) 
All the boys there (her friends), were like... OMG, is this Sheila? hehehe. (in a good way of course) Bcuz she's so pretty! ;)

Anyway, enough about the outfits.. Now on to the party..

About less than an hour before the party starts..all of Aizat's friends helped me to set the place..the table, etc...

They were so nice, and asked me to sit somewhere else - because probably they couldn't stand just how bad I was so nervous that maybe it has annoyed them. LOL. So they said, I don't have to do anything..and just sit somewhere else and shut my mouth, and let them do everything.. haha..

Azhar and Afiq putting all the cookies I bought from Crabtree & Evelyn and Famous Amos, and chocs from Marks & Spencer, Leonidas and Ferrero Rocher into the plates... 

Among the 15 people I invited, Zuen was the first few who came early!

This is Raisya and Kak Nurul (who came all the way from Melaka just for this little event I have! I'm so touched!!!)

And this is Miss Ayna! One of the winners of the contest I did last time! hehe 

Mingling and getting to know session..before the party starts..

Zuen, Haryati, Aishah, (the one in blue) and Lina Zahrah...getting to know each other..

I like your pink tiered skirt, miss Zara! hehe 

The activity of the day...

Sheila was the host of the day! (She's such an awesome entertainer! heheh.. Thanks babe!)

After about 70% of the guests has arrived, the event started..

And then, there comes me... 

I was so nervous that even the guests noticed! hahahah.. OMG. So malu okayyy. 
I can never ever everrrrr talk in front of strangers! Heeee... ;p

See...I choked some more! LOL ;p

If I tell people that I'm very shy and I'm kinda like an anti-social person, and really scared of doing things in public, people always won't believe me! But I guess that day...they all believed that! hahaha - I was fidgeting all the time! Pfffft ;p Actually, one of the reasons I did this party/getting to know y'all, was to break out of this fear/shy thing in me.. And I dunno whether it's working or not! hahaha

The girls listening to my cracky voice. Pfft. I don't know what was I talking about and whether I was making any sense or not! LOL

"blablablabla...thank you for coming.. blablabla..sorry for any shortcomings...blablablabla...I appreciate you girls for supporting my today, you are the first one to view my post of the day.... blablablablaa... I hope to know you girls better and we can be friends...blablablabla..." - Honestly...I did not know what was I talking about! hahahahahah ;p

Anyway...I think I'm done blabering for now. You must be bored. haha. Let's just enjoy the rest of the photos, yeah? ;)

There's a birthday cake for the blog owner too. I feel like it's my birthday, instead of my blog's. LOL

Minum petang bersama Cik Shazwani ;p

It's tea time!!

The menu for the day apart from the biscuits, cookies and chocs that were served earlier, were: Chocolate Indulgence Cake, Sandwiches, Apple Pies, Scones with cream, butter and jam (these are the best! - at least for me), Chocolate Shortcake, and Butter Cake.

Zuen, why did you look at me like that? LOL ;p

Sheila, my savior. hehe

Eat and Tweet! hehe

Their coffee is the best!

With Kak Nurul..

Next, after the makan session, it was time for a Tea-Text game! I gave 2 minutes for them to list out all the word that they have in mind that starts with SH. Like.... Shazwani, Shopaholic, Shoes, for example..

And guess who won?

It was Raisya! She managed to get 14 words in 2 minutes! Bravo!

Prize giving session!

Lucky Number 1... Who is it??!

Yeay! It was Kak Nurul! (She got Godiva chocs in there) And sorry about you-know-what! heee ;p

Lucky number 2....

Haryati! We share the same birth date! Let's make a double birthday party, babe! hehe

Last one....

Let's see...who's my lucky girl number 3 would be..

Yeay! It's Lina Zahrah! She's the lucky number 3! 

This is Raisya, who got the most words for the Tea Text game! I gave her a pink Tea Set! 
So now you can host a tea party...and invite me! LOL ;p

Lastly, it was time for the Best Dressed. To be fair, I chose two girls... and ask them to dance!

...and the best dancer wins!

The winner was based on the cheering part! The more cheer one of them got, will be the winner!

And apparently, Ash wins! 
She was the winner of the Best Dressed that day!

She got this. A limited edition perfume set from Bvlgari and a Body Shop perfume, and also, a huge flower corsage! All in hot pink!
(Took this photo from her FB. I forgot to snap some pix of each one of the presents. Too busy, can't remember to do that.. Plus, all of the presents were handled and assembled by my brother. So I don't really know what were inside the packagings. I only know after I asked him later that night. LOL)

And lastly, the winner for my blogniversary contest! 
I invited the other winner, Sue as well. But she couldn't make it! Sobs..

Group photo!

With my girl, Hannah. I love this girl. She's as sweet as sugar! hehe

My high school bestfriends. Hui Shing and Yvonne! Thanks for coming girls!

LOL. I remember this pic! haha. I had to pose like "The Queen" or something...hahah ;p

The twins! They wore almost the same outfit! hehe

Thank youuuu adikkkkk for helping me out throughout the day! When people forgot about me, you were there to help me and save my life! So thank you thank youu! Love youuu, adik! hehe

....and the rest of my helpers! You guys are so awesome!

Kemas and balik!

Thank you so much girls, for coming to my humble party. I hope to make this kind of party or some girlie sessions some more again next year.. And I hope I did not bore you girls to death. Please excuse any shortcomings ya! I'm a newbie to hosting a party! Heee...
But anyways, it was nice seeing all of you there! Thanks for the effort to dress up and come to my little party... Keep in touch ya..and let's hang out some more! hehee

And lastly, thank you so much Ayna for the sweet gift! I love it! I didn't know a blog birthday would get a present too! I am so going to do a blog birthday party again next year! LOL ;p

Happy new year everyone! Let's have another party, shall we? hehe ;p



  1. wani please jgn pakai mcm nie dah... nampak tembam and isi terlebih banyak keluar and obvious sgt u tried too hard..sheila plak nampak mcm host because she was flawless.

  2. glad that u love it dear, I do agree with you, Sheila is so hot that day, all thanks to your intervention, hehe =) I'm looking forward for more parties in the future, we all really had a last that day =)

  3. Opsss, I wanna type blast actually, typo pulak, heee~

  4. hi wany...

    great party and what an effort u did all that all by urself in 2 days?! wow. so tererr lah uu.. for someone who got no experience n never do any party before, u're very awesome i would say!

    anyway, u look great as always wani. very victorian! so tema party awak tu kena la dgn awak! hehe. anyhow, nanti ada party lagi, ajak la saya eh. mahu pergi!! hihih

    stay awesome cik wani. love u and ur blog! xx.

  5. so sad cannot come (T_T)

  6. niceee...

    well done dear! can i attend your 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc etc party??! hehe. would loveeee to see u!

  7. anonymous: hehe. i know right? had to. no other choice. and yes, i gave all my stuff for sheila to wear and made her up since she was the one hosting the party mostly

    ayna: hehe.. thanks. yeah, since i can't dress up like that, so i made her look like how i imagined i would be wearing if i were her. LOL
    anyways..glad u guys had a good time. nnt jumpa lagi jom? hehe ;)

    suhaila: awww thank u honey. although actually i still think this is really not a well planned party n i could have done better if i have enough time.. tskk. Plus, my outfit also are not that...umm..nice? heh. but since ive no other choice, i just had to wear that. but nvm now.. whatever.. huhu

    sue andy: never mind! next time, next time! hehe

    anonymous: hehe. thanks. ok will definitely invite u...errrr miss anonymous? hehe

  8. Wanyy, thanks again for organizing a great party for us. We had fun. If there's another party coming up after this, i'd surely want to join :)

  9. ooooo, what happen to me in that pic? i think i was enjoying the scones a little bit too much..hehehe...looking forward for to meet up with everyone in normal clothes...hehehe


  10. ooooo, what happen to me in that pic? i think i was enjoying the scones a little bit too much..hehehe...looking forward for to meet up with everyone in normal clothes...hehehe



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