Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Year's Eve

So I didn't go anywhere on new year's eve.

Oh well.. I'm not the type that have to celebrate these kinda things. It'd be fun if I do, but it'll be okay if I don't as well. I prefer not to, actually. As there'll be a lot of people, and I hate crowds, also, the parking is going to be a pain in the arse, and traffic jam everywhere...and food or parking or whatever would be slightly expensive during this date. Unless if you want to take me out and drive me somewhere, would be an okay thing for me..hehe..

Cuz... why bother with all that when you can just chill at home, and wait until tomorrow or the next day to go out! haha

Well..I just don't celebrate. I don't see any point, to celebrate it unless if it's with my closest friends or something you know, doing something fun and memorable. Plus, I thought we have fireworks each time we have a festival here in Malaysia or anywhere in the world lahh.. So...what's so special/amazing about that? LOL. I's something that is quite common now.. Some people even propose to the girlfriend with fireworks too! So...yeah. Fireworks are not something that is special anymore... To me, at least. heheh. So why bother bersesak-sesak just to see some fireworks? heh. Well..I guess it's the countdown yang the best part kot. Ahh...I dunno. Whatever.

Anyway, on my new year's eve, all I did was watching movie all day and night and online too! Same old, same old activity! hehe..

Anyway... I watched this!

Cried a bit. The father-daughter part, and the part where Halle Berry and his partner videochatted on new year's eve, and the part when Bon Jovi wants to get back with Katherine Heighl again..
So sweet. =)

Happy new year, everyone! Welcome 2012! May this year would be a happy year for me and for you! 


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  1. Me too! I dont celebrate new year. I hv never been to any 'festival' to celebrate new year, or independence day, or whatever celebration that needs me to be in an uncomfortable state. I prefer to stay at home. And this year's new year, i missed the 12am moment because i slept at 9pm n only woke up the next morning :) yeah im a boring person.


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