Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm here again! :)

Hi everyone! How's your December so far? Mine has been great... (except for one thing that happened last night. Tskk)

Anyway, guess where I am right now! Hehee..

Well... I'm here again! After more than 20 years! LOL ;p

So anyways. While I'm here, I don't think I would be blogging as much.. I just wanna enjoy my holiday to the fullest! Heheh... But maybe, i'll tweet update you guys here.. Hehe

Ok, catch you later ya! I need my rest so badly now.. (yesterday in Doha, the thing that happened in the flight during my trip to Perth, happened again! Sobss... But...Alhamdulillah, nothing serious...kot? =\ )
Doakan saya selamat pergi dan pulang ya! :)

Ok will update later! Bye!



  1. wahh, seronoknya melancong. have a safe journey dear. :)

  2. Ure in Switzerland? So nicee!!! Have a safe trip.and enjoy yourself ya! Take lotsa photos! We wanna see!!!

  3. is that switzerland? WOWWW!! HAVE FUUUNN!!!

  4. wow! seronoknya.
    bile lah saya boleh pergi sana..huhuhu...

    salam singgah :)

  5. beb!

    your blog truly comel! i like :)


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