Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's up for grab!

Hi girls!

I have updated some new colors, but all of these are only available in LIMITED PIECES. So do place an order nowww, before it's too late!
Items that has a star (*) mark on it, means they're not available yet.. (Sorry!)

  1. Ivory White
  2. Sunshine Yellow (New!)
  3. Gold Mustard
  4. Olive Green
  5. Dark Green
  6. Teal Blue
  7. Royal Blue (Not available at the moment!)
  8. Cerulean Blue
  9. Forest Green
  10. Emerald Green
  11. Aqua Blue
  12. Jet Black (New!)
  13. Platinum Grey
  14. Taupe Brown
  15. Burgundy Red
  16. Violet Red
  17. Magenta Pink
  18. Coral Red
  19. Crimson Red
  20. Ruby Red (Not available at the moment!)
  21. Blossom Pink
  22. Pink Salmon (New!)
  23. Peach Salmon
  24. Coral Orange (Not available at the moment!)
  25. Tangerine Orange (New!)
  26. Royal Purple (Not available at the moment!)

You can wear them, in various of styles! On your hair, on your shoulder, on your tummy, on your bag, etc etc! And you can also wear it either one piece, or two pieces or more than that, at a time! ;)

These are some of the examples of the colors I've worn..

Okay, a little note here; I will be going for our year-end vacation with my family soon.. And I'll be going off for quite some time.. Thus, I won't be handling the orders for now. However, I have asked my little assistant to help me out with the orders and what not.. So whatever you want to order, pleaseeee send it to my new email account: Not other emails. I repeat, not the other 2 emails please.... And my helper will assist and deal with your purchase! Happy buying... And thanks for choosing my pretty rose buds! LOL. Perasan ;p

Okay, gotta go now...



  1. Salam, very nice rose buds you have. Love em all :-)

  2. Salam wani boleh order lg x? Sy ade antar email 2 minggu lps tp no reply. Boleh x lg? Plssss...

  3. wani i nak order gak pls check ur email


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