Sunday, December 4, 2011

Colour, Colours, Colours!

So I did a little wrapping, cutting, gluing, assembling and stuff like that, last few weeks..And here's some pics of them..

Bought some red mahjong paper, A1 coloured cardboards, and some pink cards! All of these were cut and done with my own hands! :)

I bought some cardboards in A1 size, in a few colours. To attach the flower corsage that has the same colour hue, with the same colour of the card! hehe. Last time I dreamt of having a shoe line of my own and make the shoe boxes colour, same as the color of the shoe inside! But now, let's start with doing this first! hehee. 

Anyway, my initial plan was to make the card looks like a flower with five petals. But I ended up doing only four petals as it was kinda hard to do it! So many lekuk! Heeee. Plus, it was kinda hard to cut the shape on the cardboard! It's too thick, and too hard! (There weren't any other types of hard material for papers/cards that were sold at the place I went! >_<)

So after I've been cutting hundreds of pieces of that thing with the help from my Bibik as well... I drew an outline of the weird looking flower petal card at the back & front of each one of them.. My dad saw these..and thought I bought them. hehe. I said no, I bought a big cardboard, and cut each one of this! My brother heard this, and he went like... "Whaaaat? Gila semangat. O_o". haha. Yes, I am. ^_^

...and wrote a little something, so it won't look so plain! hehe

10 hues for 21 different colors that I have

Wrote a little thank you card..

This picture was taken during the fourth batch that I did... 
I wrote and did the same thing over and over again..and by that time/week, my hand couldn't tahan anymore, and I couldn't do it alone. Felt like a zombie, didn't sleep for a few days! haha... So there's someone came to the rescue to help me with hundreds of my orders! Thank youuuuuu! ^_^

Some of them...

Yes, that's my helper! We did it at a kopitiam near my house after office hour! hehe
At first my helper said, just photocopy the thank you note since I'm writing the same sentence over and over again...and it saves time. I know thattt, but I want it to be a little bit personal. So yes..I wrote each one of it! hehe

I assigned him to write all the address.. while I wrote the thank you note..

Back at home, Bibik helped me assembling the boxes and strings to tie each one of it.. 
And she also helped me cut the red mahjong paper I bought, and place it in each of the boxes..

...while me arranged and placed the order accordingly

Oh...and I also wrote a little "invoice" for them as well at the back of the thank you note! hehe

Third batch..

Fourth batch

She ordered a lot! One in every color! hehe

So this is what they get..

Orders that are not done yet...

Orders waiting to be shipped out! hehe

The back seat were packed with boxes! - Some of them I send it myself, some were given to Azhar, and some to my driver... I hope they all has arrived safely and in good shape!


I'm glad I received some happy and satisfied customers. Will open orders again soon. But now...let me breathe a bit! hehe (Probably this coming week I will post it here! Stay tune!)



  1. wani dearieee i nak orderrrrr :D

  2. one word-wow it's amazing job!!well done..btw your corsage didn't have any pin rite??it's just a clip like hair clip yeah??thank you..

  3. wani, awak memang gigih!
    tak sabar tunggu awk bukak order lagi, coz akak nak beli lagi.
    kali ni nak yang besar! :)

  4. semangatnye wani...confirm ur customer sangat suka...

  5. those flowers u buat sendiri ke ?
    tanak buat tuto ke ? hehe ;p

  6. A big WOW! That was really a hardwork. I guess later when ure getting hitched,u'll have no problem DIYing your wedding doorgift. I'm impressed!

  7. Wow...sangat kagum!
    good job doll ...

  8. wani, sangat kagum dgn awak!

    hope awak still buka order next year. i want to order for my flower girls on my wedding.

    please say YES!

  9. A personal note [yang panjang] for each and every customer??? WIOWWWW!

    I nak order flower corsages jugak please! :D

  10. U re such a sweet girl.

  11. omg wani. u sangat rajin gila. boleh, rajin lagi gila lagi. im inspired tau walau i jual tudung jugak tapi xpernah buat note panjang macam tu.

    i nak buat jugaklah. but flower corsage tu teringin nak beli

  12. wani, gila rajin you.memang gigih. sumpah kalau i jadi customer memang appreciate gila kott kerja you ni. nanti buka order ag ya. i teringin nak beli.hehe :D

  13. u such a hardworking girl! serius mcm sy nak jadi bisness women mcm u. tp selalu buat sekerat2 je huh! good job wanny!

  14. ohh wany...this is so cute n touching..i will be ur future customer for ur next project..:)

  15. Omg honey..u r really a sweet, kind hearted girl. I'm so touched n impressed with u, Wani!
    U make me love u even more now! Haha


  16. hye..u such a girly girl..btw, cepat2 kawen dgn helper tu ek..baik dia temankan u ..hehhe

  17. That personal note is SUPER SWEET! And the roses, aren't they gorgeous?!?!
    Nak beli! Nak beli!

  18. hai wani... sangat kreatif n cantik sangat corsage... mcam ne order yea...
    my email

  19. wani ikhlas nye wani buat kerja. :)

  20. wani i really want the small size hmmm


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