Friday, July 4, 2008

Shuzzy Shoes

I've always dream of opening a shoe store one day.. (or maybe just a shoe room in my own house would do just fine!)
Reason being, like any other woman, I have mutual love for shoes! They always make me happy.
Being in their presence, puts a smile on my face.. =)
..and so I thought, I wanna do what makes me happy; sell shoes!
High heel stilettos to be precised. ;)

My vision of my own store is a unique one. At least I think it's one of a kind..huhu.. ;p
I always imagine the store would be all white and maybe there's some pastel colors for the deco and then on the display shoes,would all be amazing hot striking colors of stilettos! hehe.. hot pink, mango tango orange, beet red, tangerine yellow, turqoise green or maybe a royal blue, and etc.

Then the color of the shoe box would according to the hue of the shoes in it. Like for example, if the color of the shoes were a dark magenta,then I would wrap them in a purple box.
and I imagine the sole for my shoes would be aquamarine.
Then people will start call me the Girl with the Aquamarine Soles. hehee. ;p

And in my imagination, I have like a "pedicure bar" and it's free with the purchase of a pair of shoes. Also, I'd give them my Shoe Book with the purchases above blablabla... =)
And have a shoe designer and a shoe doctor to come and talk about heels.. You know like, the pros and cons of wearing them. And then, I would serve my customers with sparkling juice or coffee/tea... and lotsa other things! (I can't tell u! It's a secret..hehehe).

I wanna make my store more than a place for transactions, but a place for learning and exchanges on fashion, shoe repair tips, etc. After all, I'm a customer too! hehe.

I have a deep passion for shoes and I want to share this passion with other women out there! and I’m basically trying to find out how to go about this the right way so that it become a reality one day, Insyaallah.

I hope this footwear business will be a dream come true ;)



  1. interesting dream.. hope it comes true.. i like the matching box color for the shoes idea.. mcm mesti org akan kumpul the colorful boxes :P

  2. oh yes, i love stilettos too. we share the same passion, sista. jom bukak kedai kasut! pastu aku reka stilettos for babies..or kids. bole? ;p

  3. shanteekkkkk2 lah kasut sangatlah sukeee!!!


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