Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding! :)

I'm almost reaching to the mid twenties.. and at this age, you can see a lot of your friends is either getting engaged, has engaged, getting married or..already married and have kids! hehe... Oh, how time flies!  I can't believe I'm at this stage now. haha.. I still feel like a little kid! ;p Now..I can see a lot of my friends are engaged or married already! O_o
I guess we all grown up now, huh? Hmm..I still remember, when I was a little kid, I always thought being a grown up would feel different. Like, we're a different person.. haha..   But to me, it just feels like nothing has changed that much. But oh...I'm old now! ;p

Hmm..and later, the next thing I know, my kids already gone to college and start dating guys/girls already and then I'm going to plan their wedding pulak! Erkk. Okayy..that is too far now. hahaha.. ;p about two weeks ago, I went to my friend's wedding held at her house, in Setiawangsa. She's my uni friend. Her name is Zarina. And oh myy....she looked absolutely stunning on her big day! (Duhh...she always look fab, pun! hehe) And her wedding was so beautiful! I loveeee all the deco and everything! It was so perfect, so beautiful! Especially the pelamin or I dunno what do they call that thing! hehe.. Tapi memang cantik sangat! Love it to bits! ;)


Kan..kan kan??? Cantik kan? hehe ^_^

Love all of these crystals lights, and the beautiful shades of purple, pink and white fresh flowers at the back and the dangling Christmas bauble as the backdrop... So preeeteyy! 

Okay, enjoy the rest of the photo! ^_^

The groom is giving the mahar to the bride..

She's so pretty, kan? ^_^

Awwww! I've always love this kind of moment! hehe

Everyone is wearing purple! - The theme for the day! hehe

Makan time..

With my friend, Ilya Shireen

I wore this by the way. Not purple! LOL ;p

Okay...lastly, congratulations Zarina and Mazuki! 
You guys are the perfect couple! I wish you to live in peace and in perfect union till your golden jubilee! ^_^

Till my next post! ;)



  1. beautiful wedding indeed. They hire same wedding decorator as mine, AriWeddingCouture :) find them at or facebook! :)

  2. wowwww that pelamin mmg cantekkk sgt..

    skrg ni ramai yg suka pelamin yg simple dan banyak bunga2 mcm ni.

    warna purple, pink & cream sgt2 menarik sesiapa shj.

  3. what a cozy solemnization ceremony..the ur dress..

  4. wani, your friend look gorgeous!sumpah..tak kelip mata i memandangnya..
    p/s:you bila lagi wani?hehehe

  5. Nice wedding... Beautiful indeed. But, awak pun cantik jugak Wani! :)

    N I realized, through out reading your blog, u always compliment people... It's so nice of u. Normally girls like u (no offence, but i mean like..the girl who has everything, the look, the wealth, the brain, the style, etc etc) would be so ego with anyone else...n likes to be the centre of everything like everything she must be on top... Well at least, through out my experience la. Hehe.. but you're definitely are not like that at all! Ive been following ur blog, fb, twitter..n i really think ure such a sweet, genuine girl! N I think that's one of the reason why to me you n your face look so much beautiful, prettier n different than anyone else. Hahahah. I don't know whether I'm making any sense or not here. But whatever! I hope u get what I'm trying to say here! Haha

    Lastly, I wish u happiness, joy, wealth n health! Anddddddd.....cepat2 lah kawin! Nak tgk ur wedding! Hihi

  6. Salam, very beautiful wedding n you look so stunning. I love your dress.

  7. Aaaaaa i love everything abt the wedding except the groom :p

  8. muka dia iras nurul syuhada nurul ain.. tp gambar yg ke-9 tu ade mcm katy perry pun ade.. cantik :)

  9. nur fazieyana20/2/12 3:39 AM

    What a small world...zarina is my primary school classmate...hahaha..btw, i'm your silent reader...hikhik...baru jumpe ur blog secra x sgja dari blog ur sis...n i x sgka i can finish up ur 3years post in a week...hahah..believe ur, btwrs selamat bertunang...hope u will be happy all da time ok...;-)


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