Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm Being Mushy Tonight..

Sorry for being away for so many days! I even rarely tweet this days! =( (How weird is that? haha)
It's just..I don't know what's wrong with me. I always feel sad most of the time.. Probably because of this PMS attack.. Bukanlah sedih sebab apa.. It's just.. you know.. same old thing.. Love thingy. Damn.. Love hurts. Hmm.. But I really hope it's just PMS. I hate to feel like this.. I really really hope it's just PMS and by the end of my period ni, I'll be okay again.. =/

But there's just something that I feel in my heart that I can't quite explain it.. but I feel it, deep down in there.. What can I say, I'm just a human being.. Sometimes I can't hold my tears anymore.. =(

And this video somehow can relate as to what I feel..

This song and video never fail to make me cry like a baby each time I watch it!


*wiped my tears*

"Everything in fairy tales are all lies"




  1. hey pretty! Break ups are never easy.. try reading surah al insyirah everytime youre feeling low.."in ever hardship theres ease".. You"ll get through this! <3

  2. trust me that is just a beginning... banyak lagi kau akan kena hadap. it's life. mesti ada ups n downs, obstacle. it's part of ujian.

  3. yeahh..i know.. thanks sister! =)


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