Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Very First Tutorial!

Hey girls! Sorry for not updating. Was doing a really important job right now..
Anyways, in the past couple of days.. Just before going out the other day, I had recorded a short video on how to wear a long scarf like I normally would wear, since I got a lot of requests on that.. It's really, really simple actually.

Well ermm... This is my very first video tutorial on YouTube actually.. So it might look/sound/seem funny or weird to you. Sorry in advance. I am still new in these kinda things. Will try to improve! hehe =P

Anyway, this video was a bit long. I cut it into two parts since I talk so much! hahaha. So there's Part One and Part Two. heeee. (I thought like.. Since I am not gonna be blogging and writing craps on this wall..why not I replace the words that I normally type, with some words by just talking, ey? haha)

Well in this video, the first part, I showed a few skincare products that I normally use, and then followed by the scarf tutorial, and then a little make up lesson towards the end. eheh ;p (wow.. 3 in 1 terus?? haha)
Tapi semua ni yang simple simple punya je. The style/look that I would normally wear to class or makan makan or movie or just hang out with friends.

And since it's my first, so.. you'll see how weird I am in front of the camera! heeee ;p
Oh and just to warn you in advance, I talk funny. I mean my voice is weird! But whateverrr. right?

Alright, I'm gonna shush now.. so enjoy the vids! Let me know/gimme ideas what to upload next! =)

 And here's Part Two:

So this is the look that I wore last time, to a movie date with my best friend. You can view it here.

P/S: Masa zaman belajar/sekolah dulu, selalu ajar orang lain buat Add Maths/Chemistry/Physics/Maths/etc etc.. Bila dah besar ni, ajar orang macam mana nak pakai tudung pulak?? hahaha =P



  1. yeay! nak belajar sekarang jugak.. thanks wani!


  2. kalau wai free, boleh buat turotial mekap pula ^__^ tentu ramai tertunggu-tunggu tutorial itu ;)

  3. Hahaha, i enjoyed n had fun watching your two videos! you're so cute and funny!

    i loved that idea of putting the flower brooch to finish the look, so cantik!! =D

    btw, where'd you get your lipgloss again? the sexy motherpucker i think? can i get it in aussie perhaps?

    thanks for the videos shazwani! ;)

  4. lurve your pretty eyes!!
    first time watch u in motion picture and your pair of georgeus eyes are alive!!
    this video makes me widened my eyes too. :D

  5. wani, mcm mana nak pakai tudung square tie rack ye...

  6. salam wani, nice tutotial :)
    in case u nak beli tie rack scarf, do visit

  7. oh my goshhh! cantiknya u ni wani!!!! i love ur eyes! n no, ur voice is not funny at all la dei. its normal.

    btw, u ni comel la! n klaka! byk betul brg nak terjatuh! hahaha.. pastu yg klaka tu bila mcm2 patah! adeiii.. haha. cik wani cik wani..

    anyway, loving ur bedroom!!!! so spacious! n what was that i see again? is that a high heels rack? n that huge amount of scarves on their hangers??! goshh.. u really are a girly girl. everything tersusun je!

    lucky for u! i think every girl wud want to be like u! - pretty, intelligent, talented, and rich! oh and not to forget..has an exquisite taste for fashion!

    please please pleaseeee do some more tutorials or any kind of videos. would love to see u again!

    p/s: no, u dont sound funny or whatever. actually, i think u did well for a first timer!
    Looking forward for ur next videos!

    xx, your die hard fan,

  8. Cik Wanyyyy!!!!

    Comel gila u pok pek pok pek! Camtu la u in real life. Hehe.

  9. hey wani. u cute la. haha.
    clumsy but cute gila

  10. btw, your jari jemari.. chantek!

  11. u have a very nice skinnn! :) but i cant really hear the name of your skincare product except for the organic aid, im currently using clinique but i was thinking of switching it to chanel, have you tried the skincare products? i heard that it doesnt suit the asian skin but im not sure of now im trying to find other skin care products that's REALLY good because ive tried kiehls' and dermalogica but i didnt really like them. hehe. great video by the way, very helpful indeed. :)

  12. hi dik...thanks 4 sharing how to wear shawl dear...

  13. hahaha Wani ni cute ah..membebel banyak on this tutorial!

    love your eyes babe!

  14. comel la wanie ni. u keep dropping stuff. kalo kire bebetul, lebih 20 kali kot brg terjatuh. hahahaha. dah u pegang hujung2 gitu, mane tak jatuh. next time jgn pegang mcm org nak jual product. kene pegang bebetul. ehehee. :P

  15. so sweettttttt la my childhood fren nie and so gorgeous... serious aku rindu ko wani.. nanti kte jumpa k. tcare love! cheers!!!!!!!

  16. so sweettttttt la my childhood fren nie and so gorgeous... serious aku rindu ko wani.. nanti kte jumpa k. tcare love! cheers!!!!!!!

  17. byknya tudung gantung kat hanger ikea tu...btw dok ralit dgr ur voice..hehe..finally!one useful tip that i can learn yg pasal pin kat bra straps tu.tqvm for the efforts ^__^

  18. dear wani..i'm you're silent reader and never leave a comment before..but rite now, i feels like letting you know that you've done a good job in doing the tutorial ;) cute n cheeky..hee..good luck and all the best in your future undertaking..

  19. i never see you looked so much like your sister iza. but in these vids, every angle resembles ur sist!!! :P

  20. nice video. eventhough u look like a bit gelabah. hihi.
    but i like it :)

    hope to see more videos soon

    keep up wany =)

  21. dear,u look soo gelabah..hehe

    bibir angelina jolie tu u nak cakap bibir mungil kottt..haha

    nway,enjoy watching yr vids :)

  22. ngat tgk video nih..interesting n entertaining..bravooo!!!

  23. alaaa comey nye wani! :) and trueee i pun pin tudung together with my bra straps sebab they tend to lari2. lagi selesa bila everthing are pinned together kan :) btw, really useful :)

  24. apesal ko cam memalu lakksss :P

  25. nice video.....paling best kat part bedak johnson & johnson tu .. really cool

  26. hye,

    buat laa video pakai scarf 4 your style...admire that...

  27. thanks for the videos! reilly useful!

  28. wani mcm tensen je nak bagi tutor..heheh..xpe2..practice lg kasi jadi perfect tutor

  29. hye dear !
    u mmg sgt cantekss wearing selendang..suit with ur face..i think if i wear it..msti da terkeluar rbt..huuu...

    luvvvv ur makeup tools...huu!!

  30. i like!! a good visual step by step etc..

    thanks for sharing!!

  31. make up tutorial next! on how to wear eyeliner plis!

  32. nice one! siap ada wardrobe malfunctions (ie brooch patah, lipliner patah) hehehe. but really good one! looking forward for the next tutorial! :)

  33. u r so kelam kabut...and video ni memalukan diri u sendiri!u r not being please stop it!plus...u r trying to be like Hanis Zalikha!!!come something better in the future pls!

    p/s: please get rid of all your 'menunjuk-nunjuk' thing!whats up with the opened wardrobe???and 2 laptop behind you???and all the make-up and facial brand??perlu ke tunjuk???stop being like your sister!!!

  34. what a bimbo

  35. Thumbs up Wany!!!!
    More tutorial videos in future!!! :)

  36. hai wani...i nak tanye how do u wear tierack square scarf..i ade problem bahagian depan sbb kadang2 serabut...- evarisa

  37. Sory to say this. U dont seem to know what u were doing in the first part of the video. U were not prepared (i.e. the lack of the mirror, u were not sure how to do it...??). A lot more to improve on, i'd say. but an effort, nevertheless.

  38. ala cutenya presentation, time tu la benda nak patah, nak jatuh lah etc hehehe anyway thanks a lot..
    tudung tu beli kat mana wanie?

  39. i lYke tO watch ur videO. tq..:))

  40. noooo..please don't do another video..ur really bad at it. sorry to say that, but it's the truth.

    i don't even know what kind of tutorial you are trying to do, first was the scarf, then the makeup but not quiet like it as you didn't show us the technique, only showing all your make up, i just don't get it.


  42. Please do MORE videos! I wanna see more of you!

  43. Hey wani..remember me?? (i hope u still do!)
    anywei, I watched your videos THRICE! u really are SO WANI!!!

    hehe.. Clumsy and cute!

    Keep up the good job!

  44. aiyooo...
    hmm, i think u better stick with pictures and words...

    maybe if u pointless, u just stick with pictures and only captions...

    or perhaps, only pictures cause ppl loves to see pictures..

    the video was really really bad. pening jugak kepala tengok u change scenes...too much of graphic. well, the scarf its just the same like how most of us wear it...i expect, something unique and interesting, like ada lipatan terkini ke what not.hehe..
    i dun knowlah how your other readers all wondering how u wear the scarf, cause you can actually wear it using your common sense.

    make up, not so good either.
    i think, your title should be, a day in the life of wani or shaz or whatever or maybe, how i put on my tudung and make up.but a tutorial, not yet to that extend.

    well, hope you are okay with my's only my two cents.
    owh, by the way, the top makes u look older ala2 makcik makcik.seriously.i think its because of the print lelong it in ur garage sale soon
    sure ramai berebut nak ;)

  45. Salaam wani,

    Sorry but I have to agree with Nina. In the first video, I was not sure what you were trying to show. It was dragging, sorry ye dear :(
    You should just focus on the tudung tutorial instead of bragging about skincare, makeup etc (you can do a separate tutorial for that).Stick to the subject next time ye ;)

    Nonetheless, I have to give you credits for your first tutorial and your effort ;)
    I love your blog, hence, just take this constructively and positively to improve your future tutorials :)

  46. akak baru lepas nonton.
    duhhh u so cute wany!

    thanks for the tutorial.
    sgt2 membantu ;)

  47. nampak sgt anonymous2 sekalian ni jeles/sakit hati tak tentu pasal dgn wani.. cuba compare sikit berapa ramai suka dgn berapa ramai yg tak sukaa?

    tak suka, tak payah dtg page ni.. funny la u all ni..

    nak sakit kan hati dia, tp takde point!

    to wani, you're doing great.. n u look so pretty too! thanks for the tutorial.. i really thought u pakai tudung mcm susah, rupa nya..memang senang je! thanks so much for sharing!

    n yeah, we love u.. even when ure showing us the simplest selendang wearing tutorial..we still like n love u! bcuz u tak kedekut ilmu!!

    to anonymous yg busuk hati, go somewhere else! this place is not for u!!

    oh n btw guys, please give her a break lahh! its her first tutorial! she even say sorry in the video n in this post.. tu pon kau nak sakit hati lagi ke??
    tak paham aku lahhh..

  48. FARAH HAMDAN18/7/10 7:05 AM

    Omg wanii!!! You are SO being youu!! that was so wani!!! hahaha. Funny lah u ni.. More vids pleese!

    p/s: missing u lah!

  49. wani. awak. comel.


  50. wani nak lagi video pleaseee!

  51. babe, i think in ur next vid u shud post on how u did ur eyemakeup..i mean the eyeshadow punye part. cuz it looks natural tp cantik! i suka! eventho org byk comment ckp dorg tak suka...but i dont mind. this is ur first time! mcm la dorg tu pandai sgt nk buat vid pun kan? ok lah. and pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls tunai kan my suggestion in ur next vid okay?? thanks babe! good job.

  52. salam wani..
    comel sgt awk ni
    pastu cam membebel pulak
    pastu klakar lagi
    dorg yg komen negatif tu jeles biarkan je
    akak suka awk

  53. i tink wani appreciate both +ve n -ve comments. if cnstructive critcism ok lah, cn improve. ya i did feel the 1st part quite draggy..
    n wow u put so many stuffs on the lips! sori i tak pernah makeup dats y tak tau at all :)
    anyway to me sincerely, u look even better in vids than pix..cos ur natural character stands out :)

  54. well 4 me its gud lah 4 u 2 mke tis tutorial 4 ur fan sbb i tgk mmg ramai pon yg mntk. ok la 2. but i tink a pro like u yg kerap pakai tudung mostly 24hours (except when u take ur bath n sleep) u shud be lg expert n i rasa kalo org tu dh ckup terer xde cermin pon tudung tu menjadi. n sekelip mata je siap. u take almost 6min n lebih 2 siap pakai suma cuz u bz tunjuk brand mkeup which is i tink xde kena mngena dgn tutorial OBLONG u. so jgn mrh la ye. u kan ble time kritikan org. jgn anggap sume kritikan 2 membunuh. kalo x kitorg xfollow la ur blog. ok!

  55. waniiii...bila lg u nak buat tutorial ni?? buat la pasal eyemakeup, i hv been waiting for ages! btw, makin lama i tgk u makin cantik! i love ur posts. its so girly and u suggested really goof things for me to buy hehe. btw, just to share with u, i know u dont like MAC but their lipsticks are AWESOME. so wani, pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls buat tutorial lg. i loved it! thanks babe! have a good life. hehe.

  56. and owh ya i forgot babe, one more thing. plsspls pls pls pls make a post on how u do ur eyebrows. its damn gorgeous! did u pluck it urself? how did u color it? thanks wani! love ya loads!


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