Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tea Ladies

Before going to Jakarta last Thursday, I had an outing with my course mates on that week.. Well, it was Alia's birthday the day we had a lil' meet up.. And had tea and a late lunch at Cafe Barbera in Bangsar. It was such a cozy place. Great for a lil' chit chat with friends.. =)
You should really have a visit!

This is Sharifah Fara Difla. She is lovely. And her hair is awesome too. 

I ordered a beef carbonara pasta. It was really yummy and creamy, which I like..but the portion is quite big..and I couldn't finish it off.. Rasa macam muak pun ada..

As for drinks..everyone ordered teas! Earl Grey, English Tea, etc. I feel like we were in a Datin-Datin's meeting or something on that evening! haha =P

So this is the four of us. The Single Datins. hahaha =P

These are their desserts. I didn't order any. Too full. Setakat rasa sikit-sikit je.. The tiramisu tasted great, though..

And this is Alia. The one on the left. This is the Birthday Girl

When girls get together, it is indeed a mandatory for them to have a cam whoring session, no? Teehee. That's what we did! Well..quite a lot pictures we took. But I will only upload some here ok? Otherwise you guys would want to poke your eyes for having to see the same faces over and over again! hahaha =P

Shaz, Alia, Mira

Wani, Illani and Difla

Happy Birthday my dear friend!

P/S: I really hope you like the Stila Lip Glaze I gave you! Mmmuah mmuah!



  1. wani, cantik nya dik ko bila x mekap sgt!!! cantik, bersih je akak nengok!

  2. hey shazwani.. correct me if im wrong, is that a louis vuitton handbag from the range suhali, that u put beside u in the picture number 4??
    if it is..such a fabulous girl u are! i really love that bag!! but i cant afford it yet..I really love your fashion sense and taste!
    You rock shazwani! keep on blogging about fashion stuff please!

  3. cantiknya semua single datins ni..hehe


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