Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Seventh Day in Perth

Tonight I don't feel like updating stories on my Indonesia trip just yet.. I think I would like to finish up my stories on Perth first (that's about another 2 entries left..and then I'll be done with Perth! Yeay!).

So anyway, for this entry, I will update you on our Seventh Day in Perth. This day was one of my favourite days of all the days while we were in Perth! Why? Because we've been to one of the most beautiful island on earth! Plus, on that night I experienced and saw something I've never seen before.. That's why this would be the day that I love the most amongst all my days in Perth.

So anyways.. just for your information, Rottnest Island is classified as an A Class Reserve and this is one of the most beautiful islands in the world! We spent almost all day in here. Well.. from morning till evening!

Okay, I won't bebel much now. This is a pictorial entry. Go ahead, feast your eyes with some beautiful pictures of the island!
Now start scrolling! =)

On that morning, we arrived at Barrack Square.. There's a lot of ships around here.. that could take us to Fremantle, Rottnest Island, etc..

There's a few bars and cafes around here.. Grreat!

Daddy's buying the tickets to Rottnest Island

While waiting for our ship to arrive.. We took a few photos around this port to kill time..

That's Swan River behind him..

Eye on Malaysia is here? hehe. Nahhh.. this one is called The Perth Wheel (And yes I wear flats and I know I look ridiculous! So whaaaat? hehe. Okayy... you, yes YOU shushh ok! Just zip it! ;p Heeee)

Ok, time to go now!

Daddy and mommy chose to sit inside..

..while me and my brother, preferred to sit outside and enjoying the sea breeze!

It was sunny yet breezeyyy! I like!

This is Perth City, everyone!
We're quite far from the city now..

It was so windy and breezy that I had to hold my scarf all the time so that it'd still be in place! hehe
Okayy..going back inside and sitting there quietly.. The weather was kinda cool on that day.. So staying in and enjoying some hot coffee that were sold on the boat was a good idea..hehe

We're arrived! The moment I step off my feet from the ship that took us here, I was mesmerized with the color of the water! It's pure blue!!! Very beautiful!!

We have entered an A Class Reserve!

"Hmm..okay let see..where should we make our pit stop and what should we do? Hmm.. Where's the freaking restaurants? I am so hungry! Haven't take my breakfast! Where's the toilet?"

So this is the island from above! Just so you know, the island is 11 kilometres long, and 4.5 kilometres at its widest point with a total land area of 19 km².

First stop, Dome! Gotta have breakfast! Real hungry!

I had pancakes! Have always loved Dome's pancakes! =)

There are so many activities to do around here.. Cycling is one of them! I wish we rented one! So I can pedal all around this beautiful island and can stop at any place and take moreeee photos!
So I said to my dad, I wanted to cycle...

...but instead, daddy chose to ride a bus. Yes, there's a bus service on this small island. This bus will stop at every station for you to hop on and off.. The buses come every 15 to 20 minutes.. but sometimes it can go up till 30 minutes! Agak lama la tapi!

We're already on the bus..and looking around, left and right.. This island is really really breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerizing! 

Look at those colors! Dark blue, turquoise, light blue, etc etc.. So pretty!

I wish I live around here.. Such a calm place to live in..

Memang cantik, kan? =)

Anyway.. after sitting on the bus for almost an hour, I asked my dad to stop at one of the stations there.. I wanted to swim and take a closer look at the beach..rather than just sitting on the bus and snap some photos..

So we stop at the second last station..

And I found this lil' creature at one of the cafes there! So cuteee! It's called Quokka. It's kinda like a kangaroo/wallaby category or family.. Fyi, Rottnest is one of the few areas in the world where the quokka can be found. There's a lot of these quokkas running around on this island.. They are not afraid of the humans, which is cool!

Oh, and another information that I'd like to inform y'all is that Rottnest island got its name because of this creature! The people that found this island long time ago, saw a lot of this animal on this island. They didn't know what it was.. They thought it was some kinda rat or something.. N yeah, it kinda look like rats. Big rats actually. So they name this place as Rat's Nest...then it became Rottnest! (wahhh I remember their history! hehe)

Okayy..we're going to the Georgie Longreach Village Square now..

Hey I found another one! They are everywhere!! The size of this animal is like a dog or a cat.. It looks like a rat, ey? With that color and that tail and ears! hehe

We're now at the beach!

I can't wait to touch the water!!!

Windy..windy day!! It was kinda a bad weather on this day.. It was really really windy! Can't even walk properly!! I almost fly! haha. Yeah so fat, the wind can't even blow me off! =P

Boating? would be nice but the wind screw it all! =(

The jetty..

My brother almost fell cuz of the wind!

 After taking a few pictures, daddy decided to hop on the bus again.. He said, its not a strategic place to swim..
While on the way to the bus station, I found a tram! There's a tram service in here too! How cool!

But we stick to the shuttle bus still!

Anddd...make a stop at one of the stations... mandi!!!! Ah..finally!! Yeayy!

It was windy and breezy! I likeeee! Sejukkk! =)

"I am so going to touch the water! How exciting!"

Crystal clear water!!!! I can see my feet! Oh and the water is so cold tooo!!!

"Okayy! Am SO going in! Hellowww Mr Sun!"

Back at the rest area to take my stuff.. Daddy and brother already wet.. So I too would love to join them and go get change to my swimming attire.. Heee =)

Mommy didn't join us. She'd rather stay at the rest area and heh. And watched us from far..

I shouted, "Mama look! I found some seaweed!" hehee ;p

There's a lot actually! And corals too! Or was it rock or something? hehe.. Sakit! Tajam and kasar! Kejap2 terpijak! Ouch!

Diving or snorkeling would be great on this island...but since my dad is the only one that knows how to dive and really really swim, so he decided that we only gonna swim around that beach.. Thus he didn't bought for us the snorkeling pipes and everything..tskk... I would love to see the underwater!! Mesti cantik!

This is the jetty around here.. With white sand all over it.. Nice. 

After one hour or so.. It's time to go upstairs at the rest area and go to the ladies and shower and pack up our stuff! And time to have our lunch!

Welcome back to Dome! hehe. God...I got tanned after an hour plus at the beach!! Oh nooo! =(

Our lunch!
Haruslah Fish and Chips! It's seafood! What any other choice do we have? hehe

A few more minutes for our boat to arrive..

...and here it is!

Hitammmmmm!!!! I should have wear my sun block lotion!! 

Arrive at the Barrack Square again. This building is called The Swan Bell Tower. It's still quite new. I dunno what's inside.. We didn't got the chance to go inside. It is situated on the foreshore at the Barrack Square and overlooking the famous Swan River.

The architecture of this building is so nice!

Next to the Swan Bell Tower is the Wheel of Perth. It is a 50 metre high modern day ferris wheel with 36 cabins all of which are fully air conditioned.'s kinda boring now don't you think? Mana-mana ada this ferris wheel.. London, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Perth, etc.. Tak special dah, kan? Tak special tak special pon, tapi saya belum pernah naik pon! hahaha =P

I am sitting on the famous black swan in front of the Swan Bell Tower!

Next thing we know.. we already arrived our apartment around 5 something and it was time to clean up and pray! And to prepare for dinner too.. Daddy didn't feel like going out after a day at the beach, so...home cooked meal it was!

Helping mommy preparing with dish..

We gonna eat chicken! Yeay.. At last... some meat for my tummy! hehe

After our about 9 pm or so.. Uncle Abbas wanted to bring us out.. He wanted to bring us to some housing area in Perth, to see lights! Not just any lights, it was two days before the Chritsmas eve btw, so he brought us to the most brightest neighbourhood ever... to see how people celebrate or decorate their house using lights for Christmas!!

Just arrived..and I saw this truck with children in it sing along happily..

The first house that I stop and stare.. Gosh they have some electronic toy trains moving around their porch! How cool!

And this house, they put lights along the driveway.. And there's some reindeer rudolph too! hehe

So many people visiting this neighbourhood! It even had caused traffic jams! It's kinda amazing how they celebrate Christmas around here, and decorate their houses summore! Semangat gilaa! hehe. Kita kat sini, setakat main bunga api tak pon main bom sana sini, and then letak lampu kelip-kelip kat depan rumah, pastu light up the pelita or something..hehe ;p

Oh..and I found a santa! It's a balloon actually.. At one of the houses there..

See.. tangga pon ada lampu! Pokok pokok jangan cakap lah, merata rata ada lampu! Sangat cantik!

People singing Christmas carol..
For a moment there..I felt like I was in a fairy tale land or something.. I see lights everywhere.. People singing all the time, children play around happily.. It was really really beautiful!

So many people around here!! I think this is much more exciting than those New Year eve at KLCC or whatever.. hehe

Semua rumah hebat-hebat..

Uncle Abbas told us that there is a competition every year, whose house that decorated their home/driveway/porch/etc with lights and such, with the most brilliant and interesting way will win! If any of these household wins, they win a total of AUD 25,000!!! Now who doesn't want that much amount of money?! It's no wonder they're being too semangat on this, and invested some money in those amount of lights!!
The round thing that looks like a candy states, "Santa, STOP here!!!". hehe. That's cute!

Next, Uncle Abbas took us to Sorrento Quay to have some coffee or ice cream before going back to our apartment..

This random guy suddenly appeared behind my mom and started to pose! hehe

Ice cream! Hey..I got some ice cream!! I was one happy girl!

Hey do you like my waistcoat? Well, not exactly a waistcoat. It's a corset actually! hehe. I love it! =)

It was 11 pm already and it was time to take off.. And be in bed as soon as possible cuz we're going for a final shopping in Perth on the next day!

Stay tune!



  1. Hi Wani, Youre the most luckiest girl to be in the most beatiful place on earth... Teringin sangat nak jejak Perth... looking forward for your next post..

  2. untung nya wani. cantik betul tempat ni.
    N no, u dont look weird wearing a flat. biasa je lah dik.. hihi

    anyway, meriah betul depa sambut chrismas eh? best nyaaa!


  3. OMG! Captain Cook! Longreach Village! Swan Bell Tower! Been ages since my last visit to Perth and they're all still there! The island is so nice kan? :D

  4. omg best nyaaaa!!! nak pergi!

  5. hai wani.. i love all your posts abt perth..been there too!! tp xsempat la pegi that island.. sy pegi kejap jer..4hari 3malam je kat sana..parents xdapat cuti anyway..dapat gak jejakkan kaki ke sana..besttt kan?

  6. indeed, very beautiful island/pictures!

  7. That tram goes up Signal Hill. Awesome view and second world war big anti warships gun there with underground tunnel system. Try not to miss it before you leave for home


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