Monday, July 26, 2010

Be Nice To Your Skin!

You might be surprised to find out that the skin is the largest organ in your body! Yes, it’s true! Some of you might not think it as an organ. But well, like your heart, stomach, and brain, your skin IS an organ! It holds everything together. Skin covers and protects everything inside your body. Without skin, people's muscles, bones, and organs would be hanging out all over the place! Yikes!

A few weeks ago, I went to the Vaseline Amazing Skin Launch at Villa Manja in Ampang. The theme was “Your Skin, Your Story, Your Life”.  The campaign highlighted the importance of the multiple benefits of proper daily skincare and also to seek and empower women to love and appreciate their skin, not just the face but the entire body by giving it the care and nourishment it deserves.

I learned quite a lot from attending the event. I learned that we need to take care of our skin, because it constantly protecting us all along this while without we realizing it. And I also learned that normal skin loses about 80 to 100 grams of water into the atmosphere everyday which is why an effective moisturizer that provides adequate hydration all day long is important.

Your skin is constantly protecting you. Your skin keeps infections out of your body and keeps you from getting sick. When you take care of your skin, you're helping your skin do its job. And taking care of your skin today will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Well..our skin is actually such an amazing organ. It lets you feel things by touch as well as being your waterproof barrier. It protects our bodies, helps keep our bodies at just the right temperature and allows us to have the sense of touch.

It protects you.

And what does your skin ask for in return for all the wonderful things it does? Just a little care and considerations. Therefore, we need to stop taking our skin for granted and protect it with the right products as to return the favor. Vaseline believes that your skin is amazing and it deserves to be treated! So let's find out how to take good care of the skin you're in with the right products.

Recognizing the need for daily hydration and replenishment, Vaseline the expert skin care brand for over a century unveiled its amazing skin care range with the best products designed to meet specific skin care needs.

  • Total Moisture – Ensures ten times more moisturisation and protection that is customed for dry skin.
  • Intensive Rescue – Contains Glycerin which instantly triples moisture and Occlusive which help to lock moisture in all day.
  • Aloe Cool and Fresh – Enriched with aloe vera and cucumber extracts to deliver refreshing hydration
  • Healthy White – Contains yogurt serum and vitamin B3 with triple sunscreen protection to replenish skin with sheer burst of hydration, bringing out the healthy fairness and natural radiance of the skin 

Anyway, here are the rest of the pics at the event. Enjoy!

The gorgeous Jojo Struys

They were dancing gracefully..

With my sister

Me in Villa Manja

Oh, and we also get to enjoy a free 15 minute shoulder massage! Cool!

That's Reena and Hanis Zalikha's mom

..with Hanis Zalikha

..and with Reena

Learning about skin..

Us, with the beautiful woman, Daphne Iking

Here's the goodie bag that I received! These are all Vaseline products and some bathing tools! Coolies!!




  1. Alaaa I tak dapat amik gambar dengan Daphne Iking. Pasaipa tak tau I pun tak ingat.

  2. wahh best!
    dapat free massage lagi

  3. wani, bag apa yg u pakai tu? brand apa eh? mcm cantik la..

  4. wani, bag apa yg u pakai tu? brand apa eh? mcm cantik la..

  5. reena: heh.. i pulak lupa nak amik dgn jojo the gorgeous lady! hehe

    ainee cumi: yup! tu la pasal! =)

    anonymous: thanks. its a celine bag. bag lama je. dah about 5 years ago kot beli..

  6. bestnye...
    daphne iking looks very gorgeous!!!

  7. u mmg suka kan pergi tmpt2 macam ni..
    i suke baca personal entry yg macam ni yg i jarang2 dpt tahu :)
    hee.. btw, nice entry..

  8. wahhh.. bestnya dapat jumpa artis disamping dapat promo iklan


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