Monday, July 19, 2010

Dinner at Whisk

Last week, I went to Whisk for the first time! Yeayyy! At last! I've been seeing people tweet/blog about this place...and I so wanted to taste their macaroons! And at wish has come true! hehe. Well..actually, the initial plan was to have my dinner at Mamak stall or someplace like Johnny's for their steamboat or whateverr.. But I ended up going to the Empire to have their delicious macaroons! hahaha. (what a weird food for a dinner, ey? LOL)

So I tweeted Alia my friend, since she knows how to get there.. And she agreed to tag along.. So I fetch her at her house, to accompany me and show me the way to get to the Empire..

This is Alia Illani. Cantik kan the color of her t-shirt? I like this kinda yellow! =)
(and stop looking at my jerawat! Heeee)

And arrived at Whisk! I was quite surprised that this shop is a lil' bit small. Cuz I imagined that the space is like...Starbucks cafe or something.. hehe.. But what the heck right.. It's a cute cafe that serves greaaaat macaroons and cakes! =)

When we arrived at the macaroon bar, we saw only a few macaroons left for us! Sobs! But 10 pieces is enough la kan..

So these are the yummy and colorful macaroons! They are our starters! hahaha

My fave one is peanut (the one in blue) and chocolate. Yum!!

And then we ordered their pizza too! Pon sedap!! I like the idea that they served their pizza on this some sort of..erm... like a chopping board! How cool!

And then for our dessert..we ordered this Red Velvet cake! Sumpah, sedap gila! Tapi kinda scary sebab dia merah sangat.. Too much coloring I think! (tapi dalam gamba tak nampak sangat..)

Cam whoring adalah wajib! ;p

While we were having our dessert... Alia was playing around with my camera.. She snapped some candid photos of me while I was tweeting and drinking and eating..hehe

"Oh hyee camera!"

"Okayy...that guy is hot!"

"Alaaa..something wrong with my tweetphoto.. Why can't I upload the photo of this Red Velvet cake?! Why god, whyyy?! Sobs."

"Hmm..I really hope there's nothing wrong with my BB or my tweetphoto! tskk.."

*frustrated face..while waiting for my BB to restart*

"Ok good! It's on now! Umm..nak tweet apa eh? Lupa dah tadi.."

"Hmm..this Berry Chiller tastes goood! Tweet pasal ni lah!"

"Ohh..there's a camera in front of me! Look Wani, say cheeese!" 

Heh. Mengarut je.

After we've done with our food, I ordered some take outs too. Another 10 macaroons, 2 Red Velvet cupcakes and a slice of Hummingbird Cake.. They were for my mother and brother at home! And they love it too!

So you too, should give it a try! =)

P/S: This place would be great for a date with a friend! Very cozy and best of all, their cakes are so delicious, at least to me! =)



  1. Hari tu Hanis, now u plakk. Adehhh bila nak sampai Empire ni? Nak try macaron tu jugak. RM for RM18 ok la.. Tak la mahal sangat.

  2. wow... sedapnya... tempat nie kt area mana erk?

  3. a must try then :p nanti i balik i pergi try :)

  4. aah memang menakutkan tgk red velvet tu..tapi sumpah sedap kan?

    aaa tbe2 teringin nk mkn kat sne lagi

  5. kiut nya colorful macaroons tu!

  6. next time you're there do try out their hummingbird (or something) cake. that one is equally sedap as their red velvet cake. environment dia best kan eventhough it's wee bit small. and oh opposite whisk ada kedai nama serai. their pavlova (i never tasted alexis' pavlova, so i don't know if alexis lagi sedap) and lychee cheese cake sedap!

  7. kwn u adalah cantek =)
    u adalah kiut. lagi2 dlm 'drama' gmbo2 u tuh (^_^)
    lately ni u bnyk pakai dat ring kan. bnyk dh bace entry u yg most of it ade cincin tuh. mmg beso weh..!~ ;p

  8. where did you buy all your rings? semuaa cantikkk!

  9. kt mana ni? looks yummy..huhu :)

  10. salam, u n ur fren are so cute!!! yepp, the velvet cake is marvellous!!! mmg sinful to the max...

  11. baca caption gambar u memang buat gelak je. so funny :DD

  12. may i know where is this place situated??

  13. reena: yup! 10 for 18 bucks ok la kannn.. Pergi la try one day! sebab mmg sedap!

    red clutch: dekat Empire mall...seblah subang parade

    aida narina: yup2! sila try!

    eisha: mom pon takot tgk sbb merah sgt!

    mya: kan kan kannn! sesuai serve kalau ada birthday party ke apa..

    moose: ohh ada pavlova gak eh kat kedai depan tuu? okay! gonna try nnt! btw, yup..i beli hummingbird for my mom..but i kurang suka sbb mcm ada banana..i dont really like banana..hehe

    azmieta: awww...thank u!! aah i suka cincin besar2! hehee

    anonymous: err..all over the place! hahaha.. well..ada yg beli dkt aussie/holland/paris/bangkok/kl/etc la..
    u can get them at diva or forever 21..they sell a lot of pretty rings!

    arash libra: dekat whisk dekat empire mall dekat subang..seblah subang parade..hehehe

    kyani: thank u dear! yup2..nanti i nak pegi lagi.. sedapp! hehe

    nn: hahaha! i merepek je tuu. heee ;p

    msiu: its in empire mall in subang..

  14. i went to empire mall a few weeks ago and perasan this one cafe, which i think is Whisk kot (is there like a mini papan hitam kat luar cafe tu?). didn't bother to check it out tho sbb ramai sgt org n macam sempit...but if i knew they have macaroons, mesti pegi!

    p/s: u look like a doll with that contact lens! tu Geo lens izzit?

  15. yup2. that's the whisk shop!

    thanks..but no, thats not geo lens. geo lens tu da lama tak pakai. dia buat mata aku pedih. huhu.. yg ni aku beli dekat focus point...brand x familiar.. brand from singapore ke apa tah..

  16. much eh ur contact lens??
    klu yg ade power la..sory out of topic..
    owh btw i kenal ur fren's sister..

  17. i tak ingat sgt la..sbb masa tu i beli terus skali byk2.. i think about 65 per box kot..

  18. owh quit cheap ey...
    btw thnx for the info..

  19. you are right..the red velvet cake tu memang superb..sedap sgt. Next time i nak try the macaroon la pulak:)

  20. did the macaroon last for one week?


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