Wednesday, July 28, 2010

40 Random Things About Me..

40 Things I Like..
  1. Internet (I can live without TV but not internet)
  2. Funny people who can make me laugh real loud.
  3. Driving with a good song on the radio 
  4. Vanilla ice cream
  5. My family and friends
  6. Victoria Beckham (for the awesome clothes that she has and wears, for always looking so amazing, for being the hottest and stylish mom ever, and for being so adorable when she's with awesome people and when she's with David and her kids)
  7. The sound of rain pouring down..
  8. Shoes
  9. Guys like David Beckham (be it the look, the style or the hubby/daddy material type. Heheh)
  10. Awesome cupcakes or any sweet things
  11. Receiving letters
  12. Cool weather
  13. Lacey hipsters underwear
  14. Spanish language
  15. Vintage stuff
  16. Going shopping (I love browsing stuff, and I love it when I step into a store..with the smell of italian leather shoes, or the smell of new arrival clothes on the rack, and etc... and I also like it when I bump into some cool new stuff, and to see some gorgeous stuff on the display, and so on.. The experience of going shopping is just amazing, isn't it?! I find shopping really is therapeutic!)
  17. All the pretty and girly things - And that means: hair, cosmetics, fashion, accessories and so on.. that are related with being girly (and pretty!) =)
  18. Twittering
  19. Drinking icy cold freshly squeezed juice. Any juice! Cranberries, tomatoes, apples, oranges, strawberries, mango, etc etc! I absolutely loveee juice! They make me happy!
  20. A good book that can make me laugh all the way! And some love movies that really really touched my heart!
  21. Expensive chocolates. They really do taste so delightfully sinful!
  22. An old t-shirts. Especially if the material is super soft!
  23. A good song
  24. My hands, my fingers, my nails, my lips, my ears, my hair and my shoe size (because I personally think that the size 6 is just the right (and nice) size for a woman's foot. Not too small nor too long. heh)
  25. Mc Donald's McFlurry Oreo and Vico Kotak.
  26. Russell Peters's stupid, funny, hilarious jokes!
  27. Just stay in, sitting on my awesome bed and do nothing
  28. Nice people and cute little animals!
  29. Taking pictures
  30. Traveling
  31. Night time.. (I feel much calmer, happy and bahagiaaa during night time.. That's why I love staying up till late nights.. hehee ;p)
  32. Coffee!
  33. My mom's gulai masam tempoyak. Oh my god, it's just so yummeyyy! I really gotta learn how to cook that!
  34. A cozy room
  35. Good food or comfort food and also Fine Dining =)
  36. Clean bathroom, clean towel and clean bedsheets
  37. Doing romantic/sweet things for my loved ones
  38. Singing
  39. Taking my bath for 2 hour  =)
  40. Being in love! ;p

40 Things I Dislike...
  1. Traffic jams (when I am super late for something) 
  2. Women drivers (Yes, I am aware of my gender. But really, women can be so stupid sometimes, when they are on the road! And that always pisses me off! Blearghhh!)
  3. Driving with no awesome songs on the radio (I'll get bored then! So when I feel bored, and with women drivers coming in my way, I'll get mad easily) =P
  4. Bumpy roads, busy roads, and damaged roads.
  5. LIZARDS, LIZARDS AND LIZARDS!!! I can go haywire if I see them! >_<
  6. Banana and Durian. (I don't like the smell and the taste of durian, and I only eat banana, only if you have make it into something else like shakes, banana splits, banana fritters, cake, etc etc just as long as it is not those raw and butt naked bananas! huhu) ;p
  7. When my eczema attacks! (that's usually would happen if I wear/touch things that are dirty. I know, so gedix kan? haihh.. But what to do. I've sensitive skin! Sobs. So siapa nak tahu tangan dia bersih atau tidak, silalah pegang saya! haha. Kalau kulit saya bertukar menjadi merah dan gatal dan berbintik bintik atau kulit saya menjadi tebal dan huduh, haa..that means you're dirty!!! So go away and don't touch me! And go get yourself some Dettol! heh ;p)
  8. Slow internet connection!
  9. Being sick
  10. Packing and unpacking my clothes whenever I travel
  11. Waterproof mascara that is sooo water proof! haha. I know, that's the main purpose but it's really hard to take it off! Nak amik wuduk nanti pun susah!. That's why I love non-waterproofs! Easy peasy! =)
  12. My eating habit. (I don't eat healthily. But I'm trying to be!)
  13. When my Blackberry is being a biatch that I have to always restart it! >_< 
  14. All those annoying invites/groups/etc on Facebook spamming my inbox and my homepage!
  15. People tagging me on some pictures in Facebook that has nothing to do with me
  16. Some stupid/weird pick up lines I get from guys.
  17. LIARS.
  18. Pretentious people.
  19. Clothes that make me look fat than I already am! >_<
  20. When I'm in the mood to tweet something which I think is kinda interesting, and then my BB started to hang and become so damn slowwwww! Yeesh. I hate that moment! =(
  21. PIMPLES AND SCARS! Damn youuu! =(
  22. Bras that are too tight that it hurts
  23. Crocs shoes. No offense to Crocs lovers, but I think they are pretty weird looking shoes or slippers or whatever you call it! hehe ;p
  24. Rude people and smokers
  25. Bitches who think they're cool and bimbos who think they're hot! Oh, and snobbish people too! Blearghhh! 
  26. My body figure (I want 36-26-36! Heeeee ;p), my height, my skin tone/color, my skin condition, my set of teeth (I think I wanna wear braces again lah! Sigh. It doesn't look like how I want it to be..tskk), my short legs (how I wish I have longer (and sexy) legs!), my feet (yes I do like the size of it, but I don't like the look of it! - I think they look so manly with those really huge toes! Blearghhh!), oh..and my hair fall problem too! tskkk =( Hmm...tapi nak buat macam mana lagi kann..terima je lah. Tuhan dah bagi cukup sifat pon nak mengada lagi. Lempang kang. (Okay okay. Bersyukur mode is now on!)
  27. Windbags
  28. People who borrowed me some money but disappear after they got what they want and never want to repay. Grrrr. (Nevermind. karma is going to bite you in the arse!)
  29. Braggers
  30. When I'm being so gelabah.
  31. Hot weather
  32. Me being fat. Fat face. Fat arms. Fat hips. Fat thighs. Fat butt. Fat belly. Fat err...apa lagi eh? Hmm.. lately ni, my perut is starting to become like, mancung ke depan sangatlah! Haiyaaa.. Bila mau kurus ni?? >_<
  33. Paying bills! Sobs T_T
  34. When I talk so honestly and at that particular moment, honesty is not the best policy. AT ALL.
  35. When I'm being too honest almost all the time. Ishhhhh. Tak sukaaa. My friends called me someone yang lurus and terlalu jujur. Hmm.. But I don't think I am that lurus or jujur or whatever. It's just.. I don't really feel okay to not telling people what I feel like, or what I'm supposed to tell...Sebab nanti saya rasa bersalah sebab dia tak tahu..  Errr.. am I making any sense here? haha. Okayy nevermind, whatever. Only my friends know what I'm talking about! =p
  36. Busybodies, control freak and judgmental people
  37. When I don't really know how to lie.. (successfully! ;p) Seriously, I gotta learn how to lie without people can detect that I'm lying! Yeeshh. Tak aci!  =(
  38. Random people who missed call me for no reason. Or perhaps they expect me to call them back? Hmm.. Apakah?
  39. People who likes to take advantage on other people. Or, someone who doesn't appreciate nice things we do for them, and taking them for granted. Oh..and selfish people too.
  40. And lastly, being emo like what I'm being right now! haha.. (So not good! ;p)

So..I gotta shush now..before my 40 Dislike list become a 100! hehe.. Plus, you must be so damn bored kannn.. Heee.. 
Well..that's what I usually do when I got nothing else better to do. - I listed out stupid things! haha

Okay, that's it. So those are the 40 random things about me! Eh.. I mean 80! ;p
Bye for now!



  1. wani,

    body figure measurement like u reaallly want like 36-26-36 was nearly same as mine, but trust me..x best langsung being this skinny..i love your body especially your butt and thigh..seriously! trying to gain weight for so long but i aint gain any..not even a kilo..frustrated already~


  2. i think u should try mudpie
    oreao tuh plus lagi chocolate topping rasa mau terbang jew ble makan gila sedapp :)

  3. ure very cute la wani!

  4. nice to know about u from this entry!

  5. occasionally read your blog and your sister's blog, well I'm adore by the way you wrote it.

    keep it up!

  6. i want 34-25-34 like i used to be! T_T

  7. dislike num. 25 tu i betul2 agreed!

    just because i tak pakai micro mini skirt, gelak gedik2 and tak cakap slang english sampai tergeliat lidah then i tak layak "join" group girlfriends to my bf's, wtf ?!


  8. the last one under likes is the best! nothing can be more than the feeling of being in love. ;)


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