Monday, August 2, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive..

Hello people!

I know I left this blog for like a few days already. You guys must been missing me right? Hahahaha. Yeah rightt. ;p

Well..I'm okay. I'm still breathing.. It's just that.. life's been treating me so well lately. I am really really happy. And I feel so blessed! Syukur, alhamdulillah. So.. I would like to enjoy this moment as much as possible, while I still can.. Heeee. =)

So..I'm really sorry for the lack of updates! Will try to squeeze in my blogging time and mood!

Anyways...wish you guys a happy August ahead! And September, October, November and December! And then January! Goshh..this year is coming to an end already!! That means, I'm getting old! Sharks! I hate January!!! =( (I mean, I love getting presents on that month..haha.. But, getting older each day just sucks, kan?! Ishhh.)




  1. Yeah, we miss u Wani..sementara belum kerja ni, update la ur blog hari2..hehehe..

    BTW, if u facing blogging block, why not you do a 30-day blogging challenge.. Share your thoughts k..

  2. salam..
    cik wani,,sorry jika bertanya..
    mana ya kamu ambil template/layout ini?
    sangat besar dan simple..sebab saya tgh cari layout mcm ini..he.tq


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