Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Woman with a Big Heart

That is MIU!! My blogger friend! ;)

I was reading her blog, and I was quite surprised when I saw
an entry just for me! Omg, she's just so nice la. She made me a cute little cupcake sundae as a birthday gift for me! (I dunno what's inside, but I'm so excited already! haha) =)

Wow.. you put so much effort, Miu!! N I love it verry much! Thank u dear!!

And not only that, she invited me to watch Bride Wars Movie Preview this Tuesday since last Friday, I couldn't attend to the Four Christmases invites!!

It's on this coming Tuesday. And I hope my friends can teman me. .
I really wanted to watch this movie!! (I adore Anne Hathaway just as much as I love VB!)


Now, my wishlist number 44 has to cancel! Already got it! hehe ;)


You're such an angel! ;)



  1. omg.. i never thought u'd be readin my blog so soon T_T .. was thinkin u might not read it after u got it.. but i was just too excited and wanted to blog it on your birthday to make it special post.

    I adored Kate Hudson & Anne..they're both so gorgeous! especially Anne, she grew up to be so oh-la-la. Can't wait to see both of them being girly together!

    4 tix for u ! let me know if none is taken :)

    Love u girl! an angel like u deserved some cuteness for your birthday too! even if it's just a small token of friendship from yours truly.


  2. that's cute!
    i wonder what's inside..

  3. wani... apparently we share the same birthdate... 17 jan right?? happy birthday to both of us~! hehehe... tapi i'm slightly older than u laaa. anyway, may all your wishes come true & semoga sihat2 selalu :D

  4. pink: tomorrow she'll find out!! :D


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