Friday, January 2, 2009

My Handphones Timeline.. hehehe =P

Sejarah handphone saya.. hehe =P

Year 2000.

I still remember the very first day I stepped into
my high school. I was quite surprised that there are a few students who bring handphones to school! We are just 13 years old! But some of my friends already have at least one phone! N I don't even have a simpack! haha.

At that time we are still quite new to the handphones world, I guess. So, I don't really feel left out or uncool or whatsoever lah..hehe.. =P

My parents don't see the need or reason for me to have it! So they refused to buy one for me.. They used to say that during their time in schools or even university, they don't have any phones and still survived and (succeeded)! hehe. And they said, I could always use public phones! haihhh.. Yeah. True. =P

So then.. for about 2 years, I've been waiting n wanting to possess a handphone. And as time goes by, everybody started to show off theirs. But I was like a loser lah. Didn't have any. *sigh*. Haih.. budak2 zaman skrg. takde hp pun loser.haha.

Oh, and the school even came out with a new rule! We can bring handphones to school, since the public phones had always been vandalised! But of course we have to switch it off during school hours except for lunch time, I think. Forgot already. But well.. no body followed the bloody rules. haha..

We just switched ours to silent mode for the whole day.haha ;p


In year 2002, that time I was 15, and since every one possessed a handphone, and it's like a trend or something.. So daddy bought one for me! (Plus, I did quite well in my PMR trial.. N he was happy, I think. hehe..)

So.. daddy gave me a brand new handphone! Weeee! My very first phone!!

It was Nokia 8310!

At that time it was like the coolest phone or something. Cuz it has radio n other stuff.. I was really really happy, like a little girl got a very beautiful barbie! hehe.. So then he said, if I do well in my PMR, he'll gimme another *hadiah*! Wooh! ;D cut a long story short, that phone got stolen. Dunno who why how and when. *screw that person!* =(

So.. I didn't have a handphone lah for about a few months.. sob sob.. But then he gave me the Nokia 6510 and a new Celcom number. So..I was happy again. hehe.

Well, the function is very much the same like the 8310, except that it looks a bit serious, and suits for a businessman or something.. haha ;p


I did very well in my PMR. And so, I got my hadiah as promised! hehee.. =P
They were another brand new handphone and *something else too*. hehehe


Guess what??!

I received the very first phone ever that is having a color screen!! It was Sony Ericssons T68. I got the baby blue one! =)

Then.. in year 2003, I changed to my Nokia 6510 back, because that SE T68 started to give me problems. I couldn't even sms or call people sometimes. And it always hang. Haiyoo.. Sometimes technology can give us trouble and headache la! haha =P

Anyways.. I used that phone for about a few months.. and then my mom got a new handphone from dad, which was a Motorola V70.

But this phone was too small for her. N the screen and words in it are way wayyy too tiny and halus! So she couldn't really read them.


She gave it to me! hehe.. but oh boy..that phone sucks, I tell u! haha. Well.. it does really look sleek and stylish. But the function really sucks man!! hehe. And it wasn't a practical phone at all due to being so small and halus. heh. (Typing an SMS was quite annoying)

So I'm back with my Nokia 6510. =)

And then.. at the end of that year, mom got a Samsung True i phone from dad.

She really liked that phone. But being my mom, who is someone that is completely a buta IT, she didn't know how to operate that phone at all. Well, actually she didn't know how to operate ANY phones except for Nokias (and that only applies to SMS/Calls!). hehee. So she asked for my help to study n use it for some time and later teach her everything. So comel of her lah! It wasn't that hard lah ma! hehee ;)

N yeay! I got to test drive that phone for about 2-3 months! hahaha.. Terlama pulak =P

In 2004,

I changed my phone to a smartphone! Daddy gave it to me as a birthday present on my 17th. It was a Motorola Smartphone MPX200.

Oh gosh. At that time, this phone was just released and I was really reallly in love love loved this phone! The phone screen was super bright clear!!! N it has camera, mp3, videos, etc, etc!! The only thing that I hate about this phone is that it is too bulky! haih.. But the guys in my class always love to godam my phone! They're always wanted to see my phones. Everyday, they'd come to my desk and asked, "Eh Wani.. Nak tgk phone?". Sometimes pegang my phone for half day! hehe. I always find it so comel. haha. I felt really lucky back then, though I don't talk or understand any gadget languages! hehee ;p

Anyway, this phone didn't last long. I used it for about 8 months++ only! Dammmn. Rosak teruk. Nak repair RM500+, at least. Tu la, banyak sangat tangan yg pegang. huhu. So, abah malas nak repair. So simpan je. N I'm back with my Nokia 6510 again! hehe.

N then after SPM, abah bagi yg lain. Umm.. it was Siemens SL65.

Umm..It was quite a nice phone la. Small and cute! Well, the thing I like about this phone is the camera. Quite clear pics I got. But well.. some freak dude in my house stole this phone and jual! EEE.

And later, in 2005, daddy gave me another phone. As my hadiah SPM. and *something else too*. hee hee ;)

It was another Sony Ericssons. The P900. My very verry first PDA phone and my first Maxis number! Oh me likey! hehe ;p

I was too in love with this phone. From the moment I got this phone, and until now I am still loving it!!! (Well, so many sweeeet sweeettt memoriess!!! So sweet that I couldn't even afford to delete the msgs and I love to just read all over it again and again and again and smile smile smile!! hehe. I still have my msgs from 2005 until 2008! Sayang sgt nak delete la, all those msgs..isk).

And in 2006, daddy gave me a Sony Ericssons V800. It is a 3G phone. The camera is a 1.3 MP. Nice.

But I'm so used and attached with my PDA, that I used this phone only for a few months. Plus, this phone doesn't have enough space for my msgs. hehe.. So, every now and then only I'll switch on this phone. But very seldom, because I love my P900 so much. Although it was kinda a little outdated phone, I don't care. I still use it. Cuz it always makes me smile. =)

In the year 2007, I got the O2 XDA Atom. Daddy doesn't want it. Touch screen. Leceh. So he handed it down to me! Coolest phone! It has Wi-fi bebeh!! hehe..

Sadly, the battery cepat mkn and the earphone hilang tah ke mana. So kalau nak borak, the receiver could barely hear what I say! N being me, who is so not a gadget freak, so.. I always forgot to buy a new battery and the earphones, and ended up using the verry old P900 again! Till my buddies were sick looking at that phone and always always make fun of me using an antique phone though I got another 2 new ones at home. haha. Siot je. Biarlah. hehee ;P

In 2008.. my parents went to Macau for a business trip or something.. and dad got me a China MTK phone! heheh. The price was just around 500-600 Ringgit only! Seriously, people always thought this phone is a branded/expensive ones! haha. Well, it does look quite expensive, right?! hehee

It is a dual sim card phone, has a TV, a 3 MP camera, a really very LOUD speaker(which is annoying sometimes! haha), and etc, etc.. I like this phone simply because I can insert my 2 simcards- Maxis and DiGi (for family/friends or business use. haha)

And the P900 is for my Celcom number. Personal use. hehee ;P (And yes, I am still using this 5 year old phone!).

I refuse to use my other phones because my O2 cepat sangat makan battery and leceh nak type sms and the most important part which is the call quality, is very very sucks and annoying!! And my V800, tak best cuz it's too simple. haha. =P
Yang lain2, its either got stolen, misplaced, lost, bagi orang, or rosak.

So that's why I still use my P900 although it has been almost 5 years! Because it is such a great phone! The battery can last up to 4 or 5 days!!! Plus, it contains lotsa sweet memories; pics, videos, mms, sms, notes, drawings, voice notes, etc. Just so u know, I am not a gadget freak at all. So I don't mind using any phones provided that the battery can last long, and I can type sms easily and the call quality must be very very super great! hehe..

So that explains why I still use my P900 although it already looked like this!

Look! The logo Sony Ericssons already came out! N badan phone ni pun dah terkopek2! haha

But.. The other day, I think Abah saw my phones that I'm using now which is the ancient SE P900 and that China phone, so maybe he pity me or something...


He gave me a brand new spankin' handphone, baybeh!!!

Oh! This would be my phone for the year 2009! hehehe ;p



hmm... let see why..

Simply because it is a Blackberry! hehe. And it has Wi-Fi, crystal clear screen, GPS(wowwie!), the browser is great, call quality is loud & clear, has great email support, and a top-notch keyboard are huge pluses and has other cool stuffs too(Facebook, YM, etc, etc!) =D

Please know that the ones in bold are what I'm looking for in a handphone..hehe ;p

Oh, I can't complain anymore! haha

I'm Blessed!


Thank You Very Very Much Abah!!!!

P/s: So I guess.. no more birthday present for my upcoming birthday la ek, abah? hehe ;p



  1. wow..

    wani.. handphone2 awak..yg lama atau yg baru...semuanya pada satu ketika dahulu pernah menjadi keinginan saya.

    seronoknya jadi awak ni la!

    awak.. can i have your sony ericsen v800 tu? hihih. (saya main2 je! tp kalau awak baik hati nak bagi saya boleh aje! ;p )

    i'm using nokia 6800 je, btw..hehe



    please check your email!

  2. Ya Allah! U're soo lucky! I always wanted a Blackberry esp Bold.Hehe.But currently i'm happy with my Motorola Razr cabuk :p

    I blh kata gadget freak tp bila mai tang hp, i'm not freak plak.Haha.Tak suka tukar2 hp byk kali unless klu rosak/dah x blh guna br beli baru.

  3. alamak bestnye wani!!!!..
    BLACKBERRY BOLD tu mmg dlm wishlist laaa..huhuhu

  4. erin: alaa..sorry sayang! phone tu dah bagi org dah! nak phone motorola smartphone tu x? hehehe.. tp kena pegi repair sendri la.. ;P

    i dah reply ur mail!

    reena: tu la pasal.. i x penah amik tahu pun phone ape yg latest! yg bold ni pon serious i x tau kewujudan dia, smpai laa i dapat pegang sendri! hahaa ;p

    yg i amik tau, kasut ape yg latest! hahahaha ;p

    cutie pie lulabi: yeke? hehhe..

    mcm mane la i boleh x tau pasal phone ni ek?? memang best eh? i belum godam habis2an lagi ni..maleh.. huhu

  5. omg!!!
    best gile!!!

    i nak beli 2 weeks ago dkt singapore!!
    tp out of stock!!!!
    aaaarrgghhhhh geramnyeee!!

    so i got a motorola q9 instead..
    xpe la..xde rezeki.. nk nangis je..~

  6. OMG BESTTTTNYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i am so happy for u! n ur blackberry! (got new spankin new owner!!!)

  7. yuyohh..mmg leh jadi history ni

  8. oh rupanya hp2 kite byk yg di recycle laa.. aku pon penah pinjam nokia 8310 ko, nokia 6510 n samsung mama tuu masa hp aku rosak.. n i remembered hanis penah pinjam motorola v70 yg pastu rosak sbb maid mana tah terbuang dlm tong sampah pastu dia ngamuk cam org gila.. huhuh

    lepas ni nak pinjam blackberry bold!! ;p

  9. wani, the o2 u tak nak jual ker?

  10. blackbery bold was the coolest hp nowadays..
    utk org yg cam loyal ngan satu hp sampai rosak betul2.blackberry mmg sesuai..semua function ada..

    u're s lucky my dear

  11. haha,my dad also bought that china phone tp from low yat..yes,about rm500 harganya

    mmg phone tu ada byk function but i hate when it comes to mom only use it for couple months then beli lain

  12. wani, the 2nd henpon tu aku still ingat lagi kene rampas jap ngan cikgu paridah kassim tu kan kan???? hehehehe sebab mase tu kau dok men dgn henpon tu, mase exam.

    pastu yang motorola tu pule, aku still ingat kau record hanis dgn along dgn mamakau a.k.a mak angkat aku punya conversation masa dalam keta yang pasal boyfren dorg tu(mase tu tak kawen lagi).

    i miss our high skewl merriment!!!!=D

    happy new year wani!!!!


  13. aisyah: hah?? ko ingat lagi?? gila hebat memory ko! hehehe.. ade ke aku main time exam?? hahaha..lupe dah la.. mesti time form 4 eh? ke form bape tuh? huhu..

    btw aku tak ingat lgsung psl recorded conversation tuh..haha ;p

    klaka la plak..

  14. Hi wanie...wanie punye phone timeline almost sama ngn nk tau tak perkara paling sedih...last month akak punye blackberry kena curi...sedih!

  15. fuhh. u are one lucky girl. :)

  16. blackberry bold is in my wishlist before..
    tapi disebabkan tak mampu..
    nokia e71 pun jadi la..
    ada la rupa2 blackberry sket kan?


  17. hey there wani!!
    i think i saw u at UIA..
    but i tak berani nk tegur..

  18. goshhh.. i sookaaa the BB BOLD itewww.. rasa cam nak beli je for 2009 ni.. tp hv to hold dulu.. brg baby byk nk beli nnt.. out of budget! huhuhu.. tkpe la.. tunggu BB lain plak kuar.. hehhehe..

  19. i wanna ask something regarding the sony ericson P900..can we block any number?like in ym which we can block a person.Do P900 has this kind of security?

    can i know?thanks yea:D

  20. just wondering, you sign up utk blackberry service from maxis/celcom ke? i just don't understand this blackberry thing.. kene sign up2 sume ke?


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