Sunday, January 11, 2009

Clarins Beauty Workshop

I went to the Clarins Beauty Workshop at Pavillion the other day. The event was managed by Clarins and Blu Inc magazine(Female, NuYou & Eh!). It's FREE! No registration fee required, got a free goodie bag and there were light refreshments provided too (by Zang Toi!). And Miu invited me! So of course I accepted the invitation cuz I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity, though I got an exam on that coming Monday! haha. (I just love free stuff! hehe).

She's such a sweetie, you know. She texted me quite a number of times, asking me whether I wanted to go or not. (and emailed too!). And she even called up the person in charge and reserved two seats for me! Oh my God! You are such a nice girl la!

Thank you thank you very much babe! ;D

Programme of the day..

I'm with Miu! =)

Makan time..hehe


2nd round.. Loving the cake! hehe


He was explaining about the new make up range

The new range is called Nature Temptations by Clarins

Frederick Raymond yang handsome..hehe =P

He was applying moisturizer on her face

One thing I learnt from that workshop is that we need to apply any face creams- moisturizer, sunblock, eye gel, foundation, etc etc; by doing the pressing/dabbing technique-not by massaging your face using upward/downward/outward strokes or even pull/push your skin!

Make up time..

Done! This is the Casual Make Up. I didn't take her photo of the Work and Party Make Up. I forgot.
(Oh, I adore her outfit,btw! reminds me of VB's style! I likey! hehe)

The make up samples

Gedik time.. hehe =P

Time to get back to reality! Study lah! haih..

Oh..this is the stuff that we received in our goodie bag! Cool! ;)

And.. just when I arrived home, I received a letter from Clarins..

Oh, it's a birthday treat from Clarins!

Ahh..greatt! Another gifts from Clarins! hehee ;)

Thank You Miu for informing and inviting me! ;)



  1. Oh nk apply cream/anything kt muka mmg camtu cara yg sbnrnya.Dab-dab gitu je :)

  2. i love yr top :D
    sgt cantek.

  3. i also received the clarins member birthday card!! LOL!

    january babies rulezzzz

  4. hai wani,
    i love ur top too..u beli kat mne ye?

    btw, u pernah x order from Forever21? klu jenis badan cam u(asianla kirenye, kecik molek) pkai size ape ye? if u dont mind k!


  5. reena: yup2! dab je sbenarnye.. dab smpai hilang cream tu.. dia meresap sendiri..
    baru la tak senang ade wrinkles nanti..hehe ;p

    aishah: thank u. ;)

    miu: hehe.. i dunno what to spend la for that 50 bux.. their facial maybe.. hmm..
    but we have to top up some more! another 100++ haiyoo.. not really a gift actually.

    lissa: hello there..
    thank u. i bought it at Warehose,dear.

    umm..what do u mean order from F21? order online ke? tak penah la dear..
    i beli kat kedai je terus.. n biase nye i beli s or m sizes. depending on the cutting n material n jenis baju tu la..

  6. gamba yg model with casual make up tu best..
    sbb blkg die ade gamba u jgk...
    sbnanye aik gamba model dpn ka model blkg?
    kite suke la baju awk nih !!!


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